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The all-time Alabama NFL team

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The Super Bowl champions continue to load up

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NFL finds wide receivers, not quarterbacks, at Ohio State

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What’s your favorite touchdown celebration of all-time? The Ickey Shuffle, Victor Cruz’s Shuffle…or perhaps the traditional non-celebration of Barry Sanders, who would merely flip the ball to the referee. Vote now on the home page of the Talk of Fame Network.

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Tampa Bay’s Lovie Smith and Minnesota’s Mike Zimmer are this week’s guest on the Talk of Fame Network radio broadcast. Smith talks about the Bucs’ chances with rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, while Zimmer joins the show to discuss quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, catching the Packers and, of course, running back Adrian Peterson.

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Talk of Fame Network NFL commissioner Roger Goodell won’t hear Tom Brady’s appeal until June 23 but readers of this Talk of Fame Network web site have already weighed in on Deflategate. Fifty-eight percent of the voters believe the NFL was too lenient on Brady, who was given a four-game suspension for his role in …

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Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson is back with the Vikings, which means all that rhetoric about trades and contracts and unhappiness was nothing but a lot of wasted air. Because, in the end, Adrian Peterson had no choice. He could stand on principle, or he could face reality. So he took the money … and now he will run.

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Adrian Peterson said he returned to the Minnesota Vikings because “I just wanted to,” but let’s be honest, people. He returned because he had to. The Vikings had the leverage, and they exercised it.

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There were few quarterbacks better or more charismatic than Bert Jones when he led Baltimore to division titles in 1975-77. In fact, he was so good that New England coach Bill Belichick said he didn’t know if there was a better pure passer or athlete in the game then, and former Baltimore GM Ernie Accorsi compared him to John Elway. Accorsi still remembers Jones as one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history, and you have to wonder what might’ve happened had his career not been cut short by injury.

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Carolina special teams coordinator Bruce DeHaven coached special-teams ace Steve Tasker in the 1990s, so he knows how valuable … or invaluable … he was. And, according to DeHaven, Tasker was so accomplished he belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “If Steve Tasker doesn’t go in as a special teams player then nobody should go in,” he said.

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Houston coach Bill O’Brien has a starting quarterback to name in the next three months, and it’s down to two — Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett. O’Brien isn’t sure which one he’ll name — though he wants to do it soon — but he is sure he won’t compare them to the quarterback they sat behind in New England, Tom Brady.

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Carolina special teams coordinator Bruce DeHaven said the recent rule change regarding extra points is just another indication that the NFL may be headed for a future where special teams coaches aren’t necessary. “You’re getting fewer and fewer parts of the game where you need a coach to coach it,” he told the Talk of Fame Network’s latest broadcast.

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Cam Newton has done it again, this time announcing that “so much of my talents have not been seen in one person.” We suspect he was talking about quarterbacks, and while Newton is right that he has talent … he is wrong when he says so much of his talents haven’t been seen in one person. We have no trouble thinking of several before and one after him … and the envelope, please.

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Chicago coach John Fox was a guest on last week’s Talk of Fame Network broadcast, and he was asked to name one change he would make … if he could … in the NFL landscape. Fox wasted no time in answering: Full-time officials, he said.

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Former Steeler Donnie Shell put the “strong” in the strong safety position.

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Andy Reid coached the Philadelphia Eagles for 14 years, so he knows alot about the city and its team — and what he knows about former quarterback Donovan McNabb is that he was better than some people believe. In fact, asked about criticism of Reid’s first draft pick as coach of the Eagles, Reid said McNabb was, in essence, an important and necessary link that held together a club that went to five conference championship games in eight years — including four straight. “You’re juggling a lot of balls out there,” he said. “And that’s tough. I thought Donovan did that as well as anybody.”

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John Fox has gone from Denver to Chicago … Peyton Manning to Jay Cutler … and you know something? He’s “excited” about what’s next. At least that’s what he told the Talk of Fame Network about what he sees in Cutler who, he said, is the team’s starter “right now.” But as Fox pointed out, it’s not how you start the race; it’s how you finish. And it’s a long time before opening day.

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John Fox has worked for the Bears, Giants, Raiders and Steelers — all storied franchises. “There’s just something about those organizations that’s just special for me.” he says.

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