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State Your Case: Why La’Roi Glover belongs in Hall of Fame

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Who was the best non-combine player ever?

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Talk of Fame Network gives Denzel Washington his Oscar

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Former tackle Willie Roaf insists he wouldn’t be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame were it not for a decision he made following the 2001 season.

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There are a lot of people who wonder why former Cincinnati quarterback Ken Anderson isn’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but Ken Anderson isn’t one of them.

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Coach Hue Jackson has a simple message for long-suffering Cleveland Browns’ fans: “It’s going to be different,” he said of the 2017 season.

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San Francisco GM John Lynch is not concerned about first-round draft pick Reuben Foster’s character — telling the Talk of Fame Network it “is one of his strong traits.”

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Former Dallas wide receiver Drew Pearson reveals what provoked him to rile up fans at the 2017 NFL draft in Philadelphia when he announced the Cowboys’ second-round pick.

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Former Philadelphia and Cleveland executive Joe Banner casts his Hall-of-Fame vote for Donovan McNabb, whom, he said, was the Eagles’ top-rated quarterback (over Tim Couch) in the 1999 NFL draft.

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Upton Bell described how his father, former NFL commissioner Bert Bell, discovered “football’s version of the theory of relativity” when he conceived of the NFL draft.

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Vince Papale never played collegiate football and was never drafted, yet he made it to the NFL … at the age of 30, no less. Now 71, Papale offers advice to all those players who weren’t drafted this weekend.

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Warren Sapp’s criticism of draft prospect Myles Garrett is “very misguided” and “crazy”, according to Joe Banner, former CEO of the Cleveland Browns — the team that could make Garrett the first pick of the 2017 NFL draft.

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What should the Cleveland Browns do with the first pick of the 2017 NFL draft? Former Browns’ CEO Joe Banner knows, and it has nothing to do with a quarterback.

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Hall-of-Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks had plenty of success during his time at Florida State. But so did a litany of others. In this Talk of Fame Network interview, Brooks reveals the secret behind Bobby Bowden’s success.

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Add Tampa Bay’s Jameis Winston to the list of NFL players and coaches who believe former Florida State star quarterback Charlie Ward could have been an NFL star.

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USC athletic director Lynn Swann was a star football player with the Trojans, and when asked to name his most talented teammate — bam! — he had no trouble: Sam Cunningham.

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Hall-of-Fame receiver Lynn Swann played on the 1972 USC Trojans, one of the greatest football teams in collegiate history. Yet his greatest memory of USC has nothing to do with football or championships.

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