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State Your Case: Why Ruben Brown deserves a closer look

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State Your Case: Bobby Beathard

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State Your Case: Why La’Roi Glover belongs in Hall of Fame

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It’s time the Pro Football Hall of Fame moves former pass rusher Leslie O’Neal to the head of the class for discussion as a finalist.

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How can a best-selling book and Academy Award nominated movie affect a former player’s chances of reaching the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Ask Willie Anderson.

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Former pass rusher Neil Smith is one of 108 preliminary candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and he’s happy. “I had everything a complete player needs” to get in, he said.

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Willie McGinest’s unselfishness made him a three-time Super Bowl champion and the holder of playoff record for sacks. But will a team-first attitude hurt his Hall-of-Fame chances?

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Former Giants’ star Mark Bavaro says Hall of Fame voters haven’t forgotten about the great blocking tight ends. They just never took blocking into consideration.

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Nick Lowery was the most accurate kicker of his era, yet he has never been discussed as a Hall of Fame finalist … and that is wrong.

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Former star cornerback Eric Allen is more concerned with scoring Comi-Con tickets for his kids than he is being passed over by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Former star running back Herschel Walker says if he’s to be considered for the Pro Football Hall of Fame — and he’s on the preliminary list for the Class of 2018 — it should be solely on his NFL accomplishments.

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If J.J. Watt is a Hall of Famer waiting to happen, how come former Jets’ star Mark Gastineau’s candidacy has never been discussed?

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Former guard Ruben Brown has the resume to be a Hall-of-Fame candidate, yet he never appeared on any ballot until last month.

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Former Dallas great Everson Walls explains how Hall-of-Fame cornerback Willie Brown played a significant role in Walls going to Dallas as an undrafted free agent.

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At least six Hall-of-Fame worthy candidates are in their last year of eligibility as modern-era candidates, and if they don’t make it to Canton as part of the Class of 2018 they might never make it, period.

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Former linebacker Ray Lewis heads the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2018 list of 108 modern-era candidates.

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Why former Buffalo guard Ruben Brown deserves more than he’s gotten from Hall-of-Fame voters, which isn’t much.

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