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Hall-of-Fame wide receiver played with some of the best collegiate football players during his career at the University of Miami. But when asked to name the most talented of them all, he produced a stunning reply.

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Jack Del Rio has been around a lot of talented players. He teamed with Michael Irvin in Dallas, and he coached Peyton Manning in Denver and Ray Lewis in Baltimore. So who was the best leader? Easy, said Del Rio. It was Lewis.

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How important was Jimmy Johnson to the Dallas Cowboys? We asked Hall-of-Fame receiver Michael Irvin, and he insists that had Johnson not left the Cowboys in the spring of 1994 they would have won “a minimum” of five Super Bowls.

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Michael Irvin says there would not have been a turnaround in Dallas in the 1990s without Jimmy Johnson

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(Photo courtesy of the Oakland Raiders) By Clark Judge Talk of Fame Network NEW YORK — There are dozens of qualified former players who aren’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, many of whom haven’t been discussed by the Hall’s board of selectors. But let’s say you could change that. Let’s say you had …

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