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Kyle and Mike Shanahan share NFL Father’s Day memories

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Pearson explains Eagles’ fans beat down; 49ers’ GM Lynch talks art of the draft deal

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T.D. says his HOF career wasn’t “short;” it was “efficient”

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Ron McDole was named to the AFL’s All-Time team, is one of the 70 Greatest Redskins in history and played defensive end in 240 games, fourth most in NFL history. How’d he do it? If you’re a lineman with 12 interceptions, the rest of the job was easy!.

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Troy Vincent is a five-time Pro Bowl cornerback whose 15-year career has landed him on the Hall of Fame’s preliminary list of nominees. But his biggest prize may be one day being named NFL commissioner. Pipe dream? Don’t be so sure.

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Chris Hogan was the definition of an NFL longshot when ex-Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush began calling him “7-11” on HBO’s “Hardknocks” several years ago. Now he’s started in two Super Bowls and is one of Tom Brady’s most reliable receivers. How’d it happen? Give a listen.

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Gil Brandt helped bring the computer age into NFL scouting and game planning. That may bring him into the Hall of Fame in August along side Broncos’ owenr Pat Bowlen, who is considered “the Father of Sunday Night Football.”

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Johnny Robinson has been retired for nearly 50 years yet still ranks 13th all-time in interceptions. So what took so long for him to rech the doorstep of the Pro Fotoball Hall of Fame?

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Champ Bailey tells the Talk of Fame Network that he should become only the sixth cornerback in NFL history to be named a first ballott Hall of Famer.

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Hall of Famers Ozzie Newsome, Andre Tippett know what Terrell Owens missed at the Hall of Fame. He missed a moment in the sun – and in a gold jacket – that he can never get back.

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Talk of Fame Network’s final set of “best of” interviews with the NFL’s biggest names, past and present, is now available. It’s another hit.

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Talk of Fame Network has the best interviews in pro football. Hear a collection of the best from 2017 now and get some knowledge!

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Terrell Owens’ foremr coach will be his HOF presenter. The story he will tell is of a misunderstood player who wanted to be great to prove to the world that once shunned him that he belonged.

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Talk of Fame Network’s second “best of” interview show is FILLED with hot takes, hot topics and hot names from the NFL and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Talk of Fame Network begins four weeks of its annual “best of” interview shows. Each Wednesday it will release a half dozen of its most poignant, controversial and interesting interviews fro the 2017 season of shows.

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The depth of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s senior pool is becoming a growing concern. How did so many deserving players never get discussed?

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Long-time Fort Worth Star-Telegram sports writer Charean Williams became the first female sports writer to be selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s writer’s wing this week. Hear her story at Talk of Fame Network.

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Mean Joe Greene thinks Terrell Owens’ decision to be AWOL at his own Hall of Fame induction is a decision he might want to reconsider.

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