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State Your Case: Why Ruben Brown deserves a closer look

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State Your Case: Bobby Beathard

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State Your Case: Why La’Roi Glover belongs in Hall of Fame

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Former linebacker Zach Thomas explains why he won’t complain about not making the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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A freshman at Hofstra University tries to solve what others have not and cannot — reducing the logjam of qualified seniors for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Why former Chiefs’ and Raiders’ defensive back Dave Grayson deserves to have his case heard by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Former Miami linebacker Zach Thomas makes a Hall-of-Fame pitch for all-decade center Kevin Mawae, calling him “the best player on an offensive line I ever faced”

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Former Indianapolis star Dallas Clark, eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2019, jokingly explains why he thinks there are so few tight ends in Canton.

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It’s Oscars Night, so our Hall-of-Fame voters choose their five favorite movies of all time … and, guaranteed, you’re in for a surprise.

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Why it’s important that the Hall-of-Fame case of former Atlanta tackle Mike Kenn must be heard before he disappears into the senior swamp.

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Former linebacker Robert Brazile admits that he would’ve given up his spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame had it meant that Jerry Kramer would go in ahead of him. Both were chosen to the Hall’s Class of 2018.

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Former Chicago linebacker Brian Urlacher explains the role his mother played in his becoming a Hall-of-Fame player … and individual.

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Pro Football Hall-of-Fame voters just told us that productivity matters. Well, if that’s the call, why don’t they give more attention to former star running back Edgerrin James?

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Former Green Bay guard Jerry Kramer tells the Talk of Fame Network how he felt when he was tapped for the Pro Football Hall of Fame after waiting 45 years.

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First-ballot choices or equally qualified candidates waiting on line? It’s a question that faces Hall of Fame voters and is the subject of the latest Talk of Fame Network podcast.

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Why the candidacy of Hall-of-Fame finalist John Lynch just took a hit … now and, maybe for years to come.

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Hall-of-Fame GM Bobby Beathard reveals the simple agreement that he and Hall-of-Fame coach Joe Gibbs had that led to the rebirth of the Washington Redskins.

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There are four offensive linemen qualified for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, yet all were passed over a week ago. So where’s the outrage?

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