Poll Question – Thou Shalt Not Pass!

Who is the best shutdown cornerback of all-time?

Dick “Night Train” Lane – This former Lion was a seven-time Pro Bowler who intercepted more passes (68) than any cornerback in NFL history.
Mel Blount – This former Steeler was at the front end of the wave of big (6-3, 205), physical corners in the 1970s. A five-time Pro Bowler with 57 career interceptions serving as a cornerstone of the Steel Curtain.
Deion Sanders – Played for five teams and won championships with two of them (49ers and Cowboys). An eight-time Pro Bowler with 53 career interceptions.
Champ Bailey – Played 15 seasons and went to a position record 12 Pro Bowls. Seventh overall pick of the 1999 draft after running a 4.29 40. Intercepted 52 career passes.
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  1. bachslunch
    October 31, 2017

    Just saw this poll from a good while ago. As I understand the term, a “shutdown corner” is a great coverage guy — and of the four, the only one who really qualifies is Deion Sanders. Other great cover guys would include Jim Johnson, Mike Haynes, Roger Wehrli, Darrelle Revis, and Albert Lewis.

    Dick Lane and Mel Blount were examples of bump and run corners (and any such list of the best of them must include Willie Brown), hard hitting guys who may not have quite such elite coverage skills but made up for it with crunching intimidation. Changes in coverage rules have made such folks a rarity nowadays.

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