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Is the Patriots’ dynasty the oddest in NFL history?

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Heisman Trophy winners Paul Hornung and Tim Brown explain what makes Notre Dame great and why the NFL believes its an annual deep fountain of talent.

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Dr. Bennett Omalu, who first found CTE in the brain of deceased NFL players, says the NFL Brand “is bleeding” and league’s concussion protocols are “a show.”

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The New England Patriots have won more Super Bowls by smaller margins than any dynasty in NFL history. So what does that say about them?

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The NFL Marketing Department is about to open the doors of the long-mysterious NFL Combine to an increasing number of fan observers.

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Courtesy - New England Patriots, David Silverman

Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft addresses the future of the Raiders, Chargers and Thursday Night Football.

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With prime time television ratings down across the board, NFL owners are considering changes that could lead to the demise of Thursday Night Football.

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The NFL is planning to stage a game in China soon. How about coming up with a way to stage one in Canton, Ohio without a glitch first?

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Seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle Lomas Brown was an NFL starter for 17 seasons. Isn’t it time his Hall of Fame credentials were debated in Canton?

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Everson Walls and La’roi Glover set records few in NFL history have approached yet they have never come close to Hall of Fame consideration and wonder why?

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Ray Lewis says the NFL has put so many restrictions on defensive players and is calling so many penalties he can hardly watch any more.

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Dallas owner Jerry Jones is insistent that the NFL cannot … and will not … become a studio game, emphasizing the importance of the in-stadium experience.

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Can Kenny Easley, Paul Tagliabue and Jerry Jones all survive the rigors of a Hall of Fame debate?

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Roger Goodell’s threat to suspend four players named in a since repudiated TV allegation of PED use is a dangerous precedent for the NFL.

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Will Blake Bortles’ passing arm or the Tennessee Titans’ runners be enough to catch the Texans and Colts in the AFC South?

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Bud Adams co-founded the AFL, kept it afloat in its early years and had enough success there and in the NFL to deserve induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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