Accorsi, Casserly believe HOF time has come for Kramer, Jacoby

Jerry Kramer’s time has come. So, too, has Joe Jacoby’s. That is the opinion of long-time NFL general managers Ernie Accorsi and Charlie Casserly, who share their opinions on that and many other of this year’s Hall-of-Fame nominees this on this week’s Talk of Fame Network broadcast.

Kramer and Jacoby are among six offensive linemen who are Hall-of-Fame finalists, a field composed of field of 15 modern players, two senior nominees (Kramer and former Houston Oilers’ linebacker Robert Brazile) and contributor category nominee Bobby Beathard.

Accorsi tells the Talk of Fame Network that Kramer and Hall-of-Fame tackle Forrest Gregg were the two best linemen on Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packer dynasty of the 1960s that was powered by the classic “Packer Sweep’’ led by Kramer. Kramer’s five All-Pro selections, five NFL championship rings in 11 years and inclusion on the NFL’s 50th anniversary team all strongly argue his case.

“I hope he gets in,’’ Accorsi said of the 81-year-old Kramer, a finalist for a record 11th time 20 years after his last nomination. “I really do. I just think it’s time for him.’’

Casserly feels the same way about Jacoby, the Redskins’ tackle who was the only member of their multiple Super Bowl winning “Hogs’’ to start throughout Washington’s decade-long run at the top of the NFL.

“Joe did things you don’t see a left tackle do,’’ said Casserly, who was a Super Bowl winning GM courtesy of Jacoby and the Hogs. “He was a dominant run blocker. He blocked L.T. (Lawrence Taylor(, Reggie White, and Bruce Smith. He was an integral part of championship teams.’’

Another guy both agreed on was Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis, who is a Hall-of-Fame finalist in his first year of eligibility. Said Accorsi, “Ray was the quickest linebacker I’ve ever seen in my career. In the (Giants-Ravens) Super Bowl we couldn’t get anybody to him. As he got older, he got bigger and became more punishing. He could have been an All-Pro outside linebacker, but he had more impact in the middle. I’ve never seen a body like him with that quickness.’’

Also guesting on this week’s broadcast is Hall-of-Fame voter Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star Tribune to relive the Vikings’ last-second defeat of New Orleans and project their chances this weekend of becoming the first Super Bowl host team to play a Super Bowl in its own stadium.

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  1. Michael Avolio
    January 19, 2018

    Jerry Kramer is long overdue for selection to the Hall of Fame.
    Why a member of the all time 50th anniversary team is not already in defies all reason.

  2. bachslunch
    January 19, 2018

    No question to me that Jerry Kramer (5/3/60s) belongs in the HoF. Hopefully, he won’t encounter problems.

    With Joe Jacoby (3/4/80s), it’s fish-or-cut-bait time given this is his last year. I’ve always been on the fence with him, okay if he gets in, okay if not. But if he does, am hoping the committee will take a long, hard look at Mike Kenn (3/5/none), because for me it’s hard to justify one in and not the other. And next year is Kenn’s last chance.

    • January 19, 2018

      Jacoby’s candidacy moved backward last year. He was top-10 in 2016; didn’t make cut to 10 a year later. Going to be tough. But must play on the now-or-never theme. If you think he belongs, you MUST vote him in now.

  3. Jeff
    January 19, 2018

    I’m a Redskins fan so a Jacoby partisan. I always thought that he was a little more dominant than Russ Grimm, who’s already in…but I agree with Bachslunch on Mike Kenn – very underrated player who might’ve been robbed of some honors while playing on bad teams.

    Clark, do you think the seniors (Kramer and Brazile) could run into any trouble? I sure hope not but you never know, especially given Kramer’s bizarre history with this group.

  4. Anonymous
    January 23, 2018

    Kramer better be in. Long overdue.

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