Borges: The argument T.O. supporters don’t want to hear

Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles

There has been a lot of anger, anguish and name-calling since the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame’s board of selectors chose the Class of 2017 … and most of it is coming from one source.

The Terrell Owens camp.

Considering Owens’ considerable numbers on the field, that is understandable. What is not, however, is that he and his supporters fail to recognize that A) there is another side to this debate that was so convincing Owens failed to make the cut from 15 to 10 for the second straight year; B) Owens’ failure to reach Canton in his first two years of eligibility does not mean he will not reach Canton, period, and C) there were six other all-decade choices who, like Owens, were not part of the Class of 2017 … but some of whom, unlike Owens, were first-team picks.

Yet we have not heard from or about them.

Our Ron Borges decided he’d heard enough on this subject and offered a more complete picture in Friday’s edition of the Boston Herald of what is happening with the candidacy of Terrell Owens. To read it, just click on the following link:

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  1. bachslunch
    February 17, 2017

    Thanks for the link. Ron’s article is well presented and reasonable, making the case nicely for TO waiting a couple years. No shame in waiting, as some of the best HoFers have done so. TO and his supporters need to quit whining and gain some patience.

    He’s also right about some of the media whiners. It’s obvious they want to be in the room replacing some of the current voters. Given what I’ve read, these folks often seem to be surprisingly ignorant of the process. I say stick with who’s there now.

    The regular candidates are to my thinking very well served by the current process — or as much so as possible given the current numbers limitations. Less so the Seniors and Contributors, though — three wasted slots in nine years time suggests a need to tweak that system.

    • February 17, 2017

      Thx for the note, as always. Thought Ron did terrific job with difficult topic. Everyone is so polarized with this guy. There is just so much more than just stats here, and few outside the room understand. Appreciate hearing from you.

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