Favre on Reggie White: “Greatest free-agent in NFL history”

San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles at Candlestick Park Sunday, November 29, 1992. 49ers Beat Eagles 20-14. 49ers Beat Eagles 20-14. Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Reggie White (92) talks to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young (8). (AP Photo/Al Golub)

(Reggie White photo courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers) 

By Clark Judge

(Brett Favre photo courtesy of Talk of Fame Network)

Talk of Fame Network

CANTON – He is the greatest free-agent pickup in NFL history, and, no, his name is not Drew Brees or Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Deion Sanders or Charles Woodson – at least not according to Brett Favre. Nope, that distinction belongs to …

Reggie White.

No surprise there. White and Favre were teammates in Green Bay, and together they went to two Super Bowls and won one. But they were opponents at one time, too, and Favre knows which side of the field he preferred.

The one with White on it.

“The great free-agent acquisition in NFL history was getting Reggie White,” Favre said Friday at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “That really was the difference for us (Green Bay) that put us over the top.”

White played eight NFL seasons with Philadelphia before joining the Packers in 1993, one season after they acquired Favre from Atlanta. Prior to White’s arrival, the Packers hadn’t been to the playoffs since the strike-truncated 1982 season. Afterward, they never missed until 1998, going 9-5 in the playoffs in the process.

White was inducted into the Pro Football Hall in 2006. Favre will be inducted Saturday as a member of the Class of 2016.

“I had the pleasure of playing with Reggie,” said Favre, “and I had the unfortunate pleasure of playing against Reggie. And he’s one of the few guys who hurt me. He separated my shoulder. When he and I sat down when he was recruited, he said to me, ‘I think I’m going to play on your side,’ and I was like … yes!!!

“He was a tremendous teammates. He was one of the funniest guy you could ever meet. He probably wouldn’t think that. He was really imposing, but he was really a teddy bear. I had a special relationship with him, and when he passed away I was asked to be a pallbearer it was a tremendous honor.

“So I’m honored to go into the Hall of Fame, period.  But to go in with Ron Wolf (former GM who was inducted last year) and Reggie White is special.”


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