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Rick Gosselin’s Week 5 NFL Rankings: Bengals on the move

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HOF embraces the “latest is the greatest” concept

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Rick Gosselin’s 2017 NFL special teams rankings

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Legalized sports gambling is on the rise throughout America and the NFL is all in on it. Will they come to rue the day they turned their backs on their long-time opposition to a connection between pro football and gambling.

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When Breeland Speaks stopped tackling Tom Brady for fear of being flagged for roughiing it gave the Patriots a touchdown and exposed how officiating is changing NFL defenses for the worse.

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QB Carson Wentz has thrown only one interception in his first three starts for the Eagles. But he has lost a fumble in each of those starts — and the Vikings rank last week’s fumble back for a touchdown.

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The NFL has a flag problem but it is fixating on the wrong flag. It’s not the red, white and blue one unfurled before the game. It’s the yellow ones littering the field every game that is their real problem.

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Eric Dickerson is leading a small group of 18 Hall of Famers threatening to boycott the Hall’s induction ceremony if they aren’t paid an annual salary of $250,000 plus health insurance. What about the thousands of rank and file players who blocked and tackled so those guys could get into the Hall? Forget them?

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Sterling Sharpe was one of teh two most dominate receivers of the 1990s. So why has he been retired for 24 years and ignored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame? It’s time that changed. Now!

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Jon Gruden decided a week before the season he needed to trade away his best player for future draft choices. Was dumping Khalil Mack a white flag for 2018 or an admittance he knows bad things are comnig in Oakland?

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Nick Foles didn’t get the now traditional post-Super Bowl handshake from Tom Brady after beating Brady’s Patriots in dramatic fashion. Did he care? You got to be kidding?

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The Carolina Panthers made the playoffs in 2017 but are a Vegas’ longshot to reach Suepr Bowl LIII. Are they a 2018 darkhorse or a plowhorse?’

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame reveals how it intends to conduct the 2018 induction ceremony next month without Terrell Owens in attendance.

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Former Arizona defensive back Pat Tillman should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, And so should the other 25 former NFL players and personnel who died serving their country in military battle.

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Why former running back Roger Craig deserves so much more from Hall-of-Fame voters than fading into oblivion with a mountain of qualified senior candidates.

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Tom Brady beat Peyton Manning 11 of the 17 times he faced him, yet ESPN has declared Manning more dominant than Brady over the last 20 years. Maybe it should check the two men’s respective ring collections and then re-think that conclusion?

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Will Jerry Jones fight his NFL partners’ attempt to assess him $2 million in legal fees they claim to have paid fighting him? Don’t count on it.

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If players were voted into Canton based strictly on productivity, Joe Jacoby and Everson Walls would already have their busts. But Jacoby didn’t get into the room as a finalist until his 18th year of eligibility and Walls didn’t reach the room until his 20th year. The clock was ticking on them the moment they arrived. They wouldn’t have the luxury of 20 years of potential discussions like a Lewis, Moss and Urlacher.

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