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Handicapping HOF’s likely 2018 Senior, Contributor nominees

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Who is the best tight end of this generation?

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Who’s the No. 1 draft pick in fantasy football?

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Brady’s concussion position more than his own business

Which division champion won’t be there this January?

First Terrell Davis, next Pat Bowlen?

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Who’s the next cornerback to reach the Hall of Fame?

State Your Case: Did Feathers shine enough to enter the Hall?

The backs who could gain most from T.D. reaching the Hall

Elway: Here’s why Pat Bowlen deserves to be in Hall of Fame

Judgements: The clock should start ticking on HOF speeches

HOFer Jerry Jones gives Jimmy Johnson a verbal hug

How a shotgun barrel changed the life of Terrell Davis

Andersen’s foot delivers a HOF message

HOFer Taylor helped turn NFL tweeners into hybrids

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Kenny Easley delivers one last knockout at HOF induction

Lorenzo Neal: “Humbled, surprised” to introduce L.T.

Andersen finds HOF weekend “intimidating…overwhelming”

Elway: Why longevity shouldn’t have mattered with Davis

Goodell: Canton could host draft for 100th celebration

Andersen: Let’s put specialists in Hall of Fame every 3-5 years

Neal’s missed block reveals Tomlinson’s greatness; Easley says HOF election saved his life

Easley says no to Bo, yes to Hall of Fame

Chargers blew it by thinking more about L.A. than L.T.

Who should be the HOF contributor candidate for 2018?

The most worthy senior candidate for 2018? It’s a Packer

State Your Case: Why Giants’ George Young belongs in Hall

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Atlanta’s Dan Quinn: Here’s what makes Julio Jones “unique”

Matt Ryan: How NBA Warriors can help us beat Super “curse”

Hurney: This is why I returned to Carolina as interim GM

Who should be the 2018 HOF senior candidate?

The unreported trait that made Morten Andersen so special