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Wilber Marshall

Former linebacker Wilber Marshall deserves more than to have his name included on the Hall-of-Fame’s preliminary list for 2018. He deserves to have his case heard.

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Wilber Marshall went to three Pro Bowls, twice as a weakside backer and once on the strongside, and his defenses ranked in the NFL’s Top 10 in nine of his 12 seasons

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Former linebacker Wilber Marshall was an important part of one of the greatest defenses ever — the 1985 Chicago Bears — and one of the best linebackers of his generation. So why isn’t his name included on the Hall’s preliminary list for the Class of 2017?

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La’Roi Glover, Neil Smith and Richmond Webb were NFL all-decade selections, who have never been Hall of Fame semifinalists, much less finalists. They deserve better fates — as do Lomas Brown, Jimmie Giles and Wilber Marshall.

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