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Jared Allen says he doesn’t spend time thinking about the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but maybe he should. Here’s why.

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Since Tom Brady took over as quarterback of the Patriots in 2001, New England has won 14 division titles, seven AFC championships and five Lombardi Trophies. He’s back in 2017 at the age of 40 and so are the franchise’s lofty expectations.

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GM John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan inherited a 49ers team that finished 31st in the NFL in offense and 32nd in defense. A total rebuild was in order and the new hierarchy took a giant step in that direction. The 49ers wheeled and dealed for 10 draft picks and also brought in 10 veterans through free agency and trades.

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Before Mike Shanahan won two Super Bowls as a head coach in Denver, but you knew that. What you might not know is he might’ve won more had he joined the Broncos in 1993 when offered the job for the first time. But he didn’t. Instead, he remained in San Francisco as offensive coordinator where he …

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Former quarterback John Hadl is a borderline Hall-of-Fame candidate. This is why he belongs in the Hall-of-Fame conversation.

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Coaching hasn’t always been a dream job for the 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan, but there’s a good reason: His father, Mike — a two-time Super Bowl champion as head coach of the Denver Broncos — tried to talk him out of it when Kyle was young. For that matter, so did his Mom. But Kyle followed his …

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At 39, Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison reveals the secret to his longevity and why he wants to continue playing.

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