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Five memorable moments from the HOF career of Robert Brazile

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Brazile, Kramer HOF senior candidates for Class of 2018

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Who should be the 2018 HOF senior candidate?

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Since becoming a first-round draft pick of the Oilers in 1975, Robert Brazile started every game over the next 10 seasons – 147 consecutive games without a miss.

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Former linebacker Robert Brazile admits that he would’ve given up his spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame had it meant that Jerry Kramer would go in ahead of him. Both were chosen to the Hall’s Class of 2018.

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Hall of Fame Class of 2018 finalist Robert Brazile explains why he never gave up on Canton despite waiting nearly three decade for its call.

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Former Houston linebacker Robert Brazile is one of two senior nominees for the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2018, and, in tribute to him, we reprint a State Your Case — first published in 2015 — arguing for his inclusion.

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It will be the 11th time Jerry Kramer has been in the room as a finalist and his second time as a senior. The last time he reached the finals was 1997 as a senior. This will be the first time Robert Brazile has been a finalist.

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Hall-of-Famer Curley Culp explains why his former teammates, Johnny Robinson of Kansas City and Robert Brazile of Houston, should be serious candidates for Canton.

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There are 26 established NFL franchises and every one of them believes it has 2-3 players who have been unfairly overlooked by the Hall of Fame selection process. That’s a pool of about 75 worthy candidates.

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Though he’s qualified for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, former Houston linebacker Robert Brazile isn’t in. Yet he won’t complain, saying only that “I would love to be the Hall of Fame.”

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Maxie Baughan went to five Pro Bowls with the Philadelphia Eagles and four more with the Los Angeles Rams, all in the 19060s. Yet nine Pro Bowls in a single decade hasn’t been able to garner him consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Who’s the best outside linebacker not in Canton? Robert Brazile? Maxie Baughan? Joe Fortunato? Chuck Howley? Andy Russell? George Webster? Those are your choices. Vote now.

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