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Payton upset with officiating — and he has a point

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Which WR is most deserving of a bust in the Class of 2018?

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Most worthy OL for the HOF Class of 2018? It’s Jacoby

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Two weeks ago, the New York Giants looked like a team without a compass. Now, all of a sudden, they look like someone headed to the top of the NFC East — especially with defending champion Dallas ravaged by injuries that won’t stop.

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It’s not a four-star lineup of weekend games, but there is a game in Denver that bears watching — and that’s because Minnesota thinks it’s playoff worthy. Well, this is a chance to take the Vikings’ pulse. That game, plus plenty more — including this week’s upsets — are ready and waiting for you.

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Dan Reeves and George Seifert — two guys who know plenty about going to Super Bowls — stop by the Talk of Fame Network this week and discuss the value of championship rings to coaches considered for the Hall of Fame.

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An injury at the quarterback position is the great fear of all NFL head coaches. The NFL has become a quarterback-driven league and a large chunk of salary-cap dollars are spent each season on the guy who throws the football. But not to his backup.

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Backup quarterbacks in the NFL don’t seem to matter until you have to play them — and four teams have already found themselves in a position of having to replace a Pro Bowl quarterback this season.

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“He Hate Me” discovered listeners and rewaders of the Talk of Fame Network actually love him, voting him the best player ever to come out of the XFL.

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Bobby Dillon played only 94 games in his career and the Packers managed to win just 33 of them. He also recovered three fumbles for 55 career takeaways — better than a takeaway every other game in his career. But no one noticed.

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With Pittsburgh’s loss of Ben Roethlisberger and another Baltimore loss, period, the Cincinnati Bengals may be playing solitaire in the AFC North. That, plus this weekend’s winners and losers, in Judgements III.

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The Dallas Cowboys are unbeaten. So is Atlanta. One difference: Atlanta has Matt Ryan and Julio Jones; the Cowboys don’t have Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. So how does Dallas survive? Find out in this weekend’s preview and discover whom our writers think are the best choices for upsets.

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Joe Montana and Dwight Clark team together again this week, joining the Talk of Fame Network broadcast to talk Eddie DeBartolo, the Hall of Fame and the state of today’s game. But that’s not all. They’re joined by Hall of Fame voter Gary Myers, whose “Brady vs. Manning” book just hit bookstores this week.

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In Cleveland it’s about Johnnies, not Joshes. And the sooner the Browns concede that and give Manziel the opportunity to prove he was the right choice … or the wrong one … the better off they will be.

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The XFL lasted only one season (2001) but was used by a handful of its players as a springboard to the NFL.

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Kurt Warner quarterbacked the Amsterdam Admirals of the World League before becoming a two-time NFL MVP, resurrecting two dormant franchises.

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You may not remember Rod Smart. But you can’t forget “He Hate Me.” That’s Rod Smart, who told the Talk of Fame Network how he adopted that nickname and why he considered keeping it when he moved to the NFL Carolina Panthers.

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Mark Bavaro was a tight end from the old school. He was not a glorified wide receiver spread out and running deep posts. He was an inline blocker and a receiver who worked in heavy traffic in the middle of a defense. He craved contact the way bees crave honey … and he usually found it.

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