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  • Talking The Talk

    Talking The Talk

    Why did DERRICK BROOKS have visions of wearing a suit to work, rather than a uniform? Is DWIGHT CLARK’S favorite running back REALLY a Cowboy? Why does TY LAW think Tom Brady is getting a bad rap? Why does AENEAS WILLIAMS say he hears from Steve Young every month since ending the QB’s career? Would KELLEN WINSLOW dominate in todays game? All tied up with 2 minutes left, in the biggest game of his life, what was going through ISAAC […]

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  • Talk of Fame Network Trailer

    Talk of Fame Network Trailer

    Pulling back the curtain on the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Talk of Fame Network will provide its stations and listeners with true insider information on the selection process, potential candidates and what it takes to make it. The show features high-profile coaches and players from the past and present.

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