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State Your Case: Marty Schottenheimer deserves a HOF look

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Kyle and Mike Shanahan share NFL Father’s Day memories

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Pearson explains Eagles’ fans beat down; 49ers’ GM Lynch talks art of the draft deal

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Ron McDole was named to the AFL’s All-Time team, is one of the 70 Greatest Redskins in history and played defensive end in 240 games, fourth most in NFL history. How’d he do it? If you’re a lineman with 12 interceptions, the rest of the job was easy!.

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Mike Haynes was one of 22 NFL Hall of Famers who signed a letter demanding a $300,000 annual pension and health benefits for all living inductees. But what about the nearly 30,000 other retired players and their often paltry pensions?

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The Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes is the best thing to hit Kansas City since beef brisket. So why no national endorsements? His agent, Leigh Steinberg, explains on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast.

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Former NFL star Troy Vincent says the NFL rules changes are “necessary” because “this is a different time and a different era,” where player safety is paramount. And Vincent should know. He’s the league’s executive vice president of football operations.

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Troy Vincent is a five-time Pro Bowl cornerback whose 15-year career has landed him on the Hall of Fame’s preliminary list of nominees. But his biggest prize may be one day being named NFL commissioner. Pipe dream? Don’t be so sure.

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Former New York Giants’ running back Tiki Barber didn’t always get along with coach Tom Coughlin, and he hasn’t spoken with him since retiring after the 2006. Nevertheless, Barber has no trouble endorsing Coughlin for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Everybody loves a winner and the Pro Football Hall of Fame is no exception. Nearly 70 percent of its inductees have championship rings. But former Chiefs’ star Deron Cherry explains how that can … and does … penalize Hall-of-Fame worthy individuals who don’t have them.

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Former Giants’ star Tiki Barber was one of the pro football’s best running backs the second half of his career. Yet he walked away from the game while on top of his game. The reason? “I was ready to move forward,” he tells the Talk of Fame Network.

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Tiki Barber and Deron Cherry were multi-time Pro Bowlers and two of the best players of their era. But did they do enough to enter the Hall of Fame without Super Bowl rings?

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There have been so many complaints with how officials are calling roughing-the-passer penalties this year that people wonder how it can be changed. FOX analyst Mike Pereira, the NFL’s former head of officiating, has an answer.

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Former linebacker London Fletcher, one of the 102 candidates on the Hall of Fame’s preliminary list for the Class of 2019, explains how he went from an undersized and undrafted player from a Division-III program to one of the NFL’s best and most durable stars.

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London Fletcher always believed he could play linebacker in the NFL. When Dick Vermeil gave him a chance to prove it, he did. Big time.

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Star pass rusher Elvis Dumervil retired from the NFL last month with plenty of gas left in the tank. Why? He explains on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast.

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Vyncint Smith was an undrafted rookie out of tiny Limestone College when he arrived in Houston. So how come when 33 receivers were drafted ahead of him in April, he was the only one starting in September? Let him tell you the story.

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