Poll Question – Dumbest play call in NFL history?


CARROLL’S CALL – Pete Carroll’s refusal to go Beast Mode from inside the 1-yard line cost his Seahawks’ Super Bowl XLIX. Who tries to win the Super Bowl with the 27th-ranked passing game?

“WE’LL KICK TO THE CLOCK!’‘ – Dallas Texans’ running back Abner Haynes took neither the ball nor the wind in overtime of the 1962 AFL Championship Game. As it turned out, the Texans beat the Houston Oilers in double overtime so it was a footnote but nearly foot in mouth.

“”RED RIGHT 88” GOES WRONG – Brian Sipe was supposed to throw the ball into Lake Erie to set up a 31-yard tying field goal and force overtime in a 1980 AFC playoff game. He didn’t, it was intercepted and the Raiders went on to win the Super Bowl.

 MIRACLE AT THE MEADOWLANDS Joe Pisarcik should have listened to Larry Csonka when he said “Don’t give me the ball.” All Pisarcik had to do was take a kneto ensure victory. Instead he fumbled and Herman Edwards returned it for the winning TD.

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  1. Rich Quodomine
    February 5, 2015

    I know this is recency, and I didn’t see the Pisarcik or Haynes’ plays. I did see the Sipe play bfut was too young to register it. I did see all of those plays on YouTube, except for Haynes. The real issue is that nothing was quite like the timing of the Carroll call. There were so many better options, that should have been obvious. 1) Run the ball. 2) Read Option with Russell Wilson. 3) far shoulder Fade Route where the worst thing is an incomplete. The other 3 plays are colossal blunders, but none of them had the context ofthe Super Bowk, which magnifies everything.

    And FWIW, Ron, feel free to ask Clark about DAIMON SHELTON UP THE MIDDLE! 😉

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