Kenny Easley delivers one last knockout at HOF induction

Kenny Easley photo courtesy Seattle Seahawks

CANTON, Ohio – Kenny Easley delivered one last hard hit to the NFL Saturday night during his Hall-of- Fame induction speech.

After thanking God, his family, his high-school coach, Tommy Rhodes; his friends, teammates, his old rival and the Hall of Fame, Easley made a poignant point as sharply and crisply as any knockout hit he delivered during his seven-year career when he said in a clear voice, “Black lives matter. And all lives matter too.’’

He then went on to lament the “carnage’’ of young black men dying around the country simply for “driving or walking the streets while black in America.’’

“Please allow me this moment for a very serious message for which I feel very strongly about,’’ Easley said. “Black lives do matter. And yes, all lives matter, too. But the carnage affecting young black men today, from random violence to police shootings, across the nation has to stop.

“We’ve got to stand up as a country, as black Americans, and fight the good fight, to protect our constitutional right to keep people from dying while driving or walking down the streets for being black in America. It has to stop, and we can do it. And the lessons we learn in sports can help.’’

It was a moment of unexpected impact, like the ones he so often delivered during his playing days. It was a clear appeal too, at a time when many believe young Colin Kaepernick, the former 49ers’ quarterback, is being blackballed by the NFL for his refusal to stand last season for the National Anthem as a silent protest against the very same carnage Kenny Easley spoke of Saturday night.

Some may not like what Easley had to say. Some may say he turned a sporting celebration into a political statement. Well, they can say what they want. But understand this – Kenny Easley is in the Hall of Fame today because he laid the lumber on people without fear or favor. In the 1980s, he was the truth on every field he played on.

It’s fitting that he did it one last time as he entered pro football’s most exclusive club.

Not long afterward, Easley’s TelePrompter malfunctioned, and he was forced to cut his speech short. What he intended to say was this:

“…And by the way, congratulations to Title IX for 45 years of outstanding women’s sports in America. Even this very significant piece of legislation took a sizable fight. I also say congratulations to Claire Smith, a black American and the first female to cover a Major League Baseball beat and the first female to be awarded the Spinks Award by the Baseball Hall of Fame Committee.

“RIP to my brother Hall of Famer and all around good guy Cortez Kennedy. Peace and blessings.

“You can put a fork in me. I’m done.’’

As Kenny Easley made clear, not hardly.


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  1. Rasputin
    August 6, 2017

    “He then went on to lament the “carnage’’ of young black men dying around the country simply for “driving or walking the streets while black in America.’’”

    Which isn’t true. Kenny Easley repeated a lie he had heard from others. That’s a shame, since believing that lie actually does get some people hurt by defying or attacking cops instead of cooperating with them. The delusion that black Americans are somehow oppressed in the 21st Century (they aren’t) also poisons and warps their entire outlook on society, creating excuses for not having instant success and generating racial hostility where it didn’t exist before. Which is exactly what the cynical scumbags who started the bigoted Black Lives Matter movement want.

    Speaking of “Cap”, Ron, when are you going to write up a story admitting what’s now pretty much universally accepted as true, that Kaepernick’s (and others’) disgusting anti-American displays were a major factor in driving down NFL ratings last year? And what happened to that alleged “conversation” on race you endorsed before? Isn’t a conversation supposed to be two way? Wouldn’t that require you to listen and engage with people you disagree with instead of just talking at them and then ignoring them?

    • David O'Brien
      August 7, 2017

      Viewing your other views and commentaries throughout this overall website, Rasputin, this response from you is not surprising. As an Irish Caucasian individual, I am cringing at your ignorance, lack of vision and insensitivity. Easley and Kaepernick have a valid point.

      • Rasputin
        August 8, 2017

        Having read some of your posts, David O’Brien, your “retort” isn’t surprising, and I take your hostility as a compliment. As a man who judges arguments on their merit rather than the skin color of those delivering them, who opposes bigotry, and who genuinely cares about every life lost regardless of race, I’m disappointed by the factual ignorance your post displays and your need to advertise your alleged race. Let’s be rational. Here’s the reality.

