Curley Culp on why Robinson, Brazile Hall-of-Fame worthy

This is the week we learn the identities of the two senior candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2018. The Hall’s seniors committee will name them after deliberating Thursday, Aug. 24, in Canton.

The pool is rife with potential nominees, many of who you can name. So Hall-of-Famer Curley Culp was only too glad to plug two of them – both former teammates of his — on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast.

Safety Johnny Robinson of the Kansas City Chiefs and linebacker Robert Brazile of the Houston Oilers.

Robinson was a six-time finalist but never elected to the Hall despite a gaudy resume that included seven All-AFL selections, member of the all-time All-AFL team, AFL interceptions leader (1966), NFL interceptions leader (1970) and a Super Bowl ring.

Oh, yeah, he’s also in the Chiefs’ Hall of Fame, and for good reason: When he had an interception, the team was 35-1-1.

“Johnny Robinson, as you know, was a great leader and teammate,” said Culp, who began his pro career with the Chiefs, “and I think he’s deserving for consideration. He was a seven-time All-Pro for the Dallas Texans and Chiefs, and his contribution to the Chiefs team over, I guess, a period of a decade was remarkable.

“So, in my opinion, he’s truly worthy for becoming a Hall of Famer and joining others from the Chiefs team in the Hall. Johnny was a sparkplug, and he basically kept us on the same page play after play.”

Robert Brazile photo courtesy of the Tennessee Titans

Robinson was a key member of the 1969 Chiefs’ defense that led the league in four categories – the run, the pass, yards and points – and that yielded five Hall of Famers, including Culp. Yet he hasn’t been discussed since 1986.

Brazile, on the other hand, hasn’t been discussed … period. No matter that he’s a seven-time Pro Bowler, six-time All-Pro, former Defensive Rookie of the Year and an all-decade choice. Voters haven’t named him as a finalist or semifinalist since his retirement following the 1984 season.

“I would love for Robert to become a Hall of Famer,” said Culp, who joined the Oilers in 1974. “He’s a seven-time Pro Bowler, NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 1975 and a (member of the) NFL all-decade team of the 1970s – (those) are just a few of his accomplishments.

“I’ve had an opportunity to play with Robert on the Houston Oilers and watch him become one of the best outside linebackers of his era. He could pass rush. He could blitz. And he had the ability to cover a running back out of the backfield. He was the total package.”

Brazile and Robinson should be two of the leading candidates for consideration. But there are plenty of others, including guard Jerry Kramer, a member of the NFL’s 50th anniversary team – with results announced the afternoon of Aug. 24.


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  1. August 21, 2017

    I must agree with former Houston Oilers NT and Pro Football HOF member Curley Culp about John Robinson and certainly Robert “Dr Doom” Brazile. I’ve always thought that particular Chiefs defense was one of the better units assembled with Willie Lanier anchoring the first two tiers at MLB, while Robinson providing similar services in the secondary with the likes of HOF member Emmitt Thomas and star CB Jim Kearney among others

    In regards to “Dr Doom” Brazile, his moniker says it all. As Oilers former head coach Bum Phillips once stated on my radio show “Robert Brazile was Lawrence Taylor before LT became LT”..Curley is definitely an authority about both former teammates and HOF prospects..Great reporting once again Clark Judge

  2. Jimmy Moon
    August 21, 2017

    No doubt about it Robinson & Brazille to of the greatest players at their positions, hard to go wrong with either of these two guys.

  3. Michael Swanson
    November 13, 2017

    Johnny Robinson was the Ed Reed of the AFL. Why he has yet to go into the HOF is beyond me. Not only him, but two other Chiefs, Albert Lewis and Derron Cherry, and Otis Taylor, ANOTHER Chief! What is it with the HOF and their apparent bias against Kansas City??

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