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State Your Case: Is Rick Casares HOF running back time forgot?

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State Your Case: Why former TE Jimmie Giles deserves a HOF look

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State Your Case: why kicking pioneer Sam Baker deserves a look from Canton

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Nolan Cromwell was one of pro football’s all-time great safeties. So why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame discussion?

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Why former NFL coach Chuck Knox deserves at least a look by Pro Football Hall-of-Fame voters.

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Sample played his college football at Maryland Eastern Shore and, in 1958, became the first player from an historically black college (HBCU) invited to play in the College All-Star game against the defending NFL champion.

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Rick Casares was a five-time Pro Bowl fullback in the days when that made you a beast. So why isn’t he also an NFL Hall of Famer?

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Why former Rams’ quarterback Roman Gabriel deserves to have his case heard by Hall-of-Fame voters.

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Jimmie Giles played 13 seasons and went to four Pro Bowls, catching 350 passes for 5,084 yards and 41 touchdowns. Those numbers pale in comparisons to the Rob Gronkowskis and Travis Kelces of today’s NFL. But that’s not what he was asked to do at his position in 1977.

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“Whizzer” White was All-Pro every season he played in the NFL. Is the fact that was only three enough to keep him out of the Hall of Fame?

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Why former Buffalo special-teams star Steve Tasker deserves to have his candidacy heard by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Sam Baker led the NFL with 17 field goals in 1956 and led the league in scoring with 77 points in 1957. He then led the NFL in punting with a 45.4-yard average in 1958. He followed that up with a career-best 45.5-yard average in 1959.

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Houston Antwine was as dominating a defensvie tackle in his day as Warrenn Sapp but football has forgotten him. Is it because he was a victim of AFL bias in the Hall of Fame’s early days?

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Why former Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Three times in his career Jimmy Orr led the NFL with his average per catch – 27.6 yards in 1958, 25.6 yards in 1968 and 21.7 yards in 1964. The NFL leader in 2017 was Detroit’s Marvin Jones at 18.1 yards per catch. Orr’s career average of 19.8 yards per catch is eighth best in NFL history.

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George Saimes as a member of the AFL’s All-Time team and one of the two best safeties in that league’s history. He was also a member of the Buffalo Bills’ 50th Anniversary team. Yet he has been ignored by the Hall of Fame for 43 years. Why?

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Why former Chiefs’ and Raiders’ defensive back Dave Grayson deserves to have his case heard by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Jake Scott is tied with his former safety running mate Houston on the NFL’s all-time interception list with 49. But Houston played five more seasons. Scott also has one more career interception than Hall of Fame safety Willie Wood. And Wood played three more seasons.

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