        – In 2015 in the US 7,039 black people were killed in homicides, along with 5,854 white/Hispanics (combined) according to FBI stats.

        – Only 258 blacks were killed by cops that year out of a total black population of 42,975,959, according to even the liberal Washington Post, compared to 495 non-Hispanic whites and 172 Hispanics killed by cops (667 combined). Almost all of these were justified shootings.

        – So police action accounted for 3.6% of total killed blacks and 11.4% of total whites/Hispanics killed.

        – While leftist outlets are quick to point out that blacks are only 13% of the population, they invariably omit the obviously true counterpoint that cops are far more likely to interact with blacks in potentially violent situations than with non-blacks due to blacks committing crime at much higher rates.

        – Multiple analyses accounting for interactions (Lott/Moody; Fryer) have found either no difference in the rate at which cops kill blacks and whites, or that police are less likely to use lethal force against blacks than whites.

        – A major recent Washington State University study using cops in realistic simulators found that police were MORE likely to use lethal force against WHITE suspects than black suspects, and hesitated roughly 200 more milliseconds before shooting blacks. The researchers concluded that the social/political consequences of shooting a black person may have become so ingrained that it’s leading to life risking hesitation. When cops hesitate that long in certain situations in real life their families may never see them again.

        – Research has found black cops are no less likely to shoot black suspects than white cops are.

        – From 1980 through 2008, according to a DOJ report, blacks committed 52% of all murders in the US despite averaging 12.6% of the population, while whites/Hispanics only committed 45.3% of murders despite averaging 82.9% of the population. Blacks were 47.4% of victims, while 50.3% of those killed were white/Hispanic.

        – In that 28 year span blacks committed homicide at roughly 8 times the rate of whites/Hispanics, and similarly committed other violent crimes at disproportionately high rates.

        – There were roughly 565,000 US murders in that span (precise number depending on source), meaning blacks murdered over 290,000 people in those 28 years alone. Most (but not all) of those victims were other blacks.

        – In 2015 89.3% of black victims were killed by a black perp in cases where the offender’s race was known. 81.3% of white/Hispanic victims were killed by white/Hispanics.

        – 15.8% of slain whites/Hispanics were killed by blacks, while 8.6% of slain blacks were killed by white/Hispanics in cases where the offender’s race was known (500 black on white murders versus 229 white on black murders).

        – If we assume those percentages hold and extrapolate them to all homicides in 2015, then you get these figures:

        Interracial Killings, 2015

        whites/Hispanics killed by blacks – 925
        blacks killed by whites/Hispanics – 605

        Adjusting for population, blacks killed whites/Hispanics at almost 9(!) times the rate that white/Hispanics killed blacks, and that number would be even more lopsided if the stats separated out non-Hispanic whites. Blacks are also disproportionately likely to kill police officers.

        – Similarly extrapolating, 6,286 blacks were killed by other blacks in 2015.

        – Out of the 258 blacks killed by police in 2015 according to the Washington Post, at least 183 cases involved an attack in progress. In 187 cases the killed person had a deadly weapon, in another 20 he had a vehicle (which could be used as a deadly weapon), and in 6 a toy was mistaken for a gun.

        – There were only 38 cases where the killed person was classified as “unarmed”, and even the vast majority of those were justified once the facts came out. Situations where a suspect physically attacks a cop, goes for his gun, or is accidentally shot while cops are returning fire at a suspect who IS armed are all classified as “unarmed” shootings, even when the person killed is actually with and helping the armed suspects.

        – I don’t know if ANY of the few legitimately controversial cases remaining involve the cops killing someone simply for “driving or walking the streets while black in America.’’ Even if they all had it wouldn’t be an epidemic. Certainly the Michael Brown case that launched the BLM movement on the “hands up don’t shoot” lie and ended officer Darryl Wilson’s career despite him being exonerated by the evidence and reliable witness testimony doesn’t qualify, as Brown was a thug who had just robbed a convenience store, matched a suspect’s description, was currently breaking the law by impeding traffic, and went on to assault a cop, tried to grab his gun, and then renewed his attack by charging at the officer. That was a legitimate shooting.

