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TOFN podcast: HOF LB Jack Ham revisits the proudest moment of his career

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The Steelers blew through the regular season with a 12-2 record to win the AFC Central, then eliminated Baltimore and Oakland with playoff victories to earn that date with Dallas. The Steelers trailed the Cowboys 10-3 through three quarters before rallying for 14 fourth-quarter points to claim that second consecutive Lombardi Trophy.

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USC athletic director Lynn Swann was a star football player with the Trojans, and when asked to name his most talented teammate — bam! — he had no trouble: Sam Cunningham.

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Hall-of-Fame receiver Lynn Swann played on the 1972 USC Trojans, one of the greatest football teams in collegiate history. Yet his greatest memory of USC has nothing to do with football or championships.

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Lynn Swann made news recently with his comments about Calvin Johnson and the Hall of Fame. But while Swann is a Hall of Famer, he’s in no position to start closing the door on others.

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Long before Dez Bryant and long before Michael Irvin, Drew Pearson wore the 88 of the Dallas Cowboys. And he wore it well.

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If you’d been around the San Diego Chargers in the late 1970s they would’ve told you the best receiver they faced was not Lynn Swann or Dave Casper, both of whom are in the Hall of Fame. Nope, it was the Raiders’ Cliff Branch, and don’t look for him in Canton.

He’s not in, and don’t ask me why.

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