Bears’ Fox “excited” about what he’s seen so far in Jay Cutler

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This season is all about change with coach John Fox. He hasn’t just gone from heading a division champion in Denver to rebuilding a division bottom feeder in Chicago. Nope, he’s gone from having Peyton Manning as his quarterback to having Jay Cutler, and we think we speak for a lot of people when we say …

Good luck.

Nevertheless, when Fox visited this latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast, he had nothing but good things to say about the Bears’ quarterback – mentioning how “excited” he was despite Cutler’s 61-58 career record and three winning seasons.

“I think what’s neat about this job,” said Fox, “is watching guys get better. We have to get better as a football team. We were 5-11. In this league, you change coaches and all that, but it’s a whole culture. It’s not just one guy.

“I think Jay is a good guy, he’s a good-hearted guy and he’s a good teammate. I’ve seen nothing but real positive things in our offseason so far, both in our strength and conditioning programs and in the work, (both) in the meetings room and on the field. I’m really excited about it.

“He is our No.-1 quarterback right now on the depth chart, but it’s not where you start the race; it’s where you finish. He’s working very hard, along with the rest of his offensive mates. I like what I see in the way they go about their business. To me, that’s critical as far as your attitude every day, and it will affect the attitude you reach as a football team.”

Fox has said that the position is open to competition between Cutler and backup Jimmy Clausen, but the smart money is on Cutler – not because he’s more talented and makes millions more but because he’s the incumbent. Fox wouldn’t tip his hand, saying that quarterback is “maybe the hardest position (to play) in all of sports,” but keep this in mind, people: John Fox can win with quarterbacks others cannot.

Exhibit A: Jake Delhomme. Fox not only won with the former Saints’ backup; he went to a Super Bowl with him.

“There are 11 guys out there, and it’s a team game,” he said. “Having a good supporting case and how you play with each other is the most important thing.”

Having a good quarterback doesn’t hurt, either, and Fox has had them. Now the question: Will Jay Cutler be the next? Stay tuned.



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