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TOFN podcast: Jerry Kramer revisits the 1960 NFL title game

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TOFN podcast: HOF LB Jack Ham revisits a Super Bowl triumph over the Cowboys

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TOFN podcast: HOF LB Jack Ham revisits the proudest moment of his career

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Kramer endured that 1-10-1 season as a rookie in 1958, but was a starter of Lombardi teams that finished 7-5 in 1959 and 8-4 in 1960. He played in the 1960 title game despite suffering a detached retina in late November.

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Former coach Steve Mariucci revisits the 2000 draft when the San Francisco 49ers … and everyone else but New England … passed on Tom Brady and the lessons all teams today should learn from that experience.

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On the 20th anniversary of the Peyton Manning-Ryan Leaf draft, former Indianapolis GM Bill Polian explains why taking Manning with the first choice was not as easy as people think.

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Former NFL linebacker Gary Plummer calls the NFL’s new tackling rule “a joke” and says “if it’s enforced strictly, I think people are going to turn off their TVs.”

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Former Browns’ CEO Joe Banner says he’d be “flabbergasted” if Cleveland didn’t take a quarterback at the top of the draft … and explains why the Browns have no choice but to do that.

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Former San Francisco 49ers’ owner Eddie DeBartolo details how difficult it is to watch Dwight Clark battle ALS and vows to help him any … and every … way he can.

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Former Eagles’ and Browns’ executive Joe Banner details what the Kirk Cousins’ deal does for quarterbacks who follow, saying the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is now “empowered” to go to a different place with his next deal.

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On the latest Talk of Fame Network podcast, former Cleveland GM Phil Savage addresses what sold him on Joe Thomas in the 2007 draft … and how he resisted pressure to choose Brady Quinn with the Browns’ first pick.

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On the latest Talk of Fame Network podcast, former league PR director Greg Aiello (who once worked for the Dallas Cowboys) recalls watching the team pass on quarterback Joe Montana in the 1979 draft … and recalls why the Cowboys did it.

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After 10 years with the Patriots, Ty Law left to join the New York Jets. He proved he wasn’t washed up by leading the NFL in interceptions with a career-high 10 and picking off Tom Brady with one of them.

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Ty Law intercepted Peyton Manning three times in the 2003 AFC Championship game to break his heart and send the Patriots back to the Super Bowl. His physical play that day also changed how future defenses would be allowed to play the gaem.

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Ty Law didn’t like the Patriots’ defensive game plan for Super Bowl XXXVI so he made his feelings known. The resulting changes may have won the Patriots their first Super Bowl championship.

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Ty Law expected to beat the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI even though his Patriots were heavy underdogs. He lost that game and a lot more and it wasn’t all because of Desmond Howard.

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With the additions of Tony Dorsett and Tony Hill since their last Super Bowl game against the Steelers in 1976, the Cowboys became the forerunner for the Greatest Show on Turf with empty passing sets. Forty years later, all the NFL teams are doing on offense what the Cowboys did back in 1978.

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The Steelers blew through the regular season with a 12-2 record to win the AFC Central, then eliminated Baltimore and Oakland with playoff victories to earn that date with Dallas. The Steelers trailed the Cowboys 10-3 through three quarters before rallying for 14 fourth-quarter points to claim that second consecutive Lombardi Trophy.

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