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Five memorable moments from the HOF career of Terrell Owens

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Which NFL team will go worst-to-first in 2018?

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TOFN “5 Games” podcast: USFL QB Chuck Fusina recalls his wildest fourth quarter comeback

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NFL historian John Turney digs into the numbers to explain why former Kansas City star Johnny Robinson should be an easy choice in 2019 for Pro Football Hall-of-Fame voters.

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Nick Foles didn’t get the now traditional post-Super Bowl handshake from Tom Brady after beating Brady’s Patriots in dramatic fashion. Did he care? You got to be kidding?

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Hall-of-Fame linebacker Andre Tippett cautions Canton against changing its rules because of Terrell Owens’ boycott of this month’s induction ceremony.

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There’s an easy solution for the Pro Football Hall of Fame to address future no-shows for induction, and we have it on this week’s Talk of Fame Network podcast.

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Hall of Famers Ozzie Newsome, Andre Tippett know what Terrell Owens missed at the Hall of Fame. He missed a moment in the sun – and in a gold jacket – that he can never get back.

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Terrell Owens missed a night of celebration and appreciation when the Class of 2018 was presented in Canton.

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Former 49ers’ star Dwight Clark is remembered one last time in San Francisco in “a celebration” of his life … and it is perfect.

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Reciting five of the biggest moments in the Hall of Fame career of former Bears’ linebacker Brian Urlacher.

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There were so many great achievements during Bobby Beathard’s Hall-of-Fame career in the NFL that it would be hard to choose five. Nevertheless, we tried.

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Until the advent of Robert Kraft’s New England Patriots, Carroll Rosenbloom was the winningest owner in NFL history. He created a franchise that didn’t exist in Baltimore and turned it into a three-time world champion and four-time NFL champion, then made one of the savviest “trades’’ in NFL history to take over the Los Angeles …

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NFL historian John Turney of Pro Football Journal ranks his top 50 4-3 defensive ends of all time.

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Ray Lewis had an impact on nearly every game he ever played in the NFL. It’s why he’s going into the Hall of Fame. Here’s five of his most memorable.

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Even though he was just 49 days removed from a broken leg, Terrell Owens promised to play if his Eagles reached the Super Bowl – and he did. Did he ever. Owens caught nine passes for 122 yards to almost single-handedly keep the Eagles in the game in a 24-21 loss to the New England Patriots.

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Talk of Fame Network’s final set of “best of” interviews with the NFL’s biggest names, past and present, is now available. It’s another hit.

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The Carolina Panthers made the playoffs in 2017 but are a Vegas’ longshot to reach Suepr Bowl LIII. Are they a 2018 darkhorse or a plowhorse?’

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