Haley: Brady’s Super Bowls Tainted


(Photos courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys)

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Charles Haley owns an NFL-record five Super Bowl rings.

Quarterbacks Joe Montana and Tom Brady have four apiece. Haley won two of his Super Bowl rings with Montana and the San Francisco 49ers in the 1980s. As a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015, Haley was in attendance last Sunday when Brady picked up his fourth ring with the New England Patriots in a 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

When asked during an interview with the Talk of Fame Network to choose between the two quarterbacks, Haley didn’t hesitate — Montana.

“Joe didn’t have to cheat,” Haley said. “I’ve lost all respect (for Brady). When your integrity is challenged in the game of football, to me, all his Super Bowls are tainted. You have to say this just didn’t happen overnight. Who wants that shadow over them? I could be wrong. But I realize there were 12 balls deflated and 12 ain’t. Then you’ve got (Patriots coach Bill) Belichick coming on three different times trying to explain it… You know something is wrong.”

The Patriots were discovered to be playing with underinflated footballs in the first half of the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. The balls were removed at halftime and replaced with fully inflated footballs. The Patriots won in a romp, 45-7, but the NFL has launched an investigation into “Deflategate” headed up by league executive vice president Jeff Pash and attorney Ted Wells.

“This is what Charles Haley believes — it’s going to come back to haunt him one day,” Haley said. “If the league doesn’t come down on this guy… Everybody is talking about it. Nobody believes it was by accident. It is what it is.

“I’m not going to take any of his Super Bowl rings away from him. But it’s sad that it has to be tainted like it is right now. Hopefully they’ll come out and let us know what really happened. Then all the mystery is gone.”

Haley was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last Saturday along with running back Jerome Bettis, wide receiver Tim Brown, linebacker Junior Seau, guard Will Shields, center Mick Tingelhoff and former general managers Bill Polian and Ron Wolf. The Class of 2016 will be enshrined in Canton in August.


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  1. Ed says:

    “The Patriots were caught playing with underinflated footballs”

    don’t you think “caught” is too loaded a word at this point in the investigation?

  2. John Crawford says:

    When it’s NOT about the Patriots, most people agree that before you malign someone’s character you shoul have proof, not just an allegation. When the NFL comes out and says there is NO evidence if anyone tampering with the balls, then we’ll be able to assess Haley’s character. If he takes back his statement, he will be proven to be a man of character. If not, he will have been shown to be someone who deals in character assassination.

  3. Dave says:

    It kills me that people open their mouths before they bother to get the facts. 11 of 12 ball were said to be deflated, but the key there is only 1 was 2 psi below the limit and the other 10 were just ticks below the limit.I can check my ties 10 times in a row and get a different reading. As for the best QB, Montana was the best of his Era and Brady the current best.
    The rules are too different to compare.

    • jim says:

      You don’t know the PSI. No one does yet. You are as bad as him for assuming. Don

    • Well, I’ve lost all respect for Charles Haley. How about that? He would lead a lynch mob. If he were smart, he would keep his bully mouth shut until the investigation is over. He isn’t from Ferguson, MO, is he? I think he just doesn’t like Tom Brady because he sees him as the poster boy for a privileged white boy. Yep, I’ve lost all respect for Charles Haley. By the way, I’m from Dallas, but I do try to be fair.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re making sense Dave.

  4. Angela says:

    Someone who is in the HOF should demonstrate enough class to stop attacking someone’s character without definitive proof. This guy is an idiot. I agree with John. This only happens because it is the Patriots.

    • GLB says:

      This doesn’t only happen because its the Pats, but then again, maybe it is. This is the second time they have been caught cheating, not the first. The history will always be there. They are the team that has to cheat to win.

      • Anonymous says:

        Spygate? They were fined not bcuz they were filming, it’s the location that they got in trouble. Learn about spygate first before u comment. The fact that other team was doing the same thing.

        • ChipB says:

          Also remember, spygate took place in front of 60000 people. Anyone of them could have filmed the Jets. In the Colts game, I believe they fixed the balls at half time and the Pats scored 20 plus points to the Colt ZERO.

          • Ron Borges says:

            Except those 60.000 people didn’t have A) a camera and B) a sideline pass.

          • c_worc says:

            Ron,you buttering nabbed of negatively. The referees handle the ball after every single play, wouldn’t they have noticed any significant non conformity between balls ?

        • MagicKnights says:

          All he said was they were caught cheating for a second time. He didn’t go into Spygate details at all…you just put word in his mouth for some reason

        • B says:

          answer this……why did Roger G destroy the tapes during spygate? just a question.

      • URnuts says:

        Page 105 of the 2007 NFL Game Operations Manual states, “No video recording devices of any kind are permitted to be in use in the coaches’ booth, on the field, or in the locker room during the game…All video shooting locations must be enclosed on all sides with a roof overhead.”[15] Belichick stated that he believed that if footage so collected was not used during the game, its collection was legal, as the NFL Constitution and Bylaws stipulate that “…any communications or information-gathering equipment, other than Polaroid-type cameras or field telephones, shall be prohibited…including without limitation…any other form of electronic devices that might aid a team during the playing of a game.”[16] In a September 2006 memorandum sent out by NFL Vice President of Football Operations Ray Anderson, though, all teams were told that “videotaping of any type, including but not limited to taping of an opponent’s offensive or defensive signals, is prohibited on the sidelines, in the coaches’ booth, in the locker room, or at any other locations accessible to club staff members during the game.”

      • Anonymous says:

        They sure needed to cheat to beat the colts.

    • joey says:

      Cheating is cheating, the balls didnt deflate themselves

  5. Ivan says:

    People just can’t stop hating on Tom Brady. Of course Haley will say Montana is the best he played with him lol just like if he had played with Brady his answer would be otherwise.

    • joey says:

      Patriots are cheaters!! End of story. Brady & his cheating coach will never see the hof!

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you a Seahawks or Jets fan….lol

        • Jim Ryan says:

          This deflation thing is serious business.

          The Patriots just reported that this years Lombardi Trophy feels lighter than the other three!

        • MagicKnights says:

          Or a fan of following the rules…lol?

        • BlackSilver says:

          I’m not a Seahawks fan or a Patriot fan. I’m a FOOTBALL fan. And the Patriot organization has tainted the game.

          • Hammer says:

            Let’s see some proof, come on, cough it up or shut up, innocent until proven guilty, I say.

          • Anonymous says:

            Do you really follow football? Every team has players on performance enhancing substances. Every player who is traded is debriefed on his former teams plays. Coaches have medical staff use any number of medications to keep players active, even if it is to their detriment. Concussions have caused many players to have serious impairments after their retirements, not to mention a shortened lifespan, and when the proof was made, the NFL tried to subvert the findings.

            “Taint the game?” ugh.

