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Is the Patriots’ dynasty the oddest in NFL history?

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Howard Cosell once called Russ Francis “the world’s greatest tight end.” He was a three-time All-Pro recruited by 49ers’ head coach Bill Walsh to come and play for him even though he’d retired from pro football after only six seasons. He was a transcendent star. Was he also really the best tight end ever?

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Is it thumbs up or down for New England and Tom Brady? We won’t have long to find out as the AFC and NFC championship game winners are decided Sunday.

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Look no farther than quarterback for why the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFC’s top seed, are underdogs in their first playoff appearance.

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Staying home for the playoffs is more than an advantage for New England. It’s a virtual free pass to the Super Bowl.

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There are three potential land mines out there for New England once the playoffs begin.

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Home-field advantage … and the AFC itself … could be determined when the Patriots go to Pittsburgh Sunday.

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Everson Walls and Ty Law seem to have all the credentials of Hall of Fame cornerbacks. Is this the year they don a Hall of Famer’s gold jacket?

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Hall-of-Fame semifinalist Richard Seymour details why he liked playing so much for New England coach Bill Belichick.

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The knock on Tony Boselli’s door wasnt from the Hall of Fame…yet. Knocks Richard Seymour took in one Super Bowl win were Hall of Fame worthy.

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Rodney Harrison was the first player to make 30 interceptions and 30 sacks. He played in Pro Bowls and Super Bowls. He made two different 50th anniversary NFL teams. So why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame?

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Stop if you’ve heard this before: The Patriots are the team to beat.

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So the Patriots made a mistake trading away Jimmy Garoppolo? History says they didn’t.

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Yes, it’s the same two opponents we had in Super Bowl LI, but the similarities end there.

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James White tells Talk of Fme Network he’s already put his Super Bowl heroics behind him but HOF nominee Jerry Kramer has his own past on his mind onve again.

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Tom Brady’s wife said he has suffered with concussions. He says it’s nobody’s business but his own. The NFL doesn’t quite see it that way.

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