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State Your Case: Why former 49ers K Tommy Davis deserves a HOF look

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Who will win the NFC South in 2017?

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It’s Cincinnati’s turn in the AFC North in 2017

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Tommy Davis built a career when special teams were anything but special. There were no special-teams coaches, no designated deep snappers to deliver him perfect snaps and no coverage aces to chase his punts.

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Since the NFL’s divisional realignment 15 years ago, the NFC South is the only division that has sent all four of its teams to a Super Bowl: Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans and Tampa Bay.

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The Cincinnati Bengals used their first round pick on the fastest player in the draft, wide receiver John Ross, and their second pick on arguably the most talented runner in the draft, Joe Mixon.

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No NFL team was busier this offseason than the Cleveland Browns – and no team needed the roster repairs more.

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Washington needed to fix the NFL’s 28th ranked defense to close the gap on the Cowboys in the NFC East and did just that in the draft, using their first three selections on defenders and then addressing the safety position later in the draft.

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When all the wheeling and dealing was done, the Cleveland Browns wound up with three first-round draft picks and all should be walk in starters – pass rusher Myles Garrett, safety Jabrill Peppers and tight end David Njoku.

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Bobby Turner has been a running-back coach in the NFL for 22 seasons. In that time he has produced 16 1,000-yard rushing seasons by nine different backs. And not a one of them was a first-round draft pick.

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Jerry Rice caught more career passes for more yards and more touchdowns than any player in NFL history. He went to 13 Pro Bowls and won three Super Bowls .

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There were 22 position players, both on offense and defense, named to the 1980s NFL all-decade team. All except one have busts in Canton. Jim Covert is the lone omission — and he’s never even been a Hall of Fame semifinalist, much less a finalist.

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Drew Pearson is the only NFL first-team all-decade wide receiver covering seven decades (1930-1990) not enshrined in Canton.

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Jerry Rice became the most prolific receiver in NFL history, playing 20 seasons and catching 1,549 passes for 22,895 yards and 197 touchdowns. He went to 13 Pro Bowls and was the NFL MVP in 1987. That’s pretty good value for the 16th overall pick of a draft.

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Myles Garrett was a two-time All-America from the same school that produced Denver’s Pro Bowl pass rusher Von Miller. But Garrett is bigger than Miller at 6-4, 272 pounds.

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Cal quarterback Jared Goff was the first overall pick of the 2016 draft. But Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott, a fourth-round selection, won NFL Rookie of the Year honors. The first pick is not always the best pick.

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The Hall of Fame stands as proof that championships matter. Of the 30 modern-era quarterbacks enshrined in Canton, 24 of them won NFL titles and four others took their teams to championship games.

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When we look at a quarterback, what matters most? What’s the first thing you look at when you measure him up for a bust in Canton? What’s the most important line item on his resume?

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