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Kyle and Mike Shanahan share NFL Father’s Day memories

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State Your Case: Why former 49ers K Tommy Davis deserves a HOF look

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With 49ers’ quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo suffering what appears to be a season-ending injury, where’s the competition for the Rams in the NFC West? Answer: There isn’t any.

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Former 49ers’ assistant George Stewart, now the special-teams coordinator with the Chargers, explains how he earned the trust of Terrell Owens — a soon-to-be-Hall of Fame Stewart will present in Canton this summer.

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What made the 49ers’ Dwight Clark, who passed away Monday from ALS, an unforgettable figure on and off the football field.

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Former coach Steve Mariucci revisits the 2000 draft when the San Francisco 49ers … and everyone else but New England … passed on Tom Brady and the lessons all teams today should learn from that experience.

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L.A. Rams’ GM Les Snead cautions fans not to believe the hype that the NFC West is a two-team race between the Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

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Hall-of-Fame GM Bill Polian explains where former Rams’ WR Isaac Bruce fits in with finalists Randy Moss and Terrell Owens for the Hall’s Class of 2018.

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San Francisco GM John Lynch admits what others already believe: That despite a limited resume, Jimmy Garoppolo is “a franchise quarterback.”

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Hall-of-Fame finalist John Lynch, now the 49ers’ general manager, describes what he envisions as a Hall-of-Fame safety.

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So the Patriots made a mistake trading away Jimmy Garoppolo? History says they didn’t.

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Eric Allen said although he made six Pro Bowls, is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame and had all those picks, the thing he’s most proud of is that in his 14th and final season he was the same thing he was in his rookie season – a starting cornerback in the NFL.

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ESPN The Magazine’s Seth Wickersham with a marvelous story of an unforgettable guy — Hall of Fame quarterback Y.A. Tittle, who passed away Sunday at the age of 90.

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Former NFL linebacker Gary Plummer sees a link between what’s happening to Colin Kaepernick now and what happened to NFL players in the 1987 strike … and gives his take on why clubs won’t sign the quarterback.

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San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan reveals the best piece of advice his gained from his famous father, and how, as a young spectator, he learned the hard way about the good, bad and ugly of coaching.

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Mike Shanahan never wanted his son Kyle to go into coaching but they both explain why they’re glad he did.

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