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T.D. says his HOF career wasn’t “short;” it was “efficient”

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Hall-of-Famers Andersen, Taylor visit the Talk of Fame

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Hall-of-Fame tackle Ron Mix says he believes the Chargers will be a bigger hit and a better team in L.A. than the Rams.

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Hall of Famers Jim Kelly and Michael Irvin recall how the “U” became Miami’s spawning ground for NFL talent.

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Alabama is one of the most prolific producers of NFL talent. Talk of Fame Network talks with Ozzie Newsome and Lee Roy Jordan about why it has been that way for dcades.

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Super agent Tom Condon recalls the stormy life and times of first NFLPA leader Ed Garvey, while Ravens’ foremr lienbacker Zach Orr discusses the swift end to his promising career.

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Terrell Davis had only three years of NFL brilliance but it proved enough to run him right into the Hall of Fame.

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Hall-of-Famers Jason Taylor and Morten Andersen are this weeks guests on the Talk of Fame Network, with each detailing his surprise at reaching Canton.

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Paul Tagliabue, Tony Dung, Joe Gibbs and Aeneas Williams all come to visit the Talk of Fame Network to discuss Saturday’s HOF balloting and Suepr Bowl LI.

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Hall-of-Fame quarterback … and now Hall-of-Fame voter… Dan Fouts joins Hall-of-Fame pass rusher Chris Doleman on this week’s Talk of Fame broadcast to discuss the candidates for the Class of 2017.

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Hall-of-Famer Lenny Moore recalls the 1958 sudden death overtime game known as The Greatest Game Ever Played, and Alan Faneca discusses the dream of one day making the Hall of Fame.

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December means historic big-game moments like the “Immaculate Reception” and “Ghost to the Post.”

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HOF LB Dave Robinson recalls some secrets of the “Ice Bowl” game and Kevin Mawae reveals how 13 backs ran behind him for 1,000 yards each.

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Courtesy - New England Patriots, David Silverman

Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft addresses the future of the Raiders, Chargers and Thursday Night Football.

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Jason Taylor is among 26 semifinalists named for the Hall of Fame Class of 2017, but he says he never once thought about it during his playing days.

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Rob Gronkowski has become a student of the game to convince Tom Brady to throw to him.

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Willie McGinest has three Super Bowl rings and more playoff sacks than anyone in history. Lomas Brown had seven Pro Bowl seasons and the second most offensive line starts in history. Does that make them Hall of Famers?

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