        Show me the “carnage” for “being black” here. It’s not there. By contrast I just posted REAL carnage, and it has nothing to do with phantom “white supremacism” or non-blacks harboring sinister anti-black sentiment . The lie perpetrated by gasbags like Easley or anti-American morons like Kaepernick does real harm. It not only results in increased violence against cops, like BLM shooter Micah Johnson who killed 5 cops and injured 9 others in Dallas, explicitly echoing the words “Black Lives Matter” as Easley did, and saying that he had been driven to the murders by “news” he had been watching, but in more blacks being hurt or arrested as they’re encouraged to be defiant or hostile to cops rather than cooperative. It also means societal attention and efforts are diverted away from the real problem, which is the insanely high murder and crime rates in black neighborhoods.

        David O’Brien, you may not care about people like Kanari Gentry-Bowers, a 12 year old black girl killed by gang violence in Chicago this year, or countless others like her who can get lost in the statistics, because it’s not convenient to your preferred, manufactured political narrative, but I care. You don’t even care enough to educate yourself on the topic. You certainly don’t care about cops’ lives or the truth, and don’t mind if police are demonized in mass or if millions of innocent people are falsely slandered as supporting “systemic” violence against blacks. It’s easier for you to go with the PC flow and pander to vocal racial activists who don’t get anywhere near the push back they should from a craven and corrupt mainstream media. It’s a shame you’re not more “sensitive” to real murder victims, including black ones.

        But it’s time for a real conversation on race in this country, even if some liberals find it uncomfortable. The truth is cops aren’t the problem. All lives matter. Period.

        • David O'Brien
          August 9, 2017

          How is Easley a “gasbag,” whatever that means? He is an upstanding man. Kaepernick is not anti-American. He has not broken any laws and his protest was nonviolent and he isn’t burning any flags. This has nothing to do about being liberal or PC. It is about human rights, whether we are talking about Trevon Martin, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, or Jordan Edwards of Balch Springs, TX. None of these killings were justified.
          As to the Gentry-Bowers case (as if you’re really concerned about gang warfare in the black community. Lol), that doesn’t take away from the senseless killings of innocent African Americans by police, most of whom are white. That is simply a ploy used to deflect the topic away from the real issue. Kaepernick was not disrespecting the U.S Flag, the U.S. military, or this country. He was protesting the senseless killings of innocent blacks by overzealous police and others like them (e.g., George Zimmerman). Would love to read your takes on the murders of Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, and Dr. Martin Luther King. Give us clear-thinking whites out here a break. You’re embarassing us.

  2. David O'Brien
    August 10, 2017

    Why is Ken Easley a “gasbag,” whatever that means? He is a fine, well-adjusted, upstanding man. And Colin Kaepernick is not anti-American. He was exercising his freedom of speech in a nonviolent manner to address the senseless killings of innocent blacks by rogue cops and people like them (e.g., George Zimmerman). The killings of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, and Jordan Edwards of Balch Springs, TX were wrong.

    Focusing on the killing of Kanari Gentry-Bowers (As if you are REALLY concerned about the problems of gang warfare in black neighborhoods. Lol.) is a ploy to deflect the focus off the problem Kaepernick is protesting, the killings of innocent blacks by bad policemen. Easley did, in fact say that “all lives matter” in his speech. Would love to read your take on the murders of Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, and Dr. Martin Luther King. You’re embarrassing us clear-thinking whites with your bigoted and ignorant rhetoric.

  3. Rasputin
    August 14, 2017

    Are you freaking kidding me? I post thoughtful, fact-based replies to both of David O’Brien’s idiotic ad hominem posts above and MY posts get deleted?!?! It’s certainly not a “conversation” if the other side doesn’t get a chance to speak. I’ve been a regular on this site for a long time and I don’t recall ever having or seeing posts deleted.

