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State Your Case: Bo knows HOF

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Gosselin Week 3 rankings: KC, Denver, AFC West rising

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State Your Case: Art Powell had a HOF career and a HOF life

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When Tom Flores became the first minority head coach to lead a team into the Super Bowl, he knew it was a historic moment. But it wasn’t the only one at Super Bowl XV, a game that was wrapped up in a yellow ribbon.

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Tom Flores’ pre-game prediction for Super Bowl XI came back to haunt him the day after he made it but he and the Raiders still survived it.

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Tom Flores was a trailblazer in pro football as both a player and a coach. On September 11, 1960 he became the first Latino starting quarterback in pro football history. Hear him tell the story of that game.

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Neil Smith finally made the preliminary HOF ballot and Raymond Chester made the Black College Hall of Fame. But do they belong in Canton?

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Former star cornerback Albert Lewis gives an inside look at the difference between playing with the Kansas City Chiefs and the opponent they love to hate, the Raiders.

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Bo Jackson could have been a pro football Hall of Famer but was he really a unique hybrid version of one?

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Derek Carr now has a 13-4 record in his last 17 starts for the Raiders with 33 TD passes and only six interceptions.

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Former Dallas great Everson Walls explains how Hall-of-Fame cornerback Willie Brown played a significant role in Walls going to Dallas as an undrafted free agent.

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Art Powell was one of the best and most feared receivers in NFL history and a leader in the fight for integration in the ’60s. So why has he never been given Hall of Fame consideration?

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London would become the gateway for international expansion as the NFL bids to create a world-wide footprint.

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The NFL’s decision to let the Raiders leave the Oakland Coliseum ends a time that will never return.

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In an exclusive interview with the Talk of Fame Network, former NFL commissioner and Hall-of-Fame finalist Paul Tagliabue apologized for remarks he made in 1994 about concussions, calling his language “intemperate and a mistake.“

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Stan White was a star linebacker on the Baltimore Colts team that played in the 1977 Ghost to the Post game, and there are two things he doesnt get: 1) How the Colts lost that contest and 2) why it took the Raiders ken Stabler so long to get to Canton.

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The Oakland Raiders won again and are a favorite to win the AFC West. But beware Kansas City. The Chiefs are hot, and they host the Raiders — a team they beat earlier this year — this week.

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Courtesy - New England Patriots, David Silverman

Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft addresses the future of the Raiders, Chargers and Thursday Night Football.

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