Block I-1

The Detroit Lions are better than you think, and this is their chance to prove it.

Lionel Vital led all strike rushers with 346 yards on 80 carries for the 3-0 Redskins – three victories that helped propel Washington to its second championship season under Joe Gibbs.

Thirty years ago this weekend, the NFL went on strike for 24 days. Replacement players became three-week wonders and striking players wondered if they had a future when the strike finally ended in defeat.

Block I-2

Tom Brady gets most things right, but when he tweeted out an endorsement this week for his new book, “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance,’’  it may have been the most off-the-mark pitch he’s thrown this season. Brady wrote: “So for anyone who’s ever wondered why I feel better …

Adam Vinatieri owns four Super Bowl rings (three from the Patriots, one from the Colts) and set an NFL record by converting 44 consecutive field goals. He was voted to the 2000 NFL all-decade team.

Derek Carr now has a 13-4 record in his last 17 starts for the Raiders with 33 TD passes and only six interceptions.

Brian Urlacher is one of the greatest middle linebackers in Bears’ history. Will that be enough to join ex-Bears Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary as first ballot Hall of Famers?