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Kyle and Mike Shanahan share NFL Father’s Day memories

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Pearson explains Eagles’ fans beat down; 49ers’ GM Lynch talks art of the draft deal

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T.D. says his HOF career wasn’t “short;” it was “efficient”

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Former Steelers’ All-Pro Alan Faneca is hopeful the knock on his hotel room door next February won’t be the maid this time after the HOF votes are counted.

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The knock on Tony Boselli’s door wasnt from the Hall of Fame…yet. Knocks Richard Seymour took in one Super Bowl win were Hall of Fame worthy.

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Mel Gray and Daryl Johnston loved to play on Thanksgiving Day. Gray would love to see a kick returner like himself in Canton one day too.

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This week’s show features a tale of two Freds, Fred Taylor and Fred Smerlas. Both seem to have Hall of Fame resumes yet neither has come close to being considered. What will it take to get them to Canton?

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Willie Anderson was once the highest paid offensive lineman in the NZFL. But when he agreed to switch from left tackle to right tackle he may have cost himself a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here’s why.

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Neil Smith finally made the preliminary HOF ballot and Raymond Chester made the Black College Hall of Fame. But do they belong in Canton?

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Andre Tippett’s first encounter with Gino Marchetti was a frightening one. So was Booker Edgerson’s first confrontation with his future mentor, mercurial Buffalo Bills’ star running back, Cookie Gilchrist.

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Eric Allen said although he made six Pro Bowls, is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame and had all those picks, the thing he’s most proud of is that in his 14th and final season he was the same thing he was in his rookie season – a starting cornerback in the NFL.

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Rams’ GM Les Snead explains why he never wavered on quarterback Jared Goff, despite a rookie season replete with struggles.

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Rams GM Les Snead knows why his team is on the rise with a 30-year-old coach and 22-year-old QB. It’s no accident, he says. Cyrus Mehri, author of the Rooney Rule, is ready to go to war with the NFLPA over how its leadership is elected.

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Former NFL lineman Jeff Hatch overcame his addiction to pain killers and now wants to help other players avoid the same dangers.

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Thirty years ago this weekend, the NFL went on strike for 24 days. Replacement players became three-week wonders and striking players wondered if they had a future when the strike finally ended in defeat.

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame named its 108 preliminary nominees this week and one longshot in his final year of eligibility, Everson Walls, says he should have been in long ago.

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Rod Laver wishes his Chargers were still in San Diego, Robert Brazile wishes the Oilers were still in existence and Andy Russell wishes he was in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and he’s not alone.

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James White tells Talk of Fme Network he’s already put his Super Bowl heroics behind him but HOF nominee Jerry Kramer has his own past on his mind onve again.

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