Did Panthers’ record sale mask NFL’s mounting problems?

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State Your Case: Is Rick Casares HOF running back time forgot?

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State Your Case: Is Randy Moss a first-ballot HOFer?

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George Taliaferro was a trailblazer from day one. When the Chicago Bears drafted hm on rthe 13th round in 1949, it made Taliaferro the first African-American ever drafted by an NFL team. He would not be the last!

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Ron McDole was named to the AFL’s All-Time team, is one of the 70 Greatest Redskins in history and played defensive end in 240 games, fourth most in NFL history. How’d he do it? If you’re a lineman with 12 interceptions, the rest of the job was easy!.

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When Breeland Speaks stopped tackling Tom Brady for fear of being flagged for roughiing it gave the Patriots a touchdown and exposed how officiating is changing NFL defenses for the worse.

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Mike Haynes was one of 22 NFL Hall of Famers who signed a letter demanding a $300,000 annual pension and health benefits for all living inductees. But what about the nearly 30,000 other retired players and their often paltry pensions?

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Troy Vincent is a five-time Pro Bowl cornerback whose 15-year career has landed him on the Hall of Fame’s preliminary list of nominees. But his biggest prize may be one day being named NFL commissioner. Pipe dream? Don’t be so sure.

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Cornelius Bennett was an All-Decade player, the catlyst for one of the biggest trades in NFL history and a two-time Defensive Player of the Year. So why isn’t he in the pro football Hall of Fame?

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Tiki Barber and Deron Cherry were multi-time Pro Bowlers and two of the best players of their era. But did they do enough to enter the Hall of Fame without Super Bowl rings?

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The NFL has a flag problem but it is fixating on the wrong flag. It’s not the red, white and blue one unfurled before the game. It’s the yellow ones littering the field every game that is their real problem.

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London Fletcher always believed he could play linebacker in the NFL. When Dick Vermeil gave him a chance to prove it, he did. Big time.

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Eric Dickerson is leading a small group of 18 Hall of Famers threatening to boycott the Hall’s induction ceremony if they aren’t paid an annual salary of $250,000 plus health insurance. What about the thousands of rank and file players who blocked and tackled so those guys could get into the Hall? Forget them?

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Vyncint Smith was an undrafted rookie out of tiny Limestone College when he arrived in Houston. So how come when 33 receivers were drafted ahead of him in April, he was the only one starting in September? Let him tell you the story.

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Sterling Sharpe was one of teh two most dominate receivers of the 1990s. So why has he been retired for 24 years and ignored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame? It’s time that changed. Now!

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Frank Gore has rushed for more yards than all but four players who ever played pro football. Before the 2018 season ends there may be only three. Yet did you ever think of him as a Hall of Famer? Probably not

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Chris Hogan was the definition of an NFL longshot when ex-Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush began calling him “7-11” on HBO’s “Hardknocks” several years ago. Now he’s started in two Super Bowls and is one of Tom Brady’s most reliable receivers. How’d it happen? Give a listen.

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Jon Gruden decided a week before the season he needed to trade away his best player for future draft choices. Was dumping Khalil Mack a white flag for 2018 or an admittance he knows bad things are comnig in Oakland?

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