          • chuck wilson says:

            I think Dave Zirin said it best. the patriots could have beaten the colts with a rubber chicken wrapped in duct tape. couldn’t agree more

          • Anonymous says:

            You are very naive for your age.
            Everyone in competitive sports is looking for an advantage. The Giants stole signals from the Vikings in the 2001 division championship. Who is talking about that.
            It’s pretty much forgotten because the Ravens killed them in the Superbowl. That is another one that didn’t matter because they would have destroyed the Vikings anyway.
            And then there is bounty gate. Which I think is much more serious than stealing signals or deflating footballs. That is dealing with potentially career ending injuries.

          • MichaelSK16 says:

            Judging by your name, I’m going to guess that you’re a Raiders fan. If that’s so, you’ve got a lot of nerve talking about how the Patriots have tainted the game, seeing as every Raiders championship team has been linked heavily to PEDs….

          • K2 says:

            I guess by your black and white logic, the 49ers & Broncos (both willful salary cap violators), Colts & Falcons (artificial crowd noise) are cheaters too? I’m sure I could dig up more examples but why bother. There’s no arguing against sour grapes.

          • SilverNFL says:

            Than the Saints putting a bounty on someone was legal?

      • cancer patient says:

        This has to be the dumbest comment i’ve ever read. Pretty sure it just gave me cancer.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t bet your life on that chief. I think they both will be in on the first ballot. I’m sure every equipment manager is instructed to have the footballs just the way the players want them.TheThey put the balls at the lower limit, and they got them slightly low. Only one was significantly low. If people are going to whine about the Patriots, the same people should be really down on someone like Michael Jordan. He got by with more than the Patriots ever will.

  6. Dfresh says:

    What a loser, he doesn’t even know the facts!! Turns out ONE ball was 2 pounds under. Not surprising the Colts had access to ONE ball and probably deflated it. The rest were a “tick” under which is clearly from the weather. It’s too bad so many people are ruining their credibility by speaking out on stuff they know nothing about. Either way Brady is the best ever clearly since he’s been to two more Super Bowls than Montana and none of them are tainted. Sorry dude, maybe next time check your facts

    • Ron Borges says:

      The NFL has yet to say how many balls were deflated. There have been “reports” of 11, 8 and 1. Why do you seize on the 1 and not mention the other “re[ports?” Makes it seem like you believe what fits and reject what might not.

  7. Ray says:

    Haley surely wants to just take what a “credible anonymous ESPN reporter” has stated over the matter rather what the truth that was released this week by Dean Blandino.

    Who is the source of all the false information being reported? If I were to chose any reports that even seem close to the truth I would go with Boomer http://larrybrownsports.com/football/boomer-esiason-ravens-colts-embarrass-tom-brady-deflategate/254449

    Must just be jealous he does not have four rings…

  8. GLB says:

    Oh and one other thing… As far as Montana being better than Brady? It goes without saying, hmmm lets se Brady 6 attempts to get 4 wins( and 2 attempts tainted by cheating ), Montana 4 attempts 4 wins. Yeah that’s a real tough one to figure out.

    • Anonymous says:

      But don’t forget that there was no salary cap during Montana era. He wouldn’t have all those guys with him if they had it. Brady had to work with different reciever almost every year.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, Joe
        started out with the likes of Bill Ring, Paul Homer and Dwight Clark. He did not have extraordinary offensive players, Roger Craig the feature back. Not exactly Hall of Famers.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re assuming a couple things. One, that Montana never did anything to gain an edge. Those were North Dallas Forty days. Lots of stuff went on back then. You’re also assuming that Brady is a lone gunman. If you think he invented the idea that you could lower the pressure on a ball for a better grip you’re quite delusional.

    • Anonymous says:


    • windust says:

      That makes no sense! 4 Super Bowl visits and 4 wins is better than 6 Super Bowl visits and 4 wins? You are crazy if you think it’s a matter of “it took Brady 6 attempts to get as many as Montana.” Did you fail logic? He wasn’t playing each year to catch up to Montana – he was playing to get to the Super Bowl every year. That is the goal of EVERY quarterback. Guess what: in Montana’s career, he DIDN’T make the SB more times than he did. Let’s count those years. Montana played pro 15 years, won SB 4 times. Brady’s played 13 years, won SB 4 times. Brady got farther in the playoffs in the two SBs that he lost than in all those years Montana didn’t win a SB. This blows your farce of an argument out of the water. It’s clear who has the better record.

  9. Tank says:

    Haley was a great player, to openly bash another plare before there is actual proof is wrong! Those cowboy teams he was on we’re loaded with Drugs and steroids Micheal IRVIN was suspended by the league for 6 games for his use of Drugs!! This is fact there was proof of this !!! When the league comes out and clears the Pats we’ll see just how much a ban Haley really is

  10. Mike McFarland says:

    the patriots get all the calls and breaks. What about “the tuck rule game” and the “snow blower game” along with spy gate. Their Super Bowl record is definitely tainted.

  11. Robert says:

    Wth. You saying need proof? The first 3 WERE during spygate, that WAS and IS a fact. I don’t know if the deflate gate happened or even matters, but Brady’s rings are still rained either way. Doesn’t take away from how great he is in my opinion though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Um, no they weren’t. Do your know ANYTHING about the spygate saga? Remotely anything? Because you couldn’t be more wrong about your FACT! Spygate was the 2006-07 season. Before that, THERE WAS NO RULE ABOUT WHERE YOU COULD TAPE FROM.

    • Anonymous says:

      The first 3 Patriot Super Bowls were before Spygate people 2001,2003-2004,actual year they call Spygate 2007 peopke get facts not fiction please

  12. DVCKEV says:

    Tainted my arse!!! There is no proof of anything related to the deflated footballs #1 that implicate Brady, and Spygate as they call it is just a farce that every team was doing and because Mangina from the Jets had his feelings hurt he turned in the Pats when in fact at least 15 other teams could have had the same done to them. So get your facts straight. Like Haley wasn sucking down roids every chance he got, they all did during that time when their was really no testing, pleeeaaassee!!!

  13. Brian says:

    I’m a HUGE 49ers fan that lives in New England and I couldn’t diasagree more with Charles. Montana was phenomenal and in my mind is the best ever but greatest QB of all time is cerytainly argubale. Charles isn’t someone Id listen too….his character is certainly in question. I think TB is a class act and enjoyed the Pats proving everyone wrong….and beating/ripping the heart out of those despicable Seahawks!

  14. Larry says:

    Innocent until proven guilty is what is suppose to happen in this country, but if it’s against the patriots then it’s another story. I hope all of the folks who have already convicted them say something when they are proven wrong. By the way where is the Comissioner on this, oh I forgot still conducting an investigation where both the quarterback and coach haven’t even been interviewed yet, what a joke

  15. Matt says:

    Let all the Pats fan keep hating. The Colts are just a bit ticked off, like the balls were just a tick under, because they continue to get destroyed by the Lats. Manning couldn’t beat them consistently now Luck can not. So let the haters hate we will keep celebrating Championship #4. I’m guessing Tom isn’t losing sleep at night worrying about idiots talking about his legacy or rings being tainted

  16. Jack says:

    Haley should just be happy he is in the HOF and let thus deflate gate thing blow over. The new rumor is the Colts deflated the ball Jackson intercepted to set Brady up. If this is true Haley just made an ass of himself. My advice is enjoy your accomplishments but respect others. He is another one with sour grapes.

