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TOFN Podcast: Charles Haley revisits his second Super Bowl

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Former 49ers’ star Dwight Clark is remembered one last time in San Francisco in “a celebration” of his life … and it is perfect.

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Former San Francisco 49ers’ owner Eddie DeBartolo details how difficult it is to watch Dwight Clark battle ALS and vows to help him any … and every … way he can.

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The 49ers wound up as the NFL’s team of the decade in the 1980s with those four Super Bowls and Charles Haley was quick to give credit to the man responsible – Hall of Fame owner Eddie DeBartolo. Haley asked DeBartolo to present him in Canton for his own Hall of Fame induction.

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Former linebacker Gary Plummer says he didn’t understand why veterans involved in the 1987 players’ strike crossed picket lines … until he met then-49ers’ owner Eddie DeBartolo.

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With Dwight Clark’s announcement that he has been diagnosed with ALS, the Talk of Fame Network posts its 2015 interview with him where he is as candid as he is charming, addressing subjects like Eddie DeBartolo, Joe Montana, Tom Brady and the 49ers.

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On a night when Packers’ fans turned Canton’s Tom Benson Stadium into Lambeau Field, Class of 2016 inductee Brett Favre was at his best — with a poignant, tearful and memorable address.

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Former 49ers’ owner Eddie DeBartolo has presented five Hall of Famers in Canton. But now that he’s next up as an inductee, the logical question is: Who presents him?

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Our Rick Gosselin is on the move at his 25th NFL Combine this week while we hold our own NFL Oscars Night and entertain former 49ers’ owner Eddie DeBartolo, now a member of the Hall’s Class of 2016.

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Hall-of-Fame safety Ronnie Lott tells the Talk of Fame Network why players feel so strongly about Eddie DeBartolo’s Hall-of-Fame selection and why he is so “indebted” to his former owner.

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Ronnie Lott sees a lot of Al Davis in Eddie DeBartolo. Tony Dungy sees a lot of Chuck Noll in himself. And both see a lot of time on this week’s broadcast of the Talk of Fame Network.

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The player-owner relationship that former 49ers’ owner Eddie DeBartolo cultivated turned his team into a dynasty and is at the heart of DeBartolo’s candidacy for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Hall-of-Fame quarterback Steve Young isn’t shy when it comes to talking about his former boss, Eddie DeBartolo Jr. And what Young believes is that DeBartolo, who is a contributor candidate for the Hall’s Class of 2016, belongs in Canton. And he tells the Talk of Fame Network why.

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Tom Brady and Joe Montana each won four Super Bowls, so, naturally, you have to wonder if there’s something of Montana in Brady? We put the question to former 49ers’ star Dwight Clark, author of “The Catch,” who explains what made Montana not just the best quarterback in NFL history … but the best player, period.

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Former San Francisco owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. is the contributor candidate for the Class of 2016, with the deciding vote taken the day before Super Bowl L … in San Francisco. “I don’t see anybody being more deserving than him,” Hall-of-Fame quarterback Joe Montana told the Talk of Fame Network, “and it’s been that way for a long time.”

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Former San Francisco owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. was overwhelmed when notified Wednesday that he was named as the contributor candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2016. There’s a good reason: Not only could he be elected to the Hall of Fame; his election could happen when the Super Bowl goes to San Francisco.

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