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Kyle and Mike Shanahan share NFL Father’s Day memories

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Pearson explains Eagles’ fans beat down; 49ers’ GM Lynch talks art of the draft deal

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T.D. says his HOF career wasn’t “short;” it was “efficient”

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Mean Joe Greene thinks Terrell Owens’ decision to be AWOL at his own Hall of Fame induction is a decision he might want to reconsider.

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Sean Payton saw his Saints’ 2017 season end in shocking fashion with no time left on the playoff clock. What he learned working for Bill Parcells will help him bring them back to contend in the NFC this season.

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First-year head coach Pat Shurmur has faith that rookie Saquan Barkley was the best player in the draft and aging Eli Manning is the best quarterback to run his offense in 2018.

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Bill Cowher believes special teams coaches should be given head coaching consideration. Former special team wdge buster Hank Bauer recalls life in teh collision zone and whether he hit with hsi eyes wide open or slammed shut.

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Jason McCourty went from gbeing 0-16 in Cleveland a year ago to starting for the five-time Super Bowl champion Patriots. And that’s not even the part of the story that makes him happiest.

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Who wins the tight end Hall of Fame race in 2023 when Jason Witten and Antonio Gates both are likely to be on the ballot? That’s a debate that rages.

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Marty Hurney was back as an NFL GM after a five-yer layoff. His first drafting decision wasn’t an easy one to make.

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Michigan State has produced six Pro Bowl wide receivers. Who knew Michigan State was really “Wide Receiver U?” And who knows why the Cleveland Browns made undersized Baker Mayfield the first player – and more importantly first quarterback – taken in this year’s NFL Draft?

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Patriots’ center David Andrews wasn’t wanted on draft day but Tom Brady is glad he’s always lining up in front of him.

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Devin McCourty and the Players Coalition are continuing their fight for social justice and they believe it all began moving forward when they took a knee to raise awareness that justice isn’t free.

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Terrell Owens’ foremr coach will be his HOF presenter. The story he will tell is of a misunderstood player who wanted to be great to prove to the world that once shunned him that he belonged.

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Kevin Greene may have been one of the best free agent values in NFL history and he did it more than once.

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The Bears have 27 Hall of Famers in their 98 year history. Does former All-Decade tackle Jimbo Covert deserve to be the next in line for enshrinement in Canton? And what’s happened to Texas football? It used to produce piles of NFL talent. This year it’s top choice will be a punter!

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Dallas Clark went from a walk-on at Iowa to an 11-year, Pro Bowl career as the tight end on some of Peyton Manning’s greatest Colts teams. Does he deserve Hall of Fame consideration?

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Brian Urlacher was one of three linebackers inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. Two of them, Urlacher and Ray Lewis, were first ballot selections. Robert Brazile’s selection took a whole lot longer.

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