State Your Case: Why Ruben Brown deserves a closer look

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Carson: “I wouldn’t have made it without Schottenheimer”

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State Your Case: Bobby Boyd

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The weekend in preview: New Orleans takes its undefeated road record to the site of one of its most crushing losses … plus, three of the weekend’s best, our odds busters and 10 things you should probably know.

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The Ravens have the stingiest defense in the NFL. Sunday it will be challenged by the No. 1 scoring offense in football. Will the Saints go marching all over the Ravens or will Baltimore bury Drew Brees?

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When I spoke to a former personnel director recently, he asked why we weren’t promoting Eddie Kotal for the Pro Football Hall of Fame … and I had an immediate answer. Who? That would be former Rams’ scout Eddie Kotal, a guy who was critical to the success of the L.A. Rams in the 1950s …

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Week 6 in review: Brady, Patriots reassert themselves … why change hasn’t been good for first-year head coaches … Gurley or Gordon … wake-up call for Bears … why Ravens the AFC North team to beat … and five things you might not know.

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It’s more than AFC supremacy at stake when Kansas City plays New England Sunday night. It’s QB1 vs. TB12.

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Hall-of-Famer and former Green Bay star Jim Taylor died Saturday morning at the age of 83.

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The Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes is the best thing to hit Kansas City since beef brisket. So why no national endorsements? His agent, Leigh Steinberg, explains on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast.

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Former NFL star Troy Vincent says the NFL rules changes are “necessary” because “this is a different time and a different era,” where player safety is paramount. And Vincent should know. He’s the league’s executive vice president of football operations.

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A week ago, discouraged Pittsburgh fans had their Steelers on life support. But now? Well, now not so much. In what looked like an elimination game, the Steelers on Sunday did more than score their first home victory; they may have talked the faint of heart off the ledge, too. At least for now. OK, …

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Week Five Preview: Jacksonville prides itself on defense, but it may take more than sacks and Jalen Ramsey to slow down the league’s hottest quarterback, Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, in what may be an AFC playoff preview.

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Former New York Giants’ running back Tiki Barber didn’t always get along with coach Tom Coughlin, and he hasn’t spoken with him since retiring after the 2006. Nevertheless, Barber has no trouble endorsing Coughlin for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Everybody loves a winner and the Pro Football Hall of Fame is no exception. Nearly 70 percent of its inductees have championship rings. But former Chiefs’ star Deron Cherry explains how that can … and does … penalize Hall-of-Fame worthy individuals who don’t have them.

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Former Giants’ star Tiki Barber was one of the pro football’s best running backs the second half of his career. Yet he walked away from the game while on top of his game. The reason? “I was ready to move forward,” he tells the Talk of Fame Network.

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Just when you think the New England Patriots have reached the tipping point, the empire strikes back. There was that, Chicago Strong, an Indianapolis gamble that backfired and lots of passing, yards and points Sunday.

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