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The San Diego Chargers are no more. They’re leaving for L.A., with an announcement Thursday that Hall-of-Fame quarterback and former Charger Dan Fouts said “felt like a punch in the stomach.”

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Courtesy - New England Patriots, David Silverman

New England owner Robert Kraft doesn’t want to see the Oakland Raiders or San Diego Chargers move. But they may have no choice, and, if that were to happen, he tells the Talk of Fame Network why he could … and maybe would … support them.

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Former NFL executive Carmen Policy is leading a drive to convince the NFL to allow the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders to relocate to Carson, Cal, and it’s his belief the league votes on what’s next for L.A. before Super Bowl L. It’s also his belief that if the Chargers and Raiders are given the OK, they’re ready to move ASAP.

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