Drew Pearson on Terrell Owens: “He gets no tears from me”

Photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys

When Terrell Owens failed to reach the Pro Football Hall of Fame earlier this month, he and his supporters decried the process and shredded voters — calling for one or the other to change if Owens weren’t elected pronto.

“A total joke,” Owens said in a tweet immediately after he learned he didn’t make it.

OK, that’s his opinion. It is not, however, the opinion of another wide receiver who should be in the Hall but is not. And that’s former Dallas star Drew Pearson who, unlike Owens, was a first-team all-decade choice and who, unlike Owens, has waited nearly three decades for a call from Canton.

Owens has waited two years.

So our Rick Gosselin contacted Pearson to get his take on Owens and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Pearson was direct, reasoned and unsympathetic in a story that ran in the Dallas Morning News. Owens won’t like what Pearson says, but he should pay attention. And he … and you … can start now by reading it here:




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  1. Martin Sexton
    February 20, 2017

    My position on Drew has been very transparent. After a 30+ year wait, he is long over due to be in Canton. As many TO supporters would be quick to point out, number wise, he cannot and will not compare to TO or any other modern era receiver. Perhaps if he had the luxury of playing under the current rules where DB’s are restricted in the manner in which they play, he might have. The fact remains, the decade he played in allowed defensive backs to pretty much make contact anywhere on the field. No such thing as “defenseless receivers” back in Drew’s day. They had to be prepared to have their head handed to them and still make the catch. More times than not, he DID make the catch. You don’t get called “Mr.Clutch” for no reason. If you read the article, Rick Gosselin and Drew covered things better than I ever could. The fact remains, if Lynn Swann made it in the Hall then Drew Pearson should too. His stats compare favorably with Swann and he is the “other” 70’s First Team All-Decade WR. It is not hard to understand that Drew is not sympathetic with TO’s plight. For the most part, waiting is apparently part of the gig when you aspire to the HOF. Just think, TO…only 28 more years to wait.

    • February 20, 2017

      Martin, I will put you in touch with Jordan. Thx.

    • bachslunch
      February 20, 2017

      Agreed that Drew Pearson can be seen as having a better HoF case among 70s WRs than Lynn Swann. Would argue that Harold Jackson, Harold Carmichael, and Cliff Branch do as well.

      • Martin Sexton
        February 20, 2017

        You would get no argument from me, especially about Harold Carmichael. He is the other forgotten 70’s All-Decade WR. Like Pearson with the first team, Carmichael is the only member of the 2nd team offense not to be enshrined. Somewhere along the way, the Canton train left the station before they gave Pearson and Carmichael a chance to get on. They’ve been waiting at the station ever since. And as you stated, Branch and Jacksons stats are comparable. Actually better in some areas. The one thing they lack is the All-Decade recognition, but as we see, even THAT doesn’t necessarily get the job done. Ask Pearson and Carmichael.

        • February 21, 2017

          Pearson the only member of that all-decade first-team offense not in Hall, and he and Cliff Harris only members of 70s all-decade first team not in Hall — victims of what appears to be anti-Dallas sentiment at that time. Carmichael and Pearson the only all-decade WRs from 70s, 80s, 90s not in Hall. Life is not fair.

          • Martin Sexton
            February 21, 2017

            Indeed, life is NOT fair. Of course, if fair entered into the equation, you and your fellow voters might have an easier time of it. What fun would THAT be?
            If you went by nothing else other than the fact that everyone else in the All Decade first team of the 70’s is already enshrined, it would and should make for a substantial case for them. Unless of course, they are saying that unlike everyone else on the team, Harris and Pearson weren’t really THAT good but we had to put SOMEONE on the team to fill those spots.🤔

            In fact, of the eight members of the 70’s All Decade team who have not been inducted, three are Cowboys (since you made the mistake of mentioning the Anti-Cowboy conspiracy theory). Breaking it down, 9 Pittsburgh Steelers made the team and 8 of them are in the Hall. Poor L. C. Greenwood must have felt like a leper bless his soul. 6 Cowboys were selected with only 3 elected. Thus Pearson, Harris, and Harvey Martin are on the outside looking in. (Probably explains where the anti-Cowboy theory was born).

            Martin is another under appreciated talent when it comes to talk of the hall. He is the victim of the fact that “sacks” were not a recognized stat until 1982. Going by that, you would read that he only had 10 sacks. In fact, he had 114 sacks in a 9 year period with a high of 23 in the Cowboys Super Bowl year of 77 (in a 14 game season). That would be more than Michael Strahan’s recognized record of 22 1/2 which he compiled in a 16 game season. Add that to a Defensive Player of the Year, and a Super Bowl Co-MVP (with HOF member Randy White) and it added up to being an All-Decade selection but no traction as far as the Hall goes. (Although in all honesty, Harvey had some drug issues later in his career that might have been detrimental in some voters minds). He was however, one of the great pass rushers in his day and unfortunately, neither he or LC Greenwood, can make a case for themselves as they both passed away. Life really ISN’T fair.

  2. Rasputin
    March 2, 2017

    Thanks for posting this. I hope the anti-Cowboys bias has diminished, but even if it has, making up for those exclusions will require a faster than normal pace of inductions for Cowboys, not simply proceeding normally from here on. Pearson, Howley, and Cliff Harris, the other first team 70s All Decade guy not in, should all be inducted within the next few years. In my opinion that would bring things close to square and we could then deal with the next best players up in a normal way.

    • March 3, 2017

      Have a lot more backtracking to do to get things close to square. So many … too many … overlooked players who should be in Canton.

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