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Why NFL players won’t sit out the 2018 season in support of free-agents Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid.

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Commissioner Roger Goodell said Canton, site of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is under serious consideration to host the 2020 NFL draft as part of its 100th year celebration.

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Tom Brady has surrendered in DeflateGate, saying he will serve his four-game suspension, and that’s supposed to be league victory. Except there were no winners here. Everyone lost.

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The Rams are back in L.A. after 21-year hiatus because owner Stan Kroenke owns their new stadium grounds

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The NFL has said it will appeal Judge Richard Berman’s decision Thursday, but that could take months and it might not like what it could hear. That’s the opinion of our legal analyst, who described what just happened as the NFL’s worst nightmare.

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There is no victory during Tom Brady’s 15-year NFL career that compares with the one he scored in court Thursday. Reason: he did more than win a game. He preserved his reputation.

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With a resolution to “DeflateGate”anticipated soon, we checked in with one legal authority to get his take — and his prediction — on a case that has dragged on for nearly seven months and served as an ugly backdrop to this offseason.

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Once upon a time, “DeflateGate” was an investigation by the NFL into alleged ball tampering by the New England Patriots. But it’s gone way, way beyond that. Now it’s a contest of wills between Tom Brady and Roger Goodell, with neither budging.

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Now that Roger Goodell has acted, upholding the 4-game suspension of Tom Brady, it’s time for the New England quarterback to strike back and take the NFL to court — not because it’s his right but because it’s a necessity to clear his name.

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New England owner Robert Kraft took the first step Tuesday toward taking the air out of “Deflategate” by agreeing not to oppose the punishment inflicted by the NFL on his franchise. Now, Goodell should return the gesture by offering to recuse himself from the Tom Brady appeal, thereby assuring an independent review of a case that has covered the Patriots, Brady and the league in ignominy.

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by Ron Borges Talk of Fame Network For all the questions swirling around the National Football League today, the most obvious one may, in the end, be the most difficult to answer. What kind of league do the men who own the NFL’s 32 franchises want? Has it become a place where anything goes unless …

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When you start a radio program you want to start strong … and we do. We timed our inaugural program to coincide with the Hall of Fame weekend, and we did it with guests who need no introductions — NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Goodell’s in Canton for this …

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