Hall-of-Fame safety Kenny Houston believes that longevity does matter when talking about Hall-of-Fame candidates and that it “should apply” in the case of this year’s senior choice, former Seattle star Kenny Easley.

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Kurt Warner is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017, and he’s a popular pick to make it. But it’s not the Hall or his accomplishments, he says, that defines what his career was all about.

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Hall-of-Famer Chris Doleman thinks enough is enough. It is time, he said …. no, way past time … to put former Washington offensive lineman Joe Jacoby in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan Fouts is now a Hall-of-Fame voter, and he knows plenty about senior candidate Kenny Easley. “I always thought of him as a great pain,” said Fouts, who played against the former Seattle safety, “and that’s a compliment from a quarterback.”

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Former Seattle safety Kenny Easley is a Hall-of-Fame nominee for the Class of 2017, but longevity is an issue for the senior nominee. It shouldn’t be, he tells the Talk of Fame Network, and he explains why.

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Former wide receiver Steve Smith was an outstanding player. But was he so outstanding that he was Hall-of-Fame worthy? We asked him when he appeared on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast.

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Hall-of-Fame tight end Kellen Winslow recalls what he remembers most about his greatest game — and one of the greatest games in San Diego Chargers’ history — the Epic in Miami.

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Former Pittsburgh star Hines Ward was the best blocking wide receiver of his era … maybe of any era … and he got that way, he says, with the help of the best rivalry in the NFL — Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh.

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There is no closer race this season than the league MVP, with Matt Ryan and Derek Carr the frontrunners. And while votes will not be counted until next month, former coach Jim Fassel already has made his choice.

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Hall-of-Fame semifinalist Alan Faneca recalls the biggest play of the Steelers’ 2005 Super Bowl season and, predictably, it was made by Ben Roethlisberger. But there’s a catch: It wasn’t one of Big Ben’s passes or scrambles.

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Stan White was a star linebacker on the Baltimore Colts team that played in the 1977 Ghost to the Post game, and there are two things he doesnt get: 1) How the Colts lost that contest and 2) why it took the Raiders ken Stabler so long to get to Canton.

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Forty-six years after the Immaculate Reception, former Raiders linebacker Phil Villapiano not only insists the play was not legal but reveals his plan for one last tackle of Franco Harris.

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Hall-of-Fame linebacker Dave Robinson has his own theories on why the 1967 Ice Bowl was played, and it has to do with where former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle was that weekend.

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Former Jets’ and Tennessee star Kevin Mawae is one of six offensive linemen in the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017 semifinalists, and there is something — he believes — that separates him from others. “I changed the way the center played the game,” he said.

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Former linebacker Mike Curtis tackled many running backs during his career … some of them Hall of Famers … but one, he said, stands out above the rest. And his name wasn’t Jim Brown.

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