Do the Dallas Cowboys need a franchise receiver?

Dak Prescott photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys/James D. Smith

The offseason departures of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten from the Dallas Cowboys will be costly to quarterback Dak Prescott. The two veteran Pro Bowl pass catchers combined for 43 percent of Dak Prescott’s completions a year ago, 42 percent of his yards and 50 percent of his touchdowns in a 9-7 season. His go-to guys are now gone.

So, for the first time in ages, the Cowboys will enter a season without a Pro Bowl candidate on the flank. Will that slow their pursuit of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East? Not necessarily, writes Rick Gosselin in the Dallas Morning News. Recent history says Jason Garrett and his Cowboys should not fear the unknown. Read on:

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  1. Rasputin
    July 5, 2018

    “There have been 18 Super Bowl champions since 2000. Seven of the champs did not have a 1,000-yard receiver, and 11 of them didn’t have a wideout catch at least 80 passes”

    I’m betting most of those teams had either a great QB or a great defense though (5 of them were Tom Brady alone, LOL). At this point the Cowboys haven’t established they have either.

    They do have a great running game and offensive line but they’ll need to establish some kind of credible passing threat. It’s possible to succeed by committee but the QB’s accuracy may be the most important factor. Hopefully Dak improves this year.

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