Which Backup QB Has the Best Chance for Success This Season?

Michael Vick photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Steelers

2014 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 23 - Indy Colts 17 Saints are now 3-0 in the 2014 Pre-Season.

(Michael Vick photo courtesy of Karl Roser/Pittsburgh Steelers)
(Luke McCown photo courtesy of Michael C. Hebert/New Orleans Saints)

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The Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts were popular Super Bowl picks this season because Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck were taking the snaps for those three teams.

But how would the Packers, Patriots and Colts be viewed if it was Scott Tolzein, Jimmy Garappolo and Matt Hasselbeck taking the snaps for those teams?

The backup quarterback doesn’t seem to matter until you have to play them — and four NFL teams have already found themselves in a position of having to replace a Pro Bowl quarterback this season.

Drew Brees of the Saints, Jay Cutler of the Bears, Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers and Tony Romo of the Cowboys all went to the sidelines in September with injuries. Luke McCown stepped in for Brees, Jimmy Clausen for Cutler, Michael Vick for Roethlisberger and Brandon Weeden for Romo.

Only Vick has been to a Pro Bowl — and that was four years and three teams ago. He has a 59-50-1 career starting record but he’s now 35 years of age. Weeden is 5-17 as a starter, McCown 4-8 and Clausen 1-11. Ryan Mallett also came off the bench in the second week to replace slumping starter Brian Hoyer at Houston. He’s 2-2 lifetime.

Vick was the first overall pick of his draft and Weeden also was a first-rounder. Clausen was a second-rounder, Mallett a third-rounder and McCown a fourth. So which of the five has the best long-term prospects as a starter this season?

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  1. Rich Quodomine
    September 30, 2015

    Weeden’s got the best supporting cast, think he can tread water for a bit until Romo’s back.

    • October 1, 2015

      Think this weekend’s good test. Weeden lost last nine starts. Saints actually looked OK vs. Carolina last weekend. One problem: They’re home where they los their last 6. Oddsmakers not deterred. Make them 4-point favorites.

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