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Who is the best Buccaneer not in the Hall of Fame?

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TOFN “5 Games” podcast: James Harris recalls his fondness for the Orange Bowl

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TOFN “5 Games” podcasts: James Harris lauds Doug Williams and Warren Moon

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A left tackle, Paul Gruber played 4,850 consecutive snaps over the first five seasons to start his career with the Buccaneers. He also played the entire 1989 season without allowing a sack.

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Harris arrived in the NFL as an eighth-round pick in 1969. But what he was able to accomplish on the football field at that position on Sundays cracked the door for other African-American quarterbacks.

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James Harris was the first black to open a pro football season as a starter in 1969, the first to quarterback an NFL team to the playoffs, the first to quarterback a team to a conference title game, the first voted to a Pro Bowl, the first selected MVP of a Pro Bowl and the first to win a conference passing championship.

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Jim Kelly played only two of the three seasons the USFL was around in the 1980s but was voted first-team all-league each year.

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The quarterback position was one of the strengths of the USFL with Doug Flutie, Chuck Fusina, Bobby Hebert, Jim Kelly, John Reaves, Doug Williams and Steve Young all taking snaps in that league.

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Doug Williams isn’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame but his 15 minutes of fame should be.

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Kurt Warner had the greatest day by a passer in Super Bowl history and Timmy Smith the greatest day by a runner.

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In this week’s Talk of Fame Network poll our listeners and readers believe that four Pro Bowls and 1980s NFL all-decade acclaim should be Joe Jacoby’s ticket to Canton.

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Talk of Fame Network   He’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame now, but there was a time when quarterback Warren Moon couldn’t get into an NFL huddle. That was back in 1978 when Moon went undrafted out of the University of Washington, signed with the CFL and led the Edmonton Eskimos to five …

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