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State Your Case: Why former 49ers K Tommy Davis deserves a HOF look

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Who will win the NFC South in 2017?

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It’s Cincinnati’s turn in the AFC North in 2017

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With the passing of Ken Stabler Thursday, the heat will be on the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s senior committee to move him to the head of its next class.

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Shannon Sharpe said Antonio Gates’ four-game suspension for PEDs “calls into question everything he’s ever accomplished” and may sabotage his chances to reach Canton, but Hall-of-Fame selectors contacted this week weren’t so sure. In fact, they said that Sharpe is wrong and that, in and of itself, the suspension would not affect his chances.

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Former quarterback Ken Stabler isn’t in the Hall of Fame, but he should be … at least according to a group of former Pittsburgh Steelers interviewed by Bama Mag’s A.P. Steadham.

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Dick Anderson was a name on Miami’s No Name defense. He was a Hall of Fame caliber player without that recognition.

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The Talk of Fame radio hosts are on vacation, but their show is not. Beginning last week, we will air three consecutive weeks of the “Best of Talk” programs, featuring some of the top guests of the past year — including Jerry Jones, Michael Irvin, Brett Favre, Bill Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, Joe Namath, Marcus Allen, Roger Goodell and 2015 Hall-of-Fame inductee, Ron Wolf.

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Is Darrelle Revis the best defensive player in the NFL? J.J. Watt? Ndamukong Suh? Vote now at the Talk of Fame Network.

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Adrian Peterson returns to the Vikings in 2015 at 30 years of age with fresh legs.

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Former Dallas scouting guru Gil Brandt joins the Talk of Fame Network to tell us why Johnny Manziel might not make it in the NFL and how the Cowboys, a club he helped turn into one of the league’s marquee franchises, might finally have figured out the draft.

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The drafting of Gil Brandt put the Cowboys in position to become America’s Team.

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Can DeMarco Murray become the NFL’s first repeat rushing champion since LaDainian Tomlinson?

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Former Kansas City Chiefs/Dallas Texans’ star Abner Haynes has the credentials to be considered for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, yet it’s been nearly 50 years since he retired and he’s not part of the club. The reason? Keep reading.

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Wide receivers are pulling down more than big money these days. They’re pulling down big numbers, too. Catches. Yards. Touchdowns. You name it. In fact, they’re pulling down such big numbers it’s hard to tell who’s a Hall-of-Famer. But now along comes former wideout James Lofton, himself a Hall-of-Famer with a check list to help, and he offered it to us on the latest Talk of Fame Network radio broadcast.

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Dallas Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett was a reserve quarterback when the team won Super Bowls in the 1990s, so he knows what it takes to reach the top of the NFL. And what he learned then he’s putting to work now. While insisting he’s not trying to “recreate” that club, he did admit that the lessons learned then serve as “models” for building the Cowboys of today.

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Marques Colston this week called Drew Brees “a Hall-of-Fame quarterback,” and while the Saints’ wide receiver doesn’t have a Hall-of-Fame vote he’s probably right. But Brees isn’t alone among today’s quarterbacks destined for Canton. We figure there are at least five who wind up there, including Brees and the two slam dunks — Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

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