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TOFN podcast: Steelers LB Jack Ham revisits the Immaculate Reception

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Who was the best NFL player ever to come out of the CFL?

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Barkley, elite backs demand a draft-day look

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Former Arizona defensive back Pat Tillman should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, And so should the other 25 former NFL players and personnel who died serving their country in military battle.

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Rams’ general manager Les Snead is buidling an overpowering defense this offseason to have teh back of the NFL’s highest scoring offense in 2017.

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If the NFL eliminates the kickoff from pro football will the game still be football?

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Houston Antwine was as dominating a defensvie tackle in his day as Warrenn Sapp but football has forgotten him. Is it because he was a victim of AFL bias in the Hall of Fame’s early days?

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Hall-of-Fame voter Dan Fouts talks about the Keith Jackson Celebration of Life on April 15 at — where else? — the Rose Bowl.

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Former Browns’ CEO Joe Banner says he’d be “flabbergasted” if Cleveland didn’t take a quarterback at the top of the draft … and explains why the Browns have no choice but to do that.

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Former 49ers’ assistant George Stewart, now the special-teams coordinator with the Chargers, explains how he earned the trust of Terrell Owens — a soon-to-be-Hall of Fame Stewart will present in Canton this summer.

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Former San Francisco 49ers’ owner Eddie DeBartolo details how difficult it is to watch Dwight Clark battle ALS and vows to help him any … and every … way he can.

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Former Eagles’ and Browns’ executive Joe Banner details what the Kirk Cousins’ deal does for quarterbacks who follow, saying the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is now “empowered” to go to a different place with his next deal.

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Why former running back Roger Craig deserves so much more from Hall-of-Fame voters than fading into oblivion with a mountain of qualified senior candidates.

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On the latest Talk of Fame Network podcast, former Cleveland GM Phil Savage addresses what sold him on Joe Thomas in the 2007 draft … and how he resisted pressure to choose Brady Quinn with the Browns’ first pick.

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On the latest Talk of Fame Network podcast, former league PR director Greg Aiello (who once worked for the Dallas Cowboys) recalls watching the team pass on quarterback Joe Montana in the 1979 draft … and recalls why the Cowboys did it.

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Hall-of-Famer Jack Youngblood explains why he played through the 1979 playoffs … and the Pro Bowl that followed .. with a fractured leg.

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After 10 years with the Patriots, Ty Law left to join the New York Jets. He proved he wasn’t washed up by leading the NFL in interceptions with a career-high 10 and picking off Tom Brady with one of them.

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When Ty Law returned to Super Bowl XXXVIII, two years after upsetting the St. Louis Rams and returning a Kurt Warner pass for a pick six touchdown and the New England Patriots’ first points in a 20-17 upset victory, he had a far different point of view on things. On today’s Talk of Fame “5 …

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