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Rick Gosselin: Ranking best, worst of 2016 special teams

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Borges: The argument T.O. supporters don’t want to hear

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Terrell Davis: I’d put Steve Atwater in the Hall of Fame

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Now that he’s made it to Canton, former Denver running back Terrell Davis has some Hall-of-Fame advice for Terrell Owens.

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Rick Gosselin annually ranks the NFL’s top special teams, with coaches and players awaiting their delivery. Well, the wait is over. Those rankings are here.

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Ron Borges has heard the arguments for Terrell Owens entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and he gets it. But he also gets the argument that T.O. supporters don’t want to hear.

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Class of 2017 inductee Terrell Davis says that if he had a chance to bring one person with him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame his choice would be former teammate Steve Atwater.

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New England didn’t start winning Lombardi Trophies until 2002 – but according to last week’s Talk of Fame Network poll, the Patriots have already played in the three greatest Super Bowls.

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The sad truth about former Washington tackle Joe Jacoby is that if he doesn’t make it to Canton in 2018, his odds of getting there increase dramatically — and that is being kind — as a senior candidate.

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Pass rusher Jason Taylor didn’t just make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last weekend. He made history, too.

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Trying to make sense of why guard Alan Faneca failed to make a move in last week’s Hall-of-Fame voting for the Class of 2017.

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The New England Patriots have won more Super Bowls by smaller margins than any dynasty in NFL history. So what does that say about them?

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Super Bowl LI was not just a great game, marked by an unprecedented comeback. Nope, it was the greatest game in Super Bowl history. So what are the five best? That is why we are here.

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With the release of Devin Hester, expect conversations that tell us how and why he’s a sure thing for Canton. Except he’s not, and it has nothing to with a resume that’s Hall-of-Fame worthy.

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With prime time television ratings down across the board, NFL owners are considering changes that could lead to the demise of Thursday Night Football.

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Brain Dawkins hopes to become a Hall of Fame finalist in his first year of eligibility while four-time Pro Bowl tight end Jimmie Giles has waited 23 years and still isn’t on the list.

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Roger Goodell’s threat to suspend four players named in a since repudiated TV allegation of PED use is a dangerous precedent for the NFL.

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