  17. Adguy says:

    GLB, what you say makes no sens.? Montana is better than Brady because he never lost a SB? So Brady is PENALIZED in your mind because he got deeper into the playoffs before losing than Montana did? I think I read that Montana was One-and-Done in the playoffs four times, Brady only two times. So in your view, FAILING to get to the SB is a better achievement than GETTING YOUR TEAM THERE but losing. Sorry….that makes little sense.

  18. Frank says:

    Haley’s right. These Cheatriots** never play by the rules. Always cheating. Low class also by trash talking Lynch. They are CHEATERS!

  19. Pdis says:

    Hey McFarland

    The tuck rule WAS a rule that was in place and WAS enforced correctly. !!! Not cheating.
    As far as spyware. Yes they were caught for something every team was doing !!!
    They were punished because they were given a memo that every team was also given and decided
    To interpret that memo the way they wanted to and
    AS far as deflate gate. ?? There is only here say and a SOURCE told me this. !!!
    No evidence that the pats tampered with balls.
    Only one that was 2psi low was the one that colts intercepted and then had in its posession mmmmmm?
    All the others in question were a tick below minimum
    Psi. Would it not make sense that brady likes his balls on the softer side that pats would inflate them to as close to the min legal psi ??? Just like Green Bay would inflate them to the max pressure just like Rodgers likes them ?
    In the auto buisness I’m in I can tell you that you can have 3 people with three different tire gauges check same tire and there will probably be at least 2 if not 3 different readings.

  20. John Crawford says:

    Ad guy is indisputably correct … Assuming of course that the reader is RATIONAL. Montana was great. But he FAILED to get TO the Super Bowl every other year. GETTING there is no small accomplishment! Does anyone … anyone RATIONAL … think Russell Wilson is a chump because the Seahawks lost? I certay don’t. He managed to do what VERY FEW QBs have done: he brought his team to two consecutive SBs.
    No small accomplishment.

  21. Jason lundrigan says:

    Guess Tom is going to win five rings then, see ya next year haters

  22. Fritz says:

    Isn’t Joe Montana the guy that sold those fraud sneakers?

  23. jennifer says:

    Charles haley is wrong.
    Patriots tom brady did deflategate of football. Tom brady did took football from locker room then go bathroom for 90 second way to feild before game. Patriots tom brady is wrongdoing for deflategate of football tom brady will suspend and fined. Tom brady is dumb. Nfl president tell to tom brady will pusihment.

  24. TK says:

    I guess it’s time to check Haley’s brain.
    Though he afraid that someone else will have 5 rings…..hmmmmm

  25. twosides says:

    Really no evidence yet another former athlete convicts.

    I heard a rumor that Charles Haley is a drug user of crack cocaine and is also a drug smuggler. He should return all his SB rings to the NFL.

    And Joe Montana wait till the latest internet rumor catches up to him.

  26. mike avolio says:

    Respectfully, I disagree with Charles ….

    I find it hard to believe not a single player or coach on ANY Super Bowl Champion didn’t try to gain an edge, wether it be by stealing signals, steroid use, amphetamines, etc…..

    Competition brings out the best in us, but sometimes it brings out some bad too.

    For the record, I am not a Pats fan.

  27. Pete says:

    This dude is like school in July, no class !!. He quite clearly can’t cope with being a foot note in the history of the NFL so he has to get some airtime by talking bollocks.

  28. Anonymous says:

    does Charles know that joe said that it is common to mess with the balls, he said if done tom had to know. but he admitted it’s common. balls have scuffed for grip forever, way before it was legal. roids and ped’s have tainted every nfl team so I don’t know what all the whining is all about. b. Johnson admitted to laying for the balls to be scuffed before his super bowl when it was illegal to do so. why aren’t these buffoons bitching about that?

  29. bigley says:

    Being reported that only one ball was significantly deflated by 2lbs and that was the one turned in to officials by the Colts. All others were legal balls. I wonder if Haley even cares or does he think the teenager in Florence was just standing there with his hands up and being a stand up citizen???

    • Ron Borges says:

      No one has said any such thing. It has been “reported” that it was 11 balls, 8 balls and 1 ball. NFL has never confirmed any number. So if you are going to write “been reported” then you should incluce everything that has “been reported” not just reports that fit your argument. Just sayin…

  30. Jonny b good says:

    That was real classy Charles. Too bad you didn’t show your penchant for hating and your shallow envy before being selected for the HoF. You worried about Brady surpassing your 5 rings? That’s my guess! Lost all respect for you after hearing your words. Consider me an ex-fan now. You need to change one letter in your last name to match your character.
    Charles Hatey ; )

  31. Joe says:

    Well Charles. Since your superbowls are tainted with jimmy Johnson I guess we can just start saying you won 3. ( Jimmie Johnson has openly admitted to breaking rules. In his words it is widespread). It’s very sad to see two of your wins being tainted Charles.

  32. Dave says:

    The 49ers did cheat, read this quote from Bill Parcels regarding how Bill Walsh did things:

    Bill Walsh, yeah, I’ve got a game. It’s the ’85 playoff game. First game we ever win at home in the playoffs, 17-3. They had beat us in ’84 in San Francisco in the playoffs—best team they ever had. In ’85 they come (to New York). Now, you know he’s got this script right. So, right before kickoff, mysteriously, their phones go out.”
    “He knows what he’s doing for his first 15 plays,” I said.
    Right,” Parcells said. “That’s what’s called gamesmanship. Okay, now, we tell the officials we are putting our phones down. We don’t ever put our phones down. We’ve got a contingency for the ‘phones down’ situation. The contingency is that there’s a guy who’s nondescript, who would not be looked upon as someone that would have a phone—but he’s got one. Okay? Because when these things happen, the first thing you think of is gamesmanship. So, I’m really pissed at Walsh. I didn’t know if the phones were really out or not, but back in those days, I’m fighting every windmill. So, it could have been true, but I wasn’t believing that it was true, it was too much of a coincidence. Okay?
    “Well, now it’s ’86. We’re playing in the Meadowlands in the playoffs again. Walsh tries to pull the same thing. Calls the ref over. ‘Our phones are out.’ I am pissed. So I have one of our guys go over to talk to Walsh. I say, ‘Tell him, if he doesn’t stop this, I’m gonna expose him after the game.’ Guy goes and tells Walsh. Miraculously, the phones get fixed, suddenly.
    “Gamesmanship. Like stealing baseball signs.
    “So the game is over. We win by a big score [49-3]. I go to shake his hand, and I’m staring at him. He just smiles and says, ‘You know, you gotta try to get every edge.’ I said, ‘Yeah I guess you’re right.’ You know, you have an understanding of it. Bill is highly regarded in the profession. I think I’d have to agree with that. He was definitely a worthy adversary.”

