State Your Case: Is Randy Moss a first-ballot HOFer?

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State Your Case: Bo knows HOF

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State Your Case: Art Powell had a HOF career and a HOF life

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Is Randy Moss a first ballot Hall of Famer? That probably depends on how you look at things. What should not be in question is that he belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But when? In the opinion of some, there are Pro Football Hall of Famers, and there are “first-ballot Hall of …

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Former Steelers’ All-Pro Alan Faneca is hopeful the knock on his hotel room door next February won’t be the maid this time after the HOF votes are counted.

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It’s time the NFL made the punishments fit the crimes when it comes to violent hits.

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The knock on Tony Boselli’s door wasnt from the Hall of Fame…yet. Knocks Richard Seymour took in one Super Bowl win were Hall of Fame worthy.

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Mel Gray and Daryl Johnston loved to play on Thanksgiving Day. Gray would love to see a kick returner like himself in Canton one day too.

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Rodney Harrison was the first player to make 30 interceptions and 30 sacks. He played in Pro Bowls and Super Bowls. He made two different 50th anniversary NFL teams. So why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame?

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This week’s show features a tale of two Freds, Fred Taylor and Fred Smerlas. Both seem to have Hall of Fame resumes yet neither has come close to being considered. What will it take to get them to Canton?

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Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is on the warpath, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is his target in a battle over who really runs the NFL.

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Joe Fortunato is one of 14 defensive players named to the NFL’s 1950 All-Decade team and the only one not in the Hall of Fame. Who knows why?

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Willie Anderson was once the highest paid offensive lineman in the NZFL. But when he agreed to switch from left tackle to right tackle he may have cost himself a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here’s why.

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Upton Bell was the personnel director of two Suepr Bowl teams, the youngest GM in the NFL and a WFL franchise owner. He was also the son of the most pwoerful commissioner in NFL history, Hall of Famer Bert Bell. If you want to understand how the NFL went from a Mom and Pop shop into a $14-billion business, read “Present At The Creation.”

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Neil Smith finally made the preliminary HOF ballot and Raymond Chester made the Black College Hall of Fame. But do they belong in Canton?

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Willie McGinest’s unselfishness made him a three-time Super Bowl champion and the holder of playoff record for sacks. But will a team-first attitude hurt his Hall-of-Fame chances?

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Andre Tippett’s first encounter with Gino Marchetti was a frightening one. So was Booker Edgerson’s first confrontation with his future mentor, mercurial Buffalo Bills’ star running back, Cookie Gilchrist.

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Carson Wentz has been on fire and his Philadelphia Eagles have the best record in the NFL. But are they for real?

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