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Until the advent of Robert Kraft’s New England Patriots, Carroll Rosenbloom was the winningest owner in NFL history. He created a franchise that didn’t exist in Baltimore and turned it into a three-time world champion and four-time NFL champion, then made one of the savviest “trades’’ in NFL history to take over the Los Angeles …

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Ty Law intercepted Peyton Manning three times in the 2003 AFC Championship game to break his heart and send the Patriots back to the Super Bowl. His physical play that day also changed how future defenses would be allowed to play the gaem.

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Dallas Clark went from a walk-on at Iowa to an 11-year, Pro Bowl career as the tight end on some of Peyton Manning’s greatest Colts teams. Does he deserve Hall of Fame consideration?

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Tony Dungy recalls bitter loss to the Patriots in 2003 AFC title game.

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In Episode 2 of our new podcast Hall of Fame head coach Tony Dungy recalled the victory he had begun to wonder would ever come, the Indianapolis Colts 2006 come-from-behind AFC Championship game against his long-time nemesis, the New England Patriots. Tony talks not only about the importance of the game to both Peyton Manning …

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Andre Tippett’s first encounter with Gino Marchetti was a frightening one. So was Booker Edgerson’s first confrontation with his future mentor, mercurial Buffalo Bills’ star running back, Cookie Gilchrist.

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Hall-of-Famer Lenny Moore recalls the 1958 sudden death overtime game known as The Greatest Game Ever Played, and Alan Faneca discusses the dream of one day making the Hall of Fame.

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Stan White was a star linebacker on the Baltimore Colts team that played in the 1977 Ghost to the Post game, and there are two things he doesnt get: 1) How the Colts lost that contest and 2) why it took the Raiders ken Stabler so long to get to Canton.

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Chris Hinton was one of the most versatile offensive linemen in the NFL. But that versatility, he believes, plus a lack of team success is combining to keep him out of the Hall of Fame.

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Former offensive lineman Chris Hinton is one of 94 modern-era candidates for the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017, and he deserves a closer look than he’s gotten in the past.

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Raymond Chester was as good as any tight end of the 1970s. So why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame?

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Andrew Luck just signed a whopping contract … but not by NBA standards, where the latest paydays dwarf what the best and brightest of the NFL pull down.

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Marvin Harrison’s time has come, and he has the numbers to prove it.

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Dub Jones caught passes on championship teams in Cleveland in the 1940s and ’50s and then called the plays for another Cleveland team that would win the last championship in franchise history in 1964.

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