  33. Archer says:

    Charles Haley is just mad because Tom Brady
    Is a first ballot hall of Famer and it took him like 20 years to get in…he should shut up and bask in the glory of FINALLY getting elected in instead of worrying about the patriots.

  34. jack says:

    Guess they don’t put ’em in the Hall for their brains, do they?

  35. Docg says:

    Thankyou Chuck for bringing the concussion issue to the forefront again. It’s a shame what they can do to a player!
    Cheaters…didnt you get suspended for an illegal substance? Thats cheating..
    Didnt the 9ers constantly stadh healthy players on the IR, so as not to lose them? Cheating..even necessited a rule change by the league..
    Good luck Chuck! Hope that already dumb as a skunk brain of your doesnt lose anymore cerebral cortex.

  36. Valerie says:

    When are the Seahawks going to quit trying to justify their performance by dwelling on RUMORS about the team that beat them!! The Patriots won because they OUTPLAYED the damn Seahawks! I’ve NEVER liked that team and hopefully we won’t have to see them in the Playoffs, etc. in the future. Sorry I just don’t like the Seahawks!

  37. jim says:

    Shut up Haley…. nuff said

  38. Paul says:

    When will Charles learn to close his mouth. Finally, he gets into the Hall of Fame and he’s back to babbling again.

  39. Shawn` says:

    …..You forgot the 1st QB to do it and that would be Terry Bradshaw !!!!

  40. Scooter says:

    This guy is a joke. Leave it to a washed up, has-been to talk bad about the stars of today. As if they need HIS approval about their accomplishments. You’re not in the spotlight anymore dude, move on.

  41. Vic says:

    Every QB in the NFL fudges with the PSIs. Some like it harder, some softer. I’m not a Pats fan, but c’mon already. It takes a lot more than underinflated balls to romp a team 45-7

  42. ticuf says:

    Haley you cheated your whole time playing football. How many penalties did you have that were never called. How many times did you try to get by with somethin illegal in a a game. Lets go look at your game films. You are a cheater. Penalties are cheating.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Haters hate. That’s what they do. It’s ok.

  44. CuDa says:

    First he is wrong of the 12 Patriot balls 1 ball ( yes 1 friggin ball) was almost 2 pounds underinflated the 10 “other balls were under by .1-.2 pounds or barely under the limit so yes 1 ball could have had a defect and the other 10 likely were from going inside to outside, but the balls from The colts were never checked. None of the balls were recorded for their original pressure if this was such a huge deal each ball would have a number, the number logged and then the pressure recorded so Haley and all the haters can go fck themselves there is no taint just your ranting hate!

  45. Richard says:

    I have a problem taking anything Haley says seriously — I mean, this is the same guy who spent half his career shaking his dong at people. This is the voice of reason?

  46. Jeff says:

    Wouldn’t the refs have noticed?

  47. JOE says:


  48. nickperil says:

    “When your integrity is challenged in the game of football, to me, all his Super Bowls are tainted.”

    So that all it takes? If someone challenged Haley’s integrity when steroids were plentiful, would that mean his 5 SBs are tainted? Wonder how he’d feel about that?

  49. stan says:

    1 psi will not make a significant difference in the football. If you think that had any influence on the ass woopin the the colts took you are as stupid as your comments. Take 12 balls fill them to specks let 1 PSO out of 6 balls. Mix them up and try and put the 6 properly inflated balls together and the 6 under inflated balls together without the use of a pressure gauge. Good luck.

  50. Lemon4611 says:

    No class Haley. Before you attack have the facts and to belittle ones legitmate accomplishments is a statement of your poor character. The NFL is the culprit here. The refs handle the ball more than the players and should have noticed a problem. The facts are 1 ball was correct, 10 others were slightly underweight by a negligeable amount and 1 ball was 2 ounces under the correct weight. So in reality only one ball was underweight and that ball was intercepted and the player took that ball off the field illegally by that player. So Indy had the ball behind thier bench line (tampered with it) and then notified the officials. This is why the NFL is still silent. Now check what I have posted and you will find it to be factual and will be in the final report when the NFL releases it.

  51. Buggerlugs47 says:

    Oh come on folks…I don’t believe Tom Brady is the greatest QB that ever lived but the fact remains he has 4 SB rings? I do question the circumstances surrounding both he and Coach Belichek…I don’t think either of them are above doing “whatever” it takes to win…but hey, lets give Pete Carroll or his OC…for that last play that GAVE Tom Brady his 4th SB ring…I still believe had the Seahawks gave the ball to Lynch all 4 times…that SB would have been the Seahawks! So Patriots fans..you had all better send a thank you card to the Seahawks for blowing that game…simple as that.

  52. Mongo says:

    Are you serious ? Brady cheated ? Yeah, 45-7 was all done by cheating. They totally dominated and he still cheated? They beat the Sea-hawks by cheating? Interception-gate? Get your effin heads out of the sand.
    He’s an amazing talent.
    I’m sure Montana did whatever it took to win.

    Juss sayin’

  53. Joe Montana says:

    Haley should be more concerned about his own character while he was playing. He has more history than Brady by far.

  54. Anotha Saltynig says:

    Screw this guy. Tom shouldered much of of the load in his 4 super bowl wins than Haley did in his. He’s just another black guy hating on a white man who is close to tying his “record”. Lets see this guys records for his individual achievements. I’m sure there aren’t many if any. Shoulda kept his mouth shut.

  55. Dori says:

    Sad stuff. Human nature is not always good. People are JEALOUS and LOVE to criticize anyone who succeeds. I am a life long New Yorker. I will tell you that Tom Brady is one of the most gifted athletes of our time. Take a good look. He is truly one of the best ever. They just don’t come around too often in one’s life time. OHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!!!!

  56. David Smith says:

    Come on, why in God’s name is everyone dumping on my Patriots. Whenever we win small, there is no controversy, but when we win by a landslide, we cheated in someway.

    Give me a break, we shouldn’t have even been punished in the spygate thing a few years ago. Come on, national tv is on both sidelines and I personally have seen both QB’s talking with their perspective coordinators on the sideline and then it’s even shown on the huge screens for the entire stadium to view.

    And even sometimes you can even see the notebooks and paperwork with plays on the camera’s. So why in the world would we need to cheat when we can just watch the same stuff we all are on the replays and stuff. It’s all part of the game. The only way to stop it is to kick all the camera’s off of the sidelines and to tell them to stay away from showing the coaches and coordinators and even the QB on the sideline in anyway. And if that happens you would lose out on crapload of tv stuff to show and the game would be boring.

    And we don’t need to cheat in order to win and score, come on guys. Look at the 2nd half of the game after the balls were replaced. That is when we scored the most points. So how does everyone get that the so-called deflated balls made a difference.