    None of my posts contained offensive language, pornography, threats, links of any kind, or anything remotely justifying deletion. They just calmly debunked everything “David” said, from speaking about the four cases he brought up in detail (he was clearly ignorant about them; most of the key cops/shooters involved weren’t even white, contrary to his emphasis otherwise, and he ignored the assault by Martin and the failure to cooperate with police in the others), to bringing up some recent cases largely ignored by the media where unarmed whites (e.g. 6 year old Jeremy Mardis killed by two black cops, Zachary Hammond, Dylan Noble; could have added 40 year old Australian woman Justine Damond who was killed in Minneapolis by a Somali immigrant cop after SHE had called the police) were killed by cops in circumstances as or more dubious than the mostly justified high profile shootings he cited, to show that neither establishes racial malice let alone some systemic epidemic of carnage, as in both cases they’re a drop in the bucket. He certainly failed the challenge to show proof of this alleged “carnage” for “being black”. Only dishonest cherry-picking can paint the narrative the leftist media has pushed.

    I justified my description of Easley as a gasbag, explained why Kaepernick is explicitly anti-American and a hypocritical supporter of totalitarian dictatorship. I closed by pointing out that David O’Brien is clearly projecting his own racial obsessions and bigotry onto others and that he’s an embarrassment to the HUMAN race.

    • David O'Brien
      August 15, 2017

      Perhaps you were deleted because you were inferring that because these people had other “issues” (marijauna in their systems–though NOT intoxicated, diebetes, obesity, etc.) their killings were justified. Still waiting to hear your takes on the murders of Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, Dr. King, and the weekend events in Charlottesville, VA. You know about what happened in Charlottesville, right, Mr. Rasputin? The turn of events that our President (that YOU no doubt voted for) addressed FORTY-EIGHT hours later? SMH. And people are upset at Colin Kaepernick and Kenny Easley?

      • Rasputin
        August 16, 2017

        What’s your take on the murders of officers Michael Smith, Michael Krol, Patrick Zamarripa, Lorne Ahrens, and Brent Thompson by Black Lives Matter militant Micah Johnson in Dallas last year? Or have you already forgotten that?

        What’s your take on Democrat activist and self described “Rachael Maddow superfan” James Hodgkinson shooting up the GOP Congressional baseball team a couple of months ago? Were you cheering and cursing him for not being a better shot as some liberals were?

        How about GOP Committeeman G. Brooks Jennings being murdered just a week ago on his own lawn by his fanatical anti-Trump neighbor Clayton Carter (leftist signs all over his house and witnesses said Carter had a history of being quarrelsome and aggressive)? After a heated argument the killer shot Jennings in the head and then stood over him and fired into his head again while Jennings’ wife watched horrified.

        Had you even heard about that murder until now? Or did it fail to penetrate your delusional leftist bubble? Do you care? I won’t even bother asking for your take on the 9 people murdered by gang violence in Chicago this past weekend, because you already indicated your disinterest in discussing that by replying with “Lol” at my mention of slain 12 year old girl Kanari Gentry-Bowers.

        On the four cases you cited (which you were totally ignorant about apart from a passing familiarity through low quality news coverage) , I laid out the same facts and logic that led to the various acquittals or decisions not to press charges. I also pointed out that you failed miserably to show me any “carnage” for “being black” in 21st Century America. Your mention of MLK, Evers, and Till is a non sequitur and I already gave my “take” on that in the deleted posts (which you just proved you read) by rejecting as absurd your comparison of civil rights era violence from half a century ago with the recent violent confrontations between cops and uncooperative suspects, or between Zimmerman and Martin who was on top of him beating him. The murders of King, Evers, and Till were ugly, disgusting, reprehensibly evil acts of a bygone era.

        Unless you’re trying to equate Michael Brown to Dr. Martin Luther King, which sets of murders are more pertinent to discussing current events? Those civil rights era killings or the ones I just listed above? Be honest.

        The killing in Charlottesville was horrific and the individual who did it is fortunately in custody and being charged with murder. You’re simply lying. Trump condemned “hatred”, “bigotry”, and “violence” the day that it happened. While he’s explicitly condemned white nationalism today, yesterday, and many times over the years (condemning the KKK and David Duke in particular), the left is really upset because he’s also blaming the radical left for the violence it’s committed in Charlottesville and elsewhere.

