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Judgements Week One: There are few adjectives that describe what Aaron Rodgers just delivered. Suffice it to say he’s the early leader for league MVP. That, plus concerns in L.A. and Tennessee, joy in Baltimore and no beer in Cleveland

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Nick Foles was the Super Bowl MVP. But next year it’s back to the bench … unless, of course, someone can make the Eagles an offer they can’t refuse.

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Get ready for two weeks of superlatives for New England’s Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as they continue to make Super Bowl history.

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The Baltimore Ravens just made a statement, and it goes something like this: Our defense is back.

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Super Bowl LI is exactly what we hoped for, and not because it’s Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan but because it’s Tom Brady vs. Roger Goodell.

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It’s beginning to look an awful lot like 2010 all over again for the Green Bay Packers — and that’s good news for Cheeseheads. The Packers won the Super Bowl that season.

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With the elimination of the New York Giants from the playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys may have caught a break. Yes, they must face a white-hot Aaron Rodgers next, but, no, they don’t have to face an opponent that beat them twice this season.

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Dallas defensive end David Irving says the Cowboys “need” another shot at the New York Giants, but he might want to reconsider. Nobody is playing better defense than Big Blue, and it just discovered a running game.

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The New England Patriots were the biggest winners on Christmas weekend, and not because they destroyed the miserable Jets.

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The Tennessee Titans are serious about winning the AFC South and throwing their weight around in the playoffs. And they just proved it with a last-second, come-from-behind defeat of the Chiefs.

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It’s time to consider Detroit quarterback Matt Stafford as a serious MVP candidate. No, he doesn’t lead the league in passing yards or touchdown passes or victories, but he does in fourth-quarter comeback victories … and that counts for plenty.

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The Oakland Raiders won again and are a favorite to win the AFC West. But beware Kansas City. The Chiefs are hot, and they host the Raiders — a team they beat earlier this year — this week.

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There were two big winners in the NFC Sunday … and one of them didn’t play.

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The best team in the NFL? Time to start paying attention to Seattle. Everything is going its way. Russell Wilson is healthy. The Legion of Boom is back. And the Seahawks are on a roll– with no speed bumps ahead.

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It’s time to put an end to those quarterback questions in Dallas because … well, because there are no questions about the quarterback in Dallas. Dak Prescott is the starter. Period.

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