    And who is to say that all that air wasn’t dispersed by the cold air or even by 6 or more 300 lb. guys landing on the damn ball and squeezing the air out of it? It could happen. But all because someone yells fire t the Patriots and we win in such a drastic way, we are automatically cheaters. So how about having absolute proof & evidence that they actually did anything to them before you call them that.




  57. Semilogical says:

    If this was a one time, first time indication of the Patriots as a team cheating it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. The Patriots were found guilty of filming other teams practices to formulate their game plans a few years ago.

    What has been said over and over, and I agree with it, this isn’t a one time thing – it’s an ongoing way of doing business.

    If you were the “ball boy” on the Patriots team and you were aware that Brady liked his balls a little softer than regulation would you not be compelled to make the balls the way the QB wants them to be?

    Hopefully in the future the league will have a single manager of portions of the game that can be manipulated to cheat. I doubt that the controversy with the Patriots will die off now and the only thing they have accomplished is to validate that cheating to win is OK.

  58. Kathy says:

    The best QB (Tom Brady) never had to cheat to win! He blew the Colts out of the water with that 45 – 7 win! JEALOUS HATERS WILL ALWAYS BE HATERS!!!

  59. Kathy says:

    The best QB (Tom Brady) never had to cheat to win! He blew the Colts out of the water with that 45 – 7 win! JEALOUS HATERS WILL ALWAYS BE HATERS!!!

  60. Sue Wilson says:

    You cannot tell me that Brady, or any of the receivers that caught one of those balls, could not “feel” the difference. Anyone who touched those balls is guilty, and a liar.

  61. windust says:

    Brady’s played 13 years, won the Super Bowl four times, got to and failed to win the SB twice.

    Montana played 15 years, won the Super Bowl four times, FAILED TO MAKE THE SUPER BOWL THE OTHER ELEVEN YEARS.

  62. Lynda says:

    Tom Brady and Bill Bellicheck are the best ever and so many people are making a big deal out of nothing. Look deflate gate is stupid and if anyone had anything they’d be screaming from the hilltop. So enough of that. And as for the Pete Carroll call – he saw the match up and he liked the match up. So he just plain was out coached. And Marshawm numbers from the 1 yard line are weak. I think he was 1 of 5 for a TD. Brady is still playing so we’ll see if he is the best ever – he’s not retiring. And the Seahawks are a great football team. But it is hysterical that the media made them out to be the choir boys. That they’re not, but they’re still a great team.

  63. Chris Marturello says:

    lol… people people people…. if the patriots cheated with the deflated balls in the first half of the AFC championship game then what happened to the second half… they destroyed the Colts… period… everybody wants to hate on the Patriots because they are good plain and simple… If the Patriots were cheaters then what happened in the other 2 superbowls that they didnt win lol… everyone wants to hate because they have been dominate for the past 14 years… and for the people that dont think Brady will make it to the Hall of Fame… GET REAL… you all are ate the hell up!

  64. chuckyB says:

    I’m just a country boy retired from the military,so i might not be the smartest but i do know that when there’s smoke there is almost always a fire,,js

  65. Josh says:

    Even Bill Cowher said everyone was TRYING TO STEEL SIGNALS! it just like Bill said 80,000 people also saw the signals, not to mention the real reason why Goodell swept everything under the rug with Spygate is because he would have had to throw so many coaches under the bus cuz they were doing it too, it’s a fact there’s been about 10 coaches coming out saying they did it. Anything bill has done all the other teams have done. They have done it even when the NFL told them to stop. It was an even playing field from day one and Bill always wins so UR TEAM IS A LOOSER !!

    as for the deflate WHAT A JOKE,

    it’s been proven by science and many times over the Patriots did not cheat, including science disproved it!
    If you wanna get technical in THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP (it Came out now the balls were only deflated bye only 1psi !!! ) the only ball that was deflated buy 2 pounds was the one he threw for an interception in the first half with a quarterback rating of 60 in the second half with the correct inflated balls rain everywhere, no fumbles and a quarterback rating of 145 so go suck it JEALOUS!!!!!

    Guaranteed it’s all going to be disproven and they’ll be an apology to the Patriots!

    Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time, BILL B is the best coach of all time, Robert Kraft is the best owner of all time, and not to mention we live in Boston Titletown jealous jealous jealous they’ll be many more to!!!

    Just like WIGGINS SAID you hate us cause you ain’t us!! WHOOO. we won the Superbowl and you can’t handle it I love it! nobody gives a rats ass what you think

  66. againstallodds says:

    yep balls deflated explain why tom brady…….n this is a man who cries about saturday night live makin fun of em…hahahahahahaha but cant tell anyone that the balls r not liget..haha

  67. Josh says:

    Even Bill Cowher talked about SPYGATE ( from Pittsburgh Steelers said Bill BELICKICK did nothing wrong! and it was no real atvantage) he said everyone was TRYING TO STEEL SIGNALS! Just like Bill said 80,000 people also saw the signals, not to mention the real reason why Goodell swept everything under the rug with Spygate is because, he would have had to throw so many coaches under the bus cuz they were doing it too! It’s a fact there’s been about 10 coaches coming out saying they did it. Anything bill has done all the other teams have done. They have done it even when the NFL told them to stop. It was an even playing field from day one and Bill always wins so UR TEAM IS A LOOSER !! They just used bill as an example!

    as for the deflate GATE WHAT A JOKE!

    it’s been proven by science and many times over the Patriots did not cheat!

    If you wanna get technical in THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP (it Came out recently 12 were only deflated bye only 1psi !!! ) the only ball that was deflated buy 2 PSI was the one he threw for an interception in the first half, BRADY had a quarterback rating of 60 in the 1st half! In the 2nd half with the correct inflated balls it was rainning hard, no fumbles and a quarterback rating of 145 so go suck it JEALOUS!!!!!

    Guaranteed it’s all going to be disproven and they’ll be an apology to the Patriots! Because of all the science and nobody knew how the weather affected the air in footballs, it’s actually going to HELP BRADY! HE THREW better with the CORRECT INFLATED balls as proven IN THE 2ND HALF OF AFC championship!

    Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time, Bill BELICKICK is the best coach of all time, Robert Kraft is the best owner of all time, and not to mention we live in Boston Titletown jealous jealous jealous they’ll be many more to!!!

    Just like WIGGINS SAID you hate us cause you ain’t us!! WHOOO. we won the Superbowl and you can’t handle it I love it! nobody gives a rats ass what you think!!!

  68. Jim C says:

    Charles Haley – big words from a guy that actually was caught cheating. How long was your suspension. Also, I have friends from every ethnicity – no one has ever called me a bigot or racist. But I have to ask the question. Why is it that mostly black players keep accusing Brady of cheating? Cris Carter, Tom Jackson, Ray Lewis, Charles Haley. Could this be reverse racism?

  69. Hugh says:

    Doug Flutie should have started for the Bills over Rob Johnson. Wade Phillips = dumbest call bya coach in NFL Playoff history.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Everything else aside, referring to yourself in the third person is obnoxious and arrogant. Makes it harder for me to take this guy seriously.

