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State Your Case: why kicking pioneer Sam Baker deserves a look from Canton

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State Your Case: Why former Miami S Jake Scott deserves HOF consideration

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State Your Case: Why the career of Ray Donaldson deserves a HOF look

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Why former Buffalo special-teams star Steve Tasker deserves to have his candidacy heard by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Sam Baker led the NFL with 17 field goals in 1956 and led the league in scoring with 77 points in 1957. He then led the NFL in punting with a 45.4-yard average in 1958. He followed that up with a career-best 45.5-yard average in 1959.

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Houston Antwine was as dominating a defensvie tackle in his day as Warrenn Sapp but football has forgotten him. Is it because he was a victim of AFL bias in the Hall of Fame’s early days?

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Why former Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Three times in his career Jimmy Orr led the NFL with his average per catch – 27.6 yards in 1958, 25.6 yards in 1968 and 21.7 yards in 1964. The NFL leader in 2017 was Detroit’s Marvin Jones at 18.1 yards per catch. Orr’s career average of 19.8 yards per catch is eighth best in NFL history.

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George Saimes as a member of the AFL’s All-Time team and one of the two best safeties in that league’s history. He was also a member of the Buffalo Bills’ 50th Anniversary team. Yet he has been ignored by the Hall of Fame for 43 years. Why?

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Why former Chiefs’ and Raiders’ defensive back Dave Grayson deserves to have his case heard by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Jake Scott is tied with his former safety running mate Houston on the NFL’s all-time interception list with 49. But Houston played five more seasons. Scott also has one more career interception than Hall of Fame safety Willie Wood. And Wood played three more seasons.

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Why it’s important that the Hall-of-Fame case of former Atlanta tackle Mike Kenn must be heard before he disappears into the senior swamp.

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Howard Cosell once called Russ Francis “the world’s greatest tight end.” He was a three-time All-Pro recruited by 49ers’ head coach Bill Walsh to come and play for him even though he’d retired from pro football after only six seasons. He was a transcendent star. Was he also really the best tight end ever?

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When you play 17 seasons, start 228 games, go to six Pro Bowls, block for two NFL rushing champions and win a Super Bowl as Ray Donaldson has, you certainly deserve to have your career discussed and debated to determine where you game fits in an historical context.

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After the AFL and NFL merged in 1970, there was a two-year window when Otis Taylor was the best wide receiver in football. He went to his first two Pro Bowls in 1971-72 and was a two-time first-team All-Pro. In 1971, he was the only player in the NFL with 1,000 yards in receptions.

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Boyd Dowler was an All-Decade receiver in the 1960s but who remembers him today? Not many people but Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr never forgot him when the game was on the line.

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Why former Chargers’ running back Paul Lowe deserves an audience with Pro Football Hall of Fame voters.

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During his career, Anderson had the responsibility to block three Hall of Fame pass rushers who lined up on the offense’s right side – Reggie White, Michael Strahan and Kevin Greene.

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