Did Panthers’ record sale mask NFL’s mounting problems?

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State Your Case: Is Rick Casares HOF running back time forgot?

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State Your Case: Is Randy Moss a first-ballot HOFer?

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Nolan Cromwell was one of pro football’s all-time great safeties. So why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame discussion?

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Steve Atwater learned in his final season in the NFL that you really can’t go home again. At least not if you’re wearing the wrong color jersey. After 10 seasons in Denver, during which he was named to the Pro Bowl eight times and won two Super Bowls in three tries, Atwater was told the …

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Mean Joe Greene thinks Terrell Owens’ decision to be AWOL at his own Hall of Fame induction is a decision he might want to reconsider.

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Steve Atwater’s second straight appearance in the Super Bowl on January 31, 1999 should have been a moment of triumph. Instead it was a stinging farewell. In today’s Talk of Fame Network “5 Games’’ podcast, the Broncos’ former All-Decade safety recalls the joy of winning his second straight Super Bowl ring and the bittersweet nature …

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The Carolina Panthers just sold for a record $2.2 billion. But TV ratings continue to fall, youth participation is sagging and ticket sales are no longer booming. Is the NFL heading for a fall?

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Steve Atwater erased the memory of a crushing Super Bowl defeat by coming back eight years later and leading the Broncos to an upset victory over Brett Favre and the packers in Super Bowl XXXII. Should he have been the MVP?

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Steve Atwater was known for his hard hits but no one could have predicted the long-term impact of a lick he put on Chiefs’ running back Christian Okoye 28 years ago on Monday Night Football. It’s the hit whose bell keeps on ringing..

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Steve Atwater explains on Talk of Fame Networks’ “5 Games” podcast the impct he made as a rookie in Denver and how Wade Phillips’ use of him made it happen.

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Sean Payton saw his Saints’ 2017 season end in shocking fashion with no time left on the playoff clock. What he learned working for Bill Parcells will help him bring them back to contend in the NFC this season.

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First-year head coach Pat Shurmur has faith that rookie Saquan Barkley was the best player in the draft and aging Eli Manning is the best quarterback to run his offense in 2018.

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Mike Haynes finally got to the Super Bowl in 1983 and became a world champion. But he had to holdout, sue the NFL and sit out 11 weeks of that season to finally get his chance.

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Bill Cowher believes special teams coaches should be given head coaching consideration. Former special team wdge buster Hank Bauer recalls life in teh collision zone and whether he hit with hsi eyes wide open or slammed shut.

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Mike Haynes had to learn to tone down his aggressivemenss after he first arrived at the Pro Bowl. The problem was how to do that and still get the winner’s check of $5,000.

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NFL owners latest attempts tolimit protest and headshots seems destined to cause them more headaches.

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Mike Haynes nearly left football long before he would become a Hall of Famer after Jack Tatum’s grusome hit left Haynes’ teammate, Darryl Stingley, paralyzed for life.

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