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State Your Case: Why La’Roi Glover belongs in Hall of Fame

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Who was the best non-combine player ever?

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Talk of Fame Network gives Denzel Washington his Oscar

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Hall-of-Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks had plenty of success during his time at Florida State. But so did a litany of others. In this Talk of Fame Network interview, Brooks reveals the secret behind Bobby Bowden’s success.

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Add Tampa Bay’s Jameis Winston to the list of NFL players and coaches who believe former Florida State star quarterback Charlie Ward could have been an NFL star.

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USC athletic director Lynn Swann was a star football player with the Trojans, and when asked to name his most talented teammate — bam! — he had no trouble: Sam Cunningham.

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Hall-of-Fame receiver Lynn Swann played on the 1972 USC Trojans, one of the greatest football teams in collegiate history. Yet his greatest memory of USC has nothing to do with football or championships.

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After Carson Palmer’s junior year at USC, he had people telling him to turn pro. But he didn’t, choosing to stay in school, and he tells the Talk of Fame Network why leaving early was “never on my radar.”

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The Talk of Fame Network re-airs a November, 2014, interview with former Pittsburgh owner and Hall-of-Fame enshrine Dan Rooney in observance of Rooney’s passing this week at the age of 84.

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Hall-of-Famer Dan Dierdorf grew up in Canton, Ohio, but didn’t attend Ohio State. Instead, he went to arch-rival Michigan. Why? He was never recruited by the Buckeyes’ Woody Hayes.

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Former Michigan star Steve Hutchinson has no trouble recalling when he and his teammates first recognized that “It Factor” in Tom Brady — and it came in a loss … to Ohio State.

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Hall-of-Fame quarterback Jim Kelly grew up dreaming of attending Penn State, but he didn’t. He went to the University of Miami, and an older brother’s advice had a lot to do with that decision.

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Hall-of-Fame wide receiver played with some of the best collegiate football players during his career at the University of Miami. But when asked to name the most talented of them all, he produced a stunning reply.

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Former University of Alabama and Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Lee Roy Jordan says he relates more to today’s college football than he does the pro game, and he tells the Talk of Fame Network why.

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The University of Alabama annually is at or near the top of NCAA rankings, and look no farther than coach Nick Saban for a reason. But what makes him so special? Ravens’ GM Ozzie Newsome has the answer.

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The decision that changed Paul Warfield’s career and helped make him a Hall-of-Fame wide receiver was immediate, with the Browns taking a leap of faith the first time they saw their first-round draft pick.

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In 2000, La’Roi Glover became only the second defensive tackle ever to lead the NFL in sacks with 17. No tackle has led the league in sacks in the 16 seasons since then.

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Pittsburgh linebacker Ryan Shazier doesn’t tap dance around the subject when it comes to how he wants to be remembered as a linerbacker. “I want to be like the Kevin Garnett of football,” he says.

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