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State Your Case: Marty Schottenheimer deserves a HOF look

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Kyle and Mike Shanahan share NFL Father’s Day memories

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Pearson explains Eagles’ fans beat down; 49ers’ GM Lynch talks art of the draft deal

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With the NFL reportedly planning a player safety summit in early May, Rams’ special teams coordinator John Fassel explains why he doesn’t think it will eliminate kickoffs.

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Patriots’ center David Andrews wasn’t wanted on draft day but Tom Brady is glad he’s always lining up in front of him.

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Former tight end Ferrell Edmunds explains how his three sons could be playing in the NFL this season.

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L.A. Rams’ GM Les Snead cautions fans not to believe the hype that the NFC West is a two-team race between the Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

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Rams’ general manager Les Snead is buidling an overpowering defense this offseason to have teh back of the NFL’s highest scoring offense in 2017.

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New England’s Devin McCourty, an active member of the NFL Players’ Coalition, explains why he disagrees with Houston owner Bob McNair’s statement that “playing fields are not places for political statements.”

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Hall-of-Fame voter Dan Fouts talks about the Keith Jackson Celebration of Life on April 15 at — where else? — the Rose Bowl.

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Devin McCourty and the Players Coalition are continuing their fight for social justice and they believe it all began moving forward when they took a knee to raise awareness that justice isn’t free.

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Former Steelers’ great Casey Hampton describes how difficult it was for him to make the change from defensive tackle in a 4-3 scheme in college to a 3-4 nose tackle in the pros.

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Former 49ers’ assistant George Stewart, now the special-teams coordinator with the Chargers, explains how he earned the trust of Terrell Owens — a soon-to-be-Hall of Fame Stewart will present in Canton this summer.

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Terrell Owens’ foremr coach will be his HOF presenter. The story he will tell is of a misunderstood player who wanted to be great to prove to the world that once shunned him that he belonged.

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Hall-of-Famer Jack Youngblood explains why he played through the 1979 playoffs … and the Pro Bowl that followed .. with a fractured leg.

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Hall-of-Fame linebacker Kevin Greene was one of the first NFL players to reap the benefits of free agency, and he likes what the system has done for players. But is it good for the game itself? Ah, that’s where he’s not so sure.

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Former University of Florida star Jack Youngblood says his favorite collegiate memory was vs. Florida State, which should come as no surprise. But you will never believe what it was.

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Kevin Greene may have been one of the best free agent values in NFL history and he did it more than once.

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