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Is the Patriots’ dynasty the oddest in NFL history?

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Some New England Patriots are refusing to go to the White House to celebrate Super Bowl LI, and critics are not amused. But what they do not understand is that those players are only exercising the freedom that this country gives them.

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The New England Patriots have won more Super Bowls by smaller margins than any dynasty in NFL history. So what does that say about them?

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Lamar Hunt came up with the idea that the title game carry Roman numerals in order to give the championship “a bit of class to our ‘unclassy’ name,”

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The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the best teams in the NFL, but pardon skeptics if they don’t trust them. They haven’t won a playoff game since 1991. So, naturally, there are people who don’t trust them, no matter how many games they win. Hall-of-Famer Anthony Munoz, however, is not one of them — saying this year’s Bengals are good enough to reach the Super Bowl.

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How important was Jimmy Johnson to the Dallas Cowboys? We asked Hall-of-Fame receiver Michael Irvin, and he insists that had Johnson not left the Cowboys in the spring of 1994 they would have won “a minimum” of five Super Bowls.

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