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Pearson explains Eagles’ fans beat down; 49ers’ GM Lynch talks art of the draft deal

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T.D. says his HOF career wasn’t “short;” it was “efficient”

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Terrell Davis: I’d put Steve Atwater in the Hall of Fame

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Former tackle Willie Roaf insists he wouldn’t be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame were it not for a decision he made following the 2001 season.

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The Talk of Fame Network’s eight-week preview of the upcoming NFL divisional races delves into whether the NFC South is the league’s most competitive division and which team will emerge in 2017 from a division which has had only one team repeat since the NFC South was formed in 2002. As luck would have it, …

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There are a lot of people who wonder why former Cincinnati quarterback Ken Anderson isn’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but Ken Anderson isn’t one of them.

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Coach Hue Jackson has a simple message for long-suffering Cleveland Browns’ fans: “It’s going to be different,” he said of the 2017 season.

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Hue Jackson believes th Browns ar better and the AFC North will be mor comptitive in 2017.

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San Francisco GM John Lynch is not concerned about first-round draft pick Reuben Foster’s character — telling the Talk of Fame Network it “is one of his strong traits.”

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Former Dallas wide receiver Drew Pearson reveals what provoked him to rile up fans at the 2017 NFL draft in Philadelphia when he announced the Cowboys’ second-round pick.

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Drew Pearson didn’t expct to go viral annoucing Dallas’ draft pick but he did. John Lynch didn’t expect to land Alabama’s Reubn Foster eithr but he did too.

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Former Philadelphia and Cleveland executive Joe Banner casts his Hall-of-Fame vote for Donovan McNabb, whom, he said, was the Eagles’ top-rated quarterback (over Tim Couch) in the 1999 NFL draft.

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Upton Bell described how his father, former NFL commissioner Bert Bell, discovered “football’s version of the theory of relativity” when he conceived of the NFL draft.

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Vince Papale never played collegiate football and was never drafted, yet he made it to the NFL … at the age of 30, no less. Now 71, Papale offers advice to all those players who weren’t drafted this weekend.

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Ex-Browns’ president Joe Banner explains Cleveland’s Draft Day dilemma and Bert Bell’s son recalls how the draft began.

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Warren Sapp’s criticism of draft prospect Myles Garrett is “very misguided” and “crazy”, according to Joe Banner, former CEO of the Cleveland Browns — the team that could make Garrett the first pick of the 2017 NFL draft.

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What should the Cleveland Browns do with the first pick of the 2017 NFL draft? Former Browns’ CEO Joe Banner knows, and it has nothing to do with a quarterback.

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