Block I-1

It’s the battle for L.A., with the Chargers and Rams meeting in a game that determines who’s best in the West.

London Fletcher always believed he could play linebacker in the NFL. When Dick Vermeil gave him a chance to prove it, he did. Big time.

Eric Dickerson is leading a small group of 18 Hall of Famers threatening to boycott the Hall’s induction ceremony if they aren’t paid an annual salary of $250,000 plus health insurance. What about the thousands of rank and file players who blocked and tackled so those guys could get into the Hall? Forget them?

Block I-2

Baltimore, Green Bay and Houston all kept a league-high 12 rookies on their rosters. The Ravens kept a league-high nine of their draft picks and the Texans kept a league-high five undrafted free agents.

The 2018 draft produced an NFL windfall for quarterbacks with five selected in the first round – the first time since 1999 that five quarterbacks went in the first.

It looks like Kirk Cousins might be worth the $84 million the Vikings are paying him over the next three seasons.

Jacksonville finished second in the NFL across the board last season in yards allowed, points allowed (268) sacks (55) and takeaways (33) on the way to the AFC championship game. This was the rare case where money bought a dominant defense.