Will Tony Romo stay in Texas?

Tony Romo photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys
(Tony Romo photos courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys)

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There is always a market for a Pro Bowl quarterback.

But in 2017, where is it?

That was the subject of last week’s Talk of Fame Network poll, when we asked our listeners and readers where Tony Romo will play his football in 2017.

Romo, who won an NFL passing title in his last full season in 2014, lost his job to rookie Dak Prescott in 2016 because of a summer back injury. At 37 this coming season, the clock is ticking on his chance to win a championship in his career. So we offered up eight teams as potential landing spots for Romo and three of them figured prominently in the voting.

His most likely destination, according to our poll, was the Houston Texans with 37.5 percent of the vote. The Denver Broncos were next at 25.4 percent and another 17.5 percent believed Romo would stay right where he’s at as a backup in Dallas. Kansas City, Houston, Chicago, Buffalo, Jacksonville and the Jets all finished in single digits in the voting.

Romo is the all-time leading passer of the Cowboys and a four-time Pro Bowler. But after winning his first NFL passing crown in 2014, he suffered two separate broken collarbones in 2015 that limited him to five games, then suffered a broken bone in his back during the 2016 preseason that put him on the shelf and Prescott on the field.

When Romo was finally cleared to return to the field in late November, Prescott had already steered the Cowboys to a 10-1 start and was having a Pro Bowl season of his own. Romo played only one series the remainder of the year against Philadelphia in the season finale. He’s on the Dallas books in 2017 for $24.7 million, a steep price to pay for a backup quarterback.

So it’s been speculated Romo will be either traded or released this offseason — which makes Houston a likely landing spot.

The Texans have won consecutive AFC South titles the last two seasons with six different starting quarterbacks. Houston spent $72 million in free agency last offseason on Brock Osweiler, hoping he could solve its quarterbacking woes. He didn’t. The Texans finished 29th in the NFL in passing with only 15 touchdowns.

The Texans are Super Bowl-ready with the NFL’s top-ranked defense – a unit that will be bolstered in 2017 with the return of the league’s best defensive player J.J. Watt. The Texans also have a 1,000-yard rusher on offenses (Lamar Miller) and two talented young receivers in DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller.

Romo has about a two-year window to win a championship. Our listeners and readers believe his best move could be that five-hour drive down I-45 to Houston.

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  1. Rasputin
    February 2, 2017

    This season was a Greek tragedy. I could see it unfolding like a slow motion train wreck from the middle of the season on, when they should have brought Romo back to see what HE could do with a Zeke led offense (maybe average 30-40 points a game instead of winning by one or two scores). The media, former players, a lot of fans, and eventually the owner and coaching staff themselves all jumped onto the “Never Romo” bandwagon, opting instead to try and ride a rookie QB to a Lombardi trophy with the best player sitting on the bench. With reports coming out that Romo looked phenomenal in practice, doing things with passes even other elite QBs can’t do, I held out a little hope that they’d have a change of heart, even as late as the playoffs, they’d show they’re serious about winning the Super Bowl, and we’d get to have the story book ending to the Romo Dallas era this year was set up to deliver. But they never even gave him the chance. Ultimate result of going all in on misguided rhetoric about “chemistry”? One and done. Some “chemistry”.
    This season was a crushing failure. The media was wrong, the former players were wrong, the owner was wrong, and the coaching staff was wrong. You just can’t squander a season like this, especially in the parity era when so much changes from year to year. You can’t assume next year you’ll pick up right where you left off and build on past success.
    Oh, and as Texan I’d prefer Romo stay in state and play for my second favorite team. Unfortunately no one else will have as good an offensive line or running back as Dallas did this past year.

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