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Albert Lewis intercepted 42 passes in his career. But as stout as he was individually in man coverage, there was little team success in Kansas City to draw attention to his excellence on the corner. Lewis participated in only six playoff games in his career.

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Why does Tim Brown bow down every time he runs into former coach Lou Holtz? Because Holtz saved his football career, Brown said, and helped mold him into a Heisman Trophy winner and Hall of Famer.

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Tim Brown and Charles Haley both started their careers in the Bay Area but finished them in Canton.

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It was a homecoming for Jerome Bettis at Saturday’s Hall of Fame induction, but he shared the stage with the remarkable Sydney Seau, daughter of the late Junior Seau. “You really saw the character of her father in her,” Bettis said after she remembered her Dad.

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame adds eight more members Saturday night, and we asked them if they had one vote to cast for someone not in Canton whom they would choose. These are their responses.

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Wide receivers are pulling down more than big money these days. They’re pulling down big numbers, too. Catches. Yards. Touchdowns. You name it. In fact, they’re pulling down such big numbers it’s hard to tell who’s a Hall-of-Famer. But now along comes former wideout James Lofton, himself a Hall-of-Famer with a check list to help, and he offered it to us on the latest Talk of Fame Network radio broadcast.

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Talk of Fame Network There aren’t many NFL players who spend 16 years with one team. But former wide receiver Tim Brown did. He spent his first 16 seasons with the Raiders before having a cup of coffee with Tampa Bay. But his career was about more than longevity or staying in one place. It …

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(Photos courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles) By Clark Judge Talk of Fame Network The debates on this year’s Hall-of-Fame candidates were relatively benign. The longest involved former GM Bill Polian (it took 50 minutes), and the shortest was reserved for the dead-bolt cinch, linebacker Junior Seau (just over seven). Talks not …

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(Photos courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys & Oakland Raiders) Talk of Fame Network Tim Brown and Charles Haley both visited with the Talk of Fame Network last fall to discuss their long and painful waits, five years apiece, for the door in Canton to swing open for them. They are back on this week’s show …

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(Photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys) By Clark Judge Talk of Fame Network If there’s a virtual certainty with this year’s list of Pro Football Hall-of-Fame’s finalists, it’s that linebacker Junior Seau makes it to Canton on his first try. But that’s it. The field is wide open, which means … yep, which means the …

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        (Photo courtesy of St. Louis Rams) By Clark Judge Talk of Fame Network There are seven first-year candidates — including linebacker Junior Seau and quarterback Kurt Warner — among the 26 semifinalists announced Tuesday for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015. But it’s not so much those rookies that …

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(Photo courtesy of the Oakland Raiders) By Clark Judge Talk of Fame Network NEW YORK — There are dozens of qualified former players who aren’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, many of whom haven’t been discussed by the Hall’s board of selectors. But let’s say you could change that. Let’s say you had …

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Most NFL coaches are fortunate if they get one franchise quarterback in their careers. Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, a former quarterback himself, has had three of them in his NFL coaching career – Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck. “I always called Peyton a piranha,” said Arians, whose 3-0 Cardinals have a …

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By Clark Judge Talk of Fame Network The list of preliminary candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015 is out, and here’s what I know: It’s deep and it’s strong. Now, here’s what I think: Of the first-year candidates, linebacker Junior Seau is the most likely to make it in January, …

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By Clark Judge Talk of Fame Network   When I ran into Andre Reed last month, I asked him to act as an imaginary one-man  selection committee and nominate one former player or coach not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for immediate induction. He didn’t have to think about his answer. Tim Brown. …

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