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Super Bowl LII

Hall-of-Fame voter and ESPN national correspondent Sal Paolantonio explains why he wanted to write a story … now a book … about the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles.

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FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira, the former head of NFL officiating, believes that what we saw from Super Bowl LII is what we’ll get from replay in 2018. Plus, he believes officials blew the call on “the Philly Special,” and he tells us why.

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Few teams had as much success vs. Tom Brady as Baltimore with Ray Lewis. So we asked the Hall-of-Fame finalist what advice he’d give Philadelphia in Super Bowl LII.

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Tom Brady’s wife would like him to retire, and there’s a good reason: The history of what happens to quarterbacks over 40.

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Get ready for two weeks of superlatives for New England’s Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as they continue to make Super Bowl history.

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