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Who should be the HOF contributor candidate for 2018?

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Who was the biggest oversight in the HOF Class of 2017?

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame created the contributor committee in 2015 to provide a pathway to Canton for worthy candidates whose impact on the game came off the field. The committee has nominated five candidates in the last three years: general managers Bill Polian and Ron Wolf, owners Edward DeBartolo Jr. and Jerry Jones, and …

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Former NFLPA president Tom Condon, today one of the most powerful player representatives in professional sports, explains why he would support the Hall-of-Fame candidacy of Paul Tagliabue.

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There’s only one thing left for Paul Tagliabue’s Hall-of-Fame candidacy, and it’s not what his supporters want to hear, but … time. It’s what he and his candidacy need plenty of before making another run at Canton.

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There were 11 NFL all-decade performers among the modern-era finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017. Seven failed to muster enough support for a bust in Canton.

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Here is our review of the Hall of Fame Class 2017, including insider information of the debate and who got in and snubbed

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Former NFL executive Joel Bussert offers a rare glimpse from the inside as to why Hall-of-Fame finalist Paul Tagliabue should be enshrined in Canton.

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In an exclusive interview with the Talk of Fame Network, former NFL commissioner and Hall-of-Fame finalist Paul Tagliabue apologized for remarks he made in 1994 about concussions, calling his language “intemperate and a mistake.“

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There are two contributors in the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017 — Jerry Jones and Paul Tagliabue — and NFL historian John Turney of the Pro Football Journal evaluates their chances of reaching Canton in next weekend’s vote

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There are at least nine players who are worthy of the Hall of Fame who will not be elected to the Class of 2017. And therein lies the problem with this process — there are too many qualified candidates and too few slots.

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Nobody in the league office was closer to former commissioner Paul Tagliabue than Joe Browne, who recently was honored by the Hall of Fame. And he tells the Talk of Fame Network why his former boss should join him in Canton.

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Bobby Beathard served as a scout for a Super Bowl team at Kansas City (1966), player personnel director for two more Super Bowl teams in Miami (1972-72) and finally general manager of Super Bowl teams at Washington (1982, 1983, 1987) and San Diego (1994).

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Paul Tagliabue and Jerry Jones were named Tuesday as the Hall of Fame’s contributor candidates for the Class of 2017.

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame introduced a contributor category in 2015 and all three of the candidates nominated since then have been enshrined in Canton: general managers Bill Polian and Ron Wolf in 2015 and owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. in 2016. Who will be next in 2017?

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By Clark Judge Talk of Fame Network   CANTON, Ohio — The question was simple. The answer was not. “Now that Andre Reed’s in the Hall of Fame,” asked John Murphy, host of the Buffalo Bills’ Radio Network, “who’s the next Bill to make it to Canton?” Good question. There is, as Murphy pointed out, …

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By Clark Judge Talk of Fame Network   CANTON, Ohio — Good news for Eddie DeBartolo: The Pro Football Hall of Fame is going to make it easier for you to get elected. That’s because the board of trustees on Friday passed an amendment that would put someone like DeBartolo, the former 49ers’ owner and …

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