  71. forbudt4u says:

    It’s pretty much a moot argument to compare the greatest of different era’s. There are too many variables that play into the climate of the game at the time that each player played to give definitive rankings. My personal opinion of the Pats is that their titles will always be followed by an asterisk. Whether it comes out that they deflated the balls (yes that even includes one rogue ball boy sitting under a bus), the rule is clear, and they attempted to gain an advantage (aka: cheating)!! Beyond that, between spygate, fake injurygate, and potentially defaltegate, I find it hard to believe that these issues just follow the Pats because people simply hate them. Although people do hate, how many dynasty type teams in all of sports throughout history have had this much stuff seem to find them at every corner (Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Yankees, Packers, 49ers, Cowboys)? Maybe, the Yankees… but not the others. In regards to their titles, and Tom Brady’s role, let’s remember the totality of them all. Whether it’s Adam Vinetieri or Malcolm Butler/Russell Wilson saving the teams hide in all 4 SB’s, you cannot say that Tom won every SB by himself. In other words, you take the fact that every one of the Pats’ SB’s came down to almost the last play in each one of them, and combine it with all the cheating allegations… I personally put an asterisk next to all of them. That’s not because of hate, that’s because in my opinion, even with the cheating, they were around 14 total points away from being 0-6 in SB’s and overtaking the Bills in the “getting dumped by the hot chick at the altar” category way too many times. In other words… was the cheating worth it? You ask a Pats fan, they’ll say “Dang Right”. That’s where the beef from everyone else comes from. It’s not really hate, it pure disgust because people don’t feel the Pats did it the “right” way. You add in the cockiness factor, and that’s where the hate stems from. It’s not hate of the accomplishments, it’s hate that they actually think it’s okay to alter rules in order to obtain an advantage in gaining those accomplishments – NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE RULE BENDING IS!

  72. stone malone says:

    You’re a complete moron Charles! Get on your knee’s a blow Tom for your stupidly, such a joke. Has the investigation been concluded or are you just a stupid jock hating?

  73. Idontlikecheaters says:

    I think Brady knew about the balls being deflated for two reasons

    1. Only The Patriots ball were deflated
    2. The Colts’player who intercepted the ball could tell there’s something wrong with it on the spot while Brady never said anything about the balls being deflated while handling them how many times?

  74. Pats Fan says:

    I may be way off base, but I thought a person was innocent until proven guilty. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  75. Anonymous says:

    bs.. the NFL IS ALL FOR THE BIG MARKET TEAMS.. the PATRIOTS can get away with anything they want too… SPYGATE.. INFLATE GATE… TUCK RULE… They are not different than the BALTIMORE RAVENS… RAY LEWIS… LMAO FUTURE HOF.. murderer.. RAY RICE… domestic abuser… .. all reinstated btw… but a player like ADRIAN PETERSON.. upstanding and a good man for him entire career…. btw on charged and convicted of a misdameaner.. is fighting to get back in the league.. Mr.. LEWIS.. AND U USE THAT TERM LIGHTLY… the only one convicted of a felony… OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.. got to play with no penalty… NOW LETS GO ON TO COACH SEAN PEYTON OF THE SAINTS.. suspended for a year for the BOUNTY SCANDAL… BS BS BS NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THE CHEATING PATS AGAIN.. HIGH MARKET TEAM.. CAN DO WHAT THE WANT AND GET AWAY WITH IT… come on NFL… GROWS SOME BALLS AND BE FAIR

  76. aznpursuasion says:

    4 SB Rings? Yeah, 1 that he got by cheating!!! I don’t buy the act by Brady!!! There’s no way he didn’t know the weight difference in the balls!! 11 Balls in 90 Seconds? I have a strong feeling that the Patriots know more about this then they are willing to admit!! I agree, had the Hawks given Lynch the ball the Hawks would’ve won!! But regardless, the Patriots got to the SB49 by cheating in the AFC Championship!! Must feel pretty good huh Brady? Cheating to win the SB Championship!!! Bradys Pathetic!!

    • Hammer says:

      Wait, I’ll call you a WWWAAAAAAHHHHMBULANCE !

    • Anonymous says:

      You do realize the Patriots completely annihilated the colts right? They did better without the under inflated balls.
      I’m sure Pete Carroll thought a pass was a good idea because they had scored easily on other pass plays. And, everyone was expecting a run on that play.

  77. John says:

    Brady and Belichick are cheaters…every one of their Super Bowls are tainted. All of you disillusioned Pats fans need to wake up. Its not because the are the Patriots, it is because they are lying cheating pieces of crap!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a moron. Even if all of the bad things anyone says about the patriots is true, they are still up there with the best teams in history. And, their so called “cheating” hasn’t given them much of an advantage. It’s all of the smart and innovative things they do that gets them .

  78. Rich says:

    If I remember correctly, Haley was on a Cowboys team where cocaine use was rampant, so how does that differ from using PED’s, and not considered cheating? Call spygate what you will, but the Patriot’s confessed/admitted a wrongdoing, pushing the boundaries. But what is to stop a team employee from anonymously sitting in the stands and using a smartphone to videotape signals and text them to the bench during a game? Absolutely nothing, so I argue it still goes on today, but the Patriots took the fall for all the teams and are still the epitome franchise of the league. Brady is a class act and has come through in the clutch time after time, only to be beaten by miraculous plays (ie. David Tyree, and almost by Jevon Kearse). The jealously around the nation and other teams is unbearable, but thank God I live in the Boston area….9 championships in 14 years! Oh, and BTW, the latest story on deflatgate is that the Colts deflated the intercepted ball and brought it to the league….11 of the 12 balls were good!!

  79. Paul says:

    Haley is the one that should be embarrassed after this comment. I’ve lost all respect for him. And I don’t like NE.

  80. M S Butler says:

    Haters are gonna hate.

  81. Leo says:

    Did the Referees check the air pressure in the footballs before each game or they assumed the balls were okay, someone should investigate them? NFL need to increase the penalties for cheaters, like a life time ban and disqualification to the Hall of Shame mean Hall of Fame. If anything it sets a bad example for children!

  82. bill says:

    LOL If Charles Haley wants to criticize anyone it should be himself! His off field conduct is proof enough that he does not ever qualify to set standards for teams players or anyone for that matter!!! Go Pats Brady is the best ever!!!

  83. Anonymous says:

    Hey aznpursuasion, FYI, one psi of air in a football doesn’t translate to an extra pound of weight in the ball. It’s virtually the same weight you moron.

  84. Engineer says:

    Hey aznpursuasion, where did you come up with the conclusion that Brady should have been able to feel the weight difference in the balls. Do you really think that one PSI in a football equals one pound of extra weight for the ball?? You’re a moron.

  85. Damon says:

    I love you Charles but you are dead wrong on this one. Though we all have a right to our opinions, to make statements you personally cannot proove simply speaks to your integrity code. Remember…. you were on two teams with multiples of admitted steroid users and I have never heard anyone call out your 5-SuperBowl rings. Show some class because your statement didn’t sound too bright

  86. Engineer says:

    FYI, the weight difference between a football inflated to 13 psi versus 11 psi is .08 ounces! Do your homework before you shoot off your mouth.

