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State Your Case: Bo knows HOF

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Gosselin Week 3 rankings: KC, Denver, AFC West rising

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State Your Case: Art Powell had a HOF career and a HOF life

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Neil Smith finally made the preliminary HOF ballot and Raymond Chester made the Black College Hall of Fame. But do they belong in Canton?

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Former star cornerback Albert Lewis gives an inside look at the difference between playing with the Kansas City Chiefs and the opponent they love to hate, the Raiders.

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Bo Jackson could have been a pro football Hall of Famer but was he really a unique hybrid version of one?

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Derek Carr now has a 13-4 record in his last 17 starts for the Raiders with 33 TD passes and only six interceptions.

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Former Dallas great Everson Walls explains how Hall-of-Fame cornerback Willie Brown played a significant role in Walls going to Dallas as an undrafted free agent.

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Art Powell was one of the best and most feared receivers in NFL history and a leader in the fight for integration in the ’60s. So why has he never been given Hall of Fame consideration?

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London would become the gateway for international expansion as the NFL bids to create a world-wide footprint.

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The NFL’s decision to let the Raiders leave the Oakland Coliseum ends a time that will never return.

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In an exclusive interview with the Talk of Fame Network, former NFL commissioner and Hall-of-Fame finalist Paul Tagliabue apologized for remarks he made in 1994 about concussions, calling his language “intemperate and a mistake.“

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Stan White was a star linebacker on the Baltimore Colts team that played in the 1977 Ghost to the Post game, and there are two things he doesnt get: 1) How the Colts lost that contest and 2) why it took the Raiders ken Stabler so long to get to Canton.

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The Oakland Raiders won again and are a favorite to win the AFC West. But beware Kansas City. The Chiefs are hot, and they host the Raiders — a team they beat earlier this year — this week.

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Courtesy - New England Patriots, David Silverman

Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft addresses the future of the Raiders, Chargers and Thursday Night Football.

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The Oakland Raiders have just about everything … except a new home. They can pass. They can run. And they win, win, win. Now, the Raiders are on top of the AFC West and making a serious push for their first playoff appearance since 2002.

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The Oakland Raiders are 5-0 on the road and on top of the AFC West. We can think of one reason why: Coach Jack Del Rio, an early contender for Coach of the Year.

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The Raiders and Rams won again, and they each won on the road again. So maybe, just maybe, it is time to start believing that franchises that have been down for too long can be … or are … factors again.

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