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The ring’s the thing for QBs

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All QBs a crap shoot on draft day

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Tony Romo’s ring-less legacy

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The Hall of Fame stands as proof that championships matter. Of the 30 modern-era quarterbacks enshrined in Canton, 24 of them won NFL titles and four others took their teams to championship games.

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There have been 105 quarterbacks selected in the first round since 1967 but only 12 took teams to championships.

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What Tony Romo has are his statistics. Playing in an era that favored aerial football, his 34,183 passing yards are plenty by Dallas standards… but not by NFL standards.

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When your offense ranks 32nd in the NFL in passing with only 11 TD passes – as the Rams finished last season — you’re willing to part with two first-round picks, two seconds and two thirds for the right to land a potential franchise quarterback like Jared Goff.

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Jimmy Johnson not only coached the Cowboys to Super Bowl championships, he built them into champions.

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How important was Jimmy Johnson to the Dallas Cowboys? We asked Hall-of-Fame receiver Michael Irvin, and he insists that had Johnson not left the Cowboys in the spring of 1994 they would have won “a minimum” of five Super Bowls.

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Talk of Fame Network Success in the NFL for all teams depends so much on the strength of the quarterback position. That’s why we invited Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman to visit with us on the Talk of Fame Network this weekend on the eve of the 2014 season. As Fox’s top game analyst, …

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