  87. George says:

    Why do people hate on Tom Brady…. he is the best quarterback that ever played the game…..

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you have to put Brady ahead of Montana. The two second places are added to the four wins, not subtracted. Plus, who has the most Superbowl t.d.s?

  88. Anonymous says:

    It is unsportsmanlike conduct by anybody who is or was directly involved with the game (NFL football for some of the morons who gather here) to render any opinion, pro or con, about an incident that is still under investigation, and that includes Haley. Sure, everybody has an opinion, but none of them is based on fact. The Pats beat the Colts decisively. The second half of the game was even played with properly inflated balls. That is fact! As for the SB game, the Pats came back from a 10 point deficit and held the Seahawks back for the win. That’s a fact! In the last 2 minutes of the game several weird things happened. That’s a fact! But to blame the loss of Seattle on one play call is about as silly as one can imagine. Yes, the call was strange, but was the pass that followed any better? Had the pass found its receiver, all those who now condemn that call would have been ecstatic and would probably have praised that “great call”, the coaches, and the quarterback to high heaven. Fact of the matter is, the pass was poor enough to be intercepted by a rookie no less. He was the play maker, not the Seattle coaching staff or anybody else for that matter. And Brady…..he was sitting on the sideline, awed by an awesome play by the defense. Tom Brady is great, but he doesn’t do it all by himself. Too bad that some people prefer to hate and slander teams or personalities rather than admire accomplishment. They equate under inflated balls with cheating (although far from being proven), but find it perfectly alright to wage psychological warfare against a team that has to prepare for the most important game of each year.

  89. Also Anonymous says:

    It is unsportsmanlike conduct by anybody who is or was directly involved with the game (NFL football for some of the morons who gather here) to render any opinion, pro or con, about an incident that is still under investigation, and that includes Haley. Sure, everybody has an opinion, but none of them is based on fact. The Pats beat the Colts decisively. The second half of the game was even played with properly inflated balls. That is fact! As for the SB game, the Pats came back from a 10 point deficit and held the Seahawks back for the win. That’s a fact! In the last 2 minutes of the game several weird things happened. That’s a fact! But to blame the loss of Seattle on one play call is about as silly as one can imagine. Yes, the call was strange, but was the pass that followed any better? Had the pass found its receiver, all those who now condemn that call would have been ecstatic and would probably have praised that “great call”, the coaches, and the quarterback to high heaven. Fact of the matter is, the pass was poor enough to be intercepted by a rookie no less. He was the play maker, not the Seattle coaching staff or anybody else for that matter. And Brady…..he was sitting on the sideline, awed by an awesome play by the defense. Tom Brady is great, but he doesn’t do it all by himself. Too bad that some people prefer to hate and slander teams or personalities rather than admire accomplishment. They equate under inflated balls with cheating (although far from being proven), but find it perfectly alright to wage psychological warfare against a team that has to prepare for the most important game of each year.

  90. Hammer says:

    Somebody who has seen his “America’s Team ” Cowboys shriveled up and blown away is bitter about becoming irrelevant in the discussion about current affairs and needs to interject himself into the discussion. ! don’t care if he has 5 rings, Belichik will have 6. Proud of my team and will wait to render judgement until all the reports are in, Pats won the SB, people, get over it and move on.

  91. robert says:

    Haley needs to get his head out of his ASS just another obnoxious loudmouth shooting off about nothing he knows anything about except maybe the spygate thing????? because the cowboys were recording signals as well as many other teams during that time…. just remember you point a finger and there are 5 pointing back at you big fella

  92. darren says:

    Yeah, like I get all my objective science on the physics of air temperature, air humidity, and air pressure and how the same all affect a Football both indoors and outdoors from Charles Haley….

  93. Val says:

    Never trust a man who refers to himself in the third person is all I have to say.

  94. Keith says:

    Haley is just stating the obvious. The only one who believes New England’s Super Bowl victories aren’t tainted are locals and some displaced crazies. One poll showed the general public was rooting for Seattle over the Pats by a margin of something like 10 to 1. It ain’t because all those in the majority are 12th man wannabees. No true fan wants the integrity of the game damaged. Bill Belichick and the Pats have a table reserved with Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Maybe toms mom and dad were cheaters he learned from them..I hate the cheatriots the only good thing they did was they cheat and beat the Ratbirds.F them all!!! lol

  96. Anonymous says:

    What I find impressive is this: With all the nonsense of deflategate, he had to have it in his head that if he had a really bad game, people would think the change in ball pressure was the reason. His legacy was at stake if he choked. With that kind of pressure…combined with the normal pressure a QB would feel playing in the Super Bowl…he had 4 touchdowns against 2 picks; and he came back from 10 down in the 4th to take the lead. Montana never had to face that. Take that for what it’s worth.

  97. Wildcat Fan says:

    They just aren’t going to stop are they? Man up and accept it. You lost the game. Period!

  98. Kevin Chouinard says:

    First, why does everyone look at the NFL as some kind of judiciary committee? They change rules EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This year’s accusation of cheating could become a rule next year. You don’t believe me? Charles Haley should look at his Cowboys. Does he know that they started the shotgun offense. Guess what; at the time the Cowboys (under Tom Landry) was the only team shotgunning, everyone thought that was cheating!! Now take a more recent change in the rules: the inflation of footballs. Did you know that it wasn’t a rule? Now that we all know there is a ‘rule’, guess who lobbied that rule? Give up? It was Peyton Manning AND TOM BRADY!!! So don’t give me any crap about what constitutes cheating? And leave the Patriots alone. They win Super Bowls because they’re an incredible team. Period

  99. Ed says:

    This is America and the way the process works is this: innocent until PROVEN guilty….

  100. Anonymous says:

    morons…prove anything you said….how many basketballs…or soccerballs..over inflated…been going on since sports began…you have better shoes than he other team cause you know the field….cheating? don’t think so…every sport looks for an advantage…grow up…especiallt halely…crybabys everywhere….

  101. Rick says:

    The only place that Tom Brady will be tainted is from a jealous/ignorant person, who cant except the fact, that “RIGHT” now, Tom Brady is the best QB to ever play the game PERIOD. It is ashame that people cannot accept this. But it is what it is. People do not not always like to see the same team win, which can be boring at times, but when a better team comes into the NFL. You will see the Patriots come out on top. That will be when Tom Brady and Bill Belichick step down. So until then get use to seeing the New England Patriots and as a fan Tom Brady and the Patriots as the #1 team in the NFL. The only thing that is cheating, is your acceptance of the BEST!

  102. Tom says:

    He is washed up and wants to get back in the spotlight. Leave it alone and don’t speak before you know the facts.

  103. Diane says:

    As a “Dolfan”…. I still remember the snowplow incident. Brady is great no doubt and congrats to him, but the best ever? I don’t think so.