        Trump’s statement today was true and anyone denying that is lying. Video footage and witness testimony is easily available. In fact almost all of the political violence in recent years has been coming from the left, from mob street violence to murders like I cited above. Antifa, a communist group imported from Europe, initiates violence wherever it goes. Ignoring that is despicable. Even on white nationalism Trump has done a lot better job than Obama (whom I’m sure you voted for) did on Islamist terrorism. Obama went 8 YEARS without mentioning “Islam” in any variation alongside “terrorism” or the even vaguer euphemism “extremism”, and you’re crying crocodile tears about Trump taking two days to single out white nationalism here?!? I also don’t remember Obama or hardly anyone else in the media taking BLM to task even after the Dallas shooting. Hypocrisy run amok….

        You know who was upset at Kaepernick? LB Kiko Alonso and the Cuban American community after the anti-American Kaepernick wore a shirt glorifying Castro at a press conference and verbally praising the communist dictator. Miami rightly greeted “Kap” with boos, and Alonso said he had a little something extra for the “ignorant” Kaepernick. The LB floored the 49ers QB with the tackle that secured the Dolphins win.

        • Rasputin
          August 16, 2017

          That Alonso tackle of Kaepernick was the “knockout” blow Ron Borges SHOULD have written about.

          • Rhonda Boland
            August 16, 2017

            Kaepernick was praising Castro for his emphasis on education, universal health care, and his efforts to end apartheid in South Africa (things, I guess, you are staunchly against). So Kaepernick was obviously quoted out of context. And looking at the game-ending play, it was Ndamukong Suh who stopped Kaepernick, not Alonso.
            “Knockout blow?” Hardly. If I did that to my husband, he’d think I was making love to him.

          • Rasputin
            August 16, 2017

            Kaepernick was wearing a Castro shirt (LOL!) and completely omitting the far weightier bad things he did that have led countless Cubans to risk their lives fleeing that island prison. Castro oppressed black people in his own country and had nothing to do with South Africa. Kaepernick is a drooling moron who had no idea what he was talking about. By your logic you could praise Hitler for supporting universal healthcare, gun control, high taxes, and extensive government regulation of business while wearing a shirt with an heroic looking picture of Adolf, and then think you could get away with later claiming that you didn’t support the bad stuff he did here and there.

            And Suh started the tackle but Alonso’s pursuit had helped corral Kaepernick so he could be stopped, and his thundering hit finished the tackle and the game off.

    • Rhonda Boland
      August 15, 2017

      OMG!!! Did this “Rasputin,” who is obviously a Confederate Flag-carrying troll, just call the killings of two people “a drop in the bucket.” ??? And he refers to someone else as an embarrassment to the human race? No wonder he was deleted. I can only imagine what was deleted.

  4. Rasputin
    August 16, 2017

    What are you his sock account, moron? Two near simultaneous posts on a pretty dead thread after many hours of inactivity. Hmmmmm…

    No, I called the CASES of both blacks and whites killed under controversial circumstances a drop in the bucket given the millions of non fatal police interactions each year and the thousands of people murdered by non-cops. I suppose you believe cops are evil and are systematically murdering black people though. You likely find statistics even more painful than reading prose.

    • Rasputin
      August 16, 2017

      That was a reply to “Rhonda”.

    • Rhonda Boland
      August 16, 2017

      ” I called the CASES of both blacks and whites killed under controversial circumstances a drop in the bucket…” O…M…G!!! Rasputin writes this AFTER he calls ME a moron? Then later, after he pressed the incorrect reply space, he puts quotes around MY name, as if I’M the sick, racist, bigoted, anonymous troll. You let obnoxious, anonymous, racist trolls like Rasputin (obviously a fake name) have a platform on this site? Then again, it is freedom of speech and we do live in America. Rasputin’s kindred spirits got together in Charlottesville, VA to preach white supremacy/nationalism and incited protesters, white and black, so, what can we say? I’m sure he defends their neo-Nazism but still rips Easley and Kaepernick’s more proper use of their First Amendment rights.

      • Rasputin
        August 16, 2017

        Quote one thing I’ve said that’s “racist”, moron. And the post placement was a computer glitch. At least I didn’t double post like you di…er…like your buddy David did. The rest of your hateful drivel merits no response.

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