  104. Albert Andrus says:

    Let’s face it, #1 shouldn’t have happened in the first place!

  105. Mike says:

    Time will tell. Let “The Process” play out then “maybe” we will all have a better idea of what happened with the deflated balls issue . Jumping to a conclusion is premature and not in anyone’s best interest .

  106. TC says:

    I say Haley must have used steroids to get 5 rings. He must have! Right? Does that make it true? Do we “taint” his rings on an allegation? Or do we need proof for him to be guilty. In his mind, he’s guilty until proven innocent. Would that be fair to him? How can he prove his innocence now? And Boomer Esiasen has a good point- only one ball has been accurately reported as being underinflated. And that ball was in the hands of the Colts. So, by inference, couldn’t the Colts be guilty of framing the Pats. And we won’t even pile on by pointing out the Pats went 28 points on to blow out the Colts AFTER the ball was removed. Put that under innocent until PROVEN guilty.

  107. craig bird says:

    That’s too funny, because if we put an asterisk on Bradys superbowls, lets put it on all the cowboys superbowls, By todays league rules half that team would have been suspended for a year at least. Irvin was caught with a gun and cocaine, Nate newton sold a ton of drugs, There was that party with half the team there with underage girls and prostitutes… the patriots didn’t need to cheat and kick the shit out of the colts. But if the Cowboys played by the league rules of today they would only field half their team. And no superbowls for Haley. But that’s none of my business

  108. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a has been trying to steal the spotlight. His day is gone and forgotten except by him.
    The NFL never did their job by measuring the balls prior to the game. Balls used all week. Only one was noticeably low out of twelve. Everyone was taping prior to spy gate just not as obviously as the Patriots. Football players cheat all through college by having others take tests for them and administration allows the jocks to get away with it. And old ball players who have past their prime show how smart they really are when they fall into a trap like this one. Pinning this on the quarterback is so petty

  109. anonymous says:

    Caught once cheating Facts!! Facts 11 balls under 2psi!Enough for me to say they are cheaters and once a cheater always a cheater!!Facts

  110. Ernest Espinosa says:

    Charles I respect you love you but you’re wrong. with all the BS that goes on in football rules being broken drugs being used crimes being committed deflation of a football is the least of thei NFLs worries. there have been plenty of other quarterbacks who came forward and said that they had their footballs inflated to what they wanted Brad Johnson paid someone to inflate or deflate the footballs in their Super Bowl. all I’m saying is don’t become one of those self righteous NFL people that thinks that they have never done anything wrong while playing the game cuz I know you help people Poli headbutted people and did drugs at one time in your NFL career come on Charles you just don’t want nobody else to have 5 rings other than you and Joe

  111. scott says:

    so the first half with “deflated” balls they scored 17 points. and to the start of the second half they were “proper regulated” balls, and they scored 28 points. where’s the issue? just trying to find reasons to tarnish Tom Brady and company

  112. Shib says:

    I mean let’s be real for a bit. They won their first superbowls during the whole spygate crap. Now the win (a game they had lost by the way) a ring 10 years later, with this now deflategate. They won cheating then, won cheating now, and who is to say what other rules they have had bent over the years to further themselves. It’s obviously Bill thinks he is above the league and does everything he can to work around rules. And once he is caught, imagine that, they pin it on some no name locker room attendant so he can shoulder whatever blame there is. Once a cheater, always a cheater, and I can guarantee there will be other findings in the future of their wrong doings. Is a shame really, you cannot take away what Brady has done over the years with mediocre talent surrounding him. But his rings are definitely tainted.

  113. Facts or fiction says:

    1. Snow blower game, Miami first asked the pats, to clear the field so they could kick winning field goal. pats said they couldnt find the keys, then Pats did use on their wining field goal (not illegal at time, NFL call meeting after that home teams had to give the same advantage) and also no team could use equipment without prior approval.
    2. Spygate – Every team was doing it, reason that year NFL sent memo to all teams to STOP. Patriots thought they were still following the rule, Ex-Coach (disgruntal, who was using the the films year before as patriot coach) turn Bill in. patriots stated what they did and took the hit. That was 18-1 year and they lost the SB.
    3. Deflate gate, let’s wait till report is in (my guess is NFL will not fine anything they can prove), no rules for footballs will be implemented.
    4. Tuck-Rule was in place for years and the official made the call, patriots still had to win that game and another before winning SB.
    5. So accusing the patriots of constantly cheating is BS… they have only been convicted one time on something that all teams were doing to one degree or another, Jimmy johnson said they did it for a while but didnt get much out of it, so they stopped. What about Denver, SF SB wins when they lost draft picks because they were giving players two contracts. Now SF jerry rice says he used stick-um his entire career (84-96), stick-um was banned by NFL in 81… Should he not be a HOF, or is Montana, Haley or SF SB not ‘tainted”. you know everyone was doing it…
    6. Tom Brady is a great QB that has one 4 SB rings as did Montana and Bradshaw, I don’t think either would say they won them but the entire team one them.
    7. I think Montana was the greatest of his time, I think Tom is of his time(current)..I thin Rogers is the best right today. I thin Wilson is becoming a very good QB, time will tell.
    8. patriots are good for the last 10 years because they draft well, don’t over pay, get bargain role, and they don’t over pay, their QB doesn’t take all the money. They also seem to not hold on to older players. Did anyone know the Pats were the youngest team in NFL in 2014?
    9. yes I am a Pat’s fan, but i also look at the hole of NFL, each and every team that is successful in NFL has issues, with cheating salary cap, players off field trouble, keep players that get in to much trouble, cheating by texting during game (if proven), blasting noise (if proven), to shutting off communications… I think they all push the margin.
    10. Defategate – started by NFL Vice pres (former Jets president, who had a grudge against Bill (resigning after 1 day HC of Jets) and Pats. he contacted the GM of Colts about the ball on the colts sideline (why was he on Colts sideline during the game). Who reported to NFl, NFL decided to test the Pats balls at 1/2 time (did they test the colts) and inflated them to PSI (don’t know what level). QB Brady played better with this PSI, and also in SB….the latest is from the NFL paid spokesperson is that only one ball is 2 PSI low and the other 8 balls was a “tic’ under 12.5 PSI, and one was at 12.5.. I keep hearing the one ball is the one colts had (have not heard this to be a fact). Bret Farve stated the same thing as Brady, Bret said he never really knew or cared what the PSI was, he picked up the ball and felt the laces for his grip, and if one lace felt higher, he didnt put it the pick pile for the game. Also the so called smoking gun video of the ball boy going into the restroom, turned out to be the wrong ball boy (who was carring both pats and colts balls, can’t happen per NFL) he was bring into the clubhouse the practice balls for warming up prior to game (they are not allowed on the field during game per NFL).
    9. Haley had his issue on and off the field, he go traded by SF to Dallas for fist fight with Steve Young and other issues in his prime. Is he a